Rescue Kitten Was Constantly Crying. Then His Owner Realized He Was Trying To Say Something

Rescue Kitten Was Constantly Crying. Then His Owner Realized He Was Trying To Say Something

this rescue kitten was constantly crying
then his owner realized he was trying to say something Wisconsin woman Elana
Hadley adopted her kitten Aries from a local Door County Animal Shelter in
early 2018 but alas something just wasn’t right from the start
indeed no matter how much Alana tried to comfort the little kitty he’d meow all
day until he finally dropped off to sleep at night before long though the
human mom had a feeling she knew what her boy was trying to tell her Elana
works as a photographer and lives with her partner Nathan in the small city of
Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin in fact at the time of writing the couple are expecting
a baby together but in January 2018 they decided to expand their family early
already acting as a mom and dad to a dog called Cisco they set their hearts on a
feline companion consequently the animal lovers took themselves across town to
the Wisconsin Humane Society Door County campus rescue center that’s where the
Headley’s met a little ball of fluff called Ares the four month-old ginger
kitten had been taken in by the animal shelter with his gray sister Aphrodite
after the strays had been found in late 2017 initially as smitten Alana had
wanted to scoop up both kittens and take them home sadly however this was not to
be ever die T it turned out had already been adopted and was just waiting for
her new parents to pick her up so a lotta left the center with just Ares
nonetheless she was delighted with her new kitty and this was for a good reason
he looks exactly like my cat that passed away Alanna revealed to love meow in
February 2018 but while the human mom was more than happy this was
unfortunately not the case for all concerned
easy a lot of informed B Wisconsin Humane Society that Ares spent his first
night in his new home crying a lot Ares is doing pretty good besides being
needy she updated the Door County Shelter via Facebook post later on that
evening he’s been almost non-stop meowing until
he goes to sleep nor did Ares crying the next day in fact he continued
his mournful mewling as soon as he woke up ilana told the dodo about her first
reaction to the feline fretting from her adopted animal I originally thought he
was meowing because he wanted attention and to be by us she said as a result the
caring couple did all they could to comfort poor Aires in this testing time
but snuggles an affection did not quiet the tiny crying cat and his distress
continued unabated next Alanna gave Ares a soft toy to cuddle in the hope that it
would sue them into some kind of contentment alas this attempt was
awesome fruitless and the youngster soon went right back to his pitiful yowling
Elena was at a loss the compassionate human mom just could not think of
another way to console Ares and then a thought struck her perhaps the tiny cat
was in mourning all his little life Ares had known the love of his sister
Aphrodite whom Alana had had to leave behind at the shelter
indeed workers at the Wisconsin Humane Society said the feline shared a very
strong bond in fact before the adoption the duo had been inseparable a lot of
updated the shelter on social media we think he misses his sister and his
grieving being taken away from her she wrote on Facebook he’s most likely
calling out for his sister Alana later said the same to the dodo
she explained I realized it’s probably because he was never away from his
sister and wanted her nevertheless the situation was impossible the grey haired
puss had been promised to another family but the very next day the Headley’s
received some amazing news apparently aphrodite’s adoption had not gone to
plan and the feline was looking for a forever home once more consequently
Alana wasted no time in racing back across town to the Wisconsin Humane
Society shelter she then gratefully gathered up
Aphrodite and took her home to be reunited with her bereft brother
needless to say the sibling seemed pleased to see each other again and not
only did the reunion stop Aires from meowing constantly but it also brought
about another change in him in fact Alana noticed that all at once
Ares seemed much happier in himself now that he was back with effort
indeed it was like the little furry feller had a new lease on life and his
sister was similarly joyful they wouldn’t stop playing a lot of reported
to love meow and their bond was just as strong as before
in fact since Aphrodite’s adoption the kittens have not been apart and often
this means literally as Alana informed the dodo even if they can see each other
they don’t like not being right next to each other but the felines feelings were
not just limited to each other not only did the young cats find comfort
and joy in their loving reunion but they’re also full of affection for their
humans too subsequently a lot of described ares and aphrodite x’ adorable
behavior in an update on the official Wisconsin Humane Society Facebook page
they’re very attention-seeking cats and loving she wrote and they both love to
cuddle and purr like crazy when we’re holding them they sleep most of the day
and they cuddle each other when they nap nevertheless there was another
four-legged personality that the kittens would have to come to terms with
apparently Alanna was anxious that her canine Cisco should not feel left out
so with this in mind she encouraged the pets to interact she posted about her
attempts to introduce ares and aphrodite to their other furry housemate on
facebook we’re getting them used to running around with the dog she wrote in
early February 2018 unfortunately the dog is hyper when he
tries to play with them and it scares them
hopefully they’ll all become the best of friends but regardless the kittens are
coming along very well and are both settling in happily but was Ares
previously miserable behavior unusual for a young cat well actually it’s not
unheard of for kittens to suffer separation anxiety when removed from
their siblings according to pet related website the nest kittens that are not
used to people make cry in the same way that Lou Larry’s did this is because
these young animals have not developed suitable social skills early enough so
given that ares and aphrodite were strays and then residents together at a
shelter it makes sense that the boy kitten would suffer a great deal of
anxiety when separated from his sister but nonetheless there
things an adoptive human can do to help a suffering animal to speedily get over
such problems if you have another kitten friendly pet introducing the two can
help your kitty adapt more quickly the nest advised when you hold your kitten
gather her paws gently to her tummy to ease or stress of course if you’re able
to take on more than one pet you could also follow Alana’s example by adopting
siblings after all you could be offering more than one stray a forever home
thanks to Alana’s kindness then ares and aphrodite can now both grow up happily
taking comfort in their seemingly unbreakable bond

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  1. Honestly, if you're talking about the ginger kitties why are you showing all these other kitties?? What's this story about anyway!

  2. I love Aries' mommy realized he needed his sister and acted on it in a positive way. I too wish you would just show the animal(s) you're talking about.πŸ’–πŸ‘„πŸ™

  3. My cats were years apart and my cat was the leader of the pack. He had wt. of 23 lbs. & her wt. was only 12 lbs. We couldn’t believe that when she was near death, he walked to her and licked her forehead. Only 2 months later, he stopped eating. Thanks πŸ™ & Bye πŸ‘‹.

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