Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty- Food-o-phobia

Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty- Food-o-phobia

Ceri cherry fairy berry lemony leprechaun nummy gnome or the daily special. I’m gonna get the daily special cuz I like to live on the edge Twinkles cupcakes is up ahead just on the other side of phobia forests Sorry just doing my staff Athena why is this place called phobia forest? Cuz anything you eat here gives you weird phobias munch on something and you’ll become terrified beyond words worse You won’t have any room left for cupcakes NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! sorry still out of tune Nobody eats anything. Oh, don’t worry about me guys. Nothing scares me AAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! DUCK!! quack AAAAAAAKK!!!! According to my phobia forest guidebook the ice Popp plant gives you a nate’d a phobia a fear that somewhere somehow a duck is Watching you, that’s a thing quack quack quack AAAAAAAAAHH!!!! don’t worry yana, I know a power cord. That ducks can’t stand Up muffs we are dealing with a very clever duck Ok Jana will help you with your auntie ducky phobia, it’s Anna today phobia M&S does the food the phone? Yeah Anna bit of fabric over you nailed it Operation cupcake heist. Nope. Number one. Jana is a scared of deaths Note number two. I do not take notes while standing in quicksand Ok don’t eat anything in this forest, no chewing no noshing no like breathing Nibbling no nibbling the Forest knows what your favorite foods are and will deliberately tempt you with them flavored waffles Yeah, those things don’t sound tempting at all Really cuz they do to me Maybe I’ll just have a little nibble Look says pickled bagels give you Hilah phobia fear of trees Now follow me to the cupcakes Note number three, Athena is a scared of Me okay That’s my face Okay, everyone chill it says here. The phobias will go away once we’re out of the forest I’m gonna kill as long as we don’t think of food. The forest will be able to read our minds and tempt us I’m all over it. I’m not gonna think about thick juicy steak. Great. No I thought about it Thanks felicity, but I’m in total control now, I’m not thinking about food especially delicious irresistible sausage oof! yes! i mean uh oh! miguel AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! whats wrong with you? stop yelling at me scaredy cat….! Looks like the sausage Bush gave you I laura phobia a fear of cats Fortunately, I always carry several disguises in case the costume party breaks out. Oh, thank goodness Evil cat turned into a creepy old man. That’s it. We got to get out of here brace yourselves for a lot of screaming Number five Miguel is a fraidy-cat note number six: SO AM I! AAH! Literally and figuratively Give me your cupcake coupon or I’ll do more duck stop Number seven face cupcakes better be worth it I’m a scary talking tree. Give me your cupcake couponer. I’ll never leave you alone Where did y’all nan Athena go or Felicity for that matter? Wait here. I’ll go look for them Yeah, get me a coupon AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! I am Wonder Starving, I’m even take a tuna treat right now. No Felicity don’t think about criminally Free to watch the princesses pirate Buddies Boo I’m a bunny give me your coupon That’s weird wine why aren’t you screaming in terror I Saw you take Miguel’s coupon so I know what you’ve been up to Anyway, you’re not even a real bunny if you were you’d like carrots Oh, I do like carrots. I think about them all the time carrots carrots carrots See who’s a bunny now me I am okay. I see what you did there That’s because the carat weight gives you most of opium Arif We made it guys and now that we’re out of the phobia forest no one’s got cocoa fears anymore. It’s true In fact, I love ducks now That’s penguin Welcome to The gluten free so I brought you inside a gluten Tastic you know what the best part of these cupcakes are getting to eat them with my friends and it dark Where did she even get a penguin?

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  1. I wonder this show is coming but ik it is on nickelodeon but a cartoon network show unikitty is a ripoff of this like chuggington is a ripoff of thomas and friends

  2. Dendrophobia = fear of trees
    Hylophobia = fear of forests
    Anatidaephobia = fear of a duck/goose is staring at him/her
    Ailurophobia = fear of cats
    Musophobia = fear of mice/rats

    Very educational

  3. HTF version

    Cuddles: why is this called phobia Forest

    Giggles: anything you eat here gives you crazy phobias
    Munch on anything here and you'll be terrified beyond words

    Boomy: all we have to do is not eat anything

    Splendid: (munches on acorn) don't worry about me guys I fear nothing!
    AAAHHH!!! DUCK!!!

    Everyone: (ducks)

    Duck: quack!

    Splendid: AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!

    Giggles: according to the phobia forest guide book the acorn plant gives you Ornithophobia
    fear of birds

    Cuddles: don't worry splendid! I'll get rid of this duck! (Throws rock at duck)

    Duck: (Fly's up to avoid the rock and then flies back to the ground) quack!

    Cuddles: he dodged it! This is a really smart duck!

    Boomy: don't worry Splendid! we will help you!

    Giggles: from now on no eating no chewing no biting no munching

    Cuddles: (looks at carrot plant) how about nibbling?

    Boomy: no nibbling!

    Cuddles: 😡

    Boomy: this forest is trying to tempt us
    (Burger plant appears)

    Giggles: don't do it Boomy!

    Boomy: maybe just one bite won't hurt (eats burger)

    Giggles: Boomy? you okay?

    Boomy: (see's the pages of Giggles book) AAAHHH!!! GET THAT BOOK AWAY FROM ME!!!!!
    (Runs away)

    Giggles: the book says burgers give you papyrophobia
    Fear of paper
    which could be a problem because we need this book

    Cuddles: good thing I have this backpack with me! Quick put it in there!

    Splendid: (stops Boomy)

    Boomy: thank you…for getting… rid of that…now…let's get out of here…

    Splendid: BIRD!!!!

    Blackbird: (tweets)

    Splendid: AAAHHH!!! (flies away)

    Blackbird: (flies away)

    Giggles: Splendid come back!!!!!!! the Blackbird is gone!!!!!!!!

    Splendid: a-are you sure?

    Cuddles: positive!

    Giggles: cover Boomy's eyes!

    Boomy: no need I will just cover my own (covers her eyes) tell me when to uncover them ok?

    Cuddles: here you go!

    Giggles: says here that the phobias will go away once we're out of the forest!
    (Gives book back to cuddles who puts it back into his backpack)

    Cuddles: you can open your eyes now Boomy

    Boomy: (uncovers her eyes) so all we have to do is not think of food

    Cuddles: I'm not going to think about crunchy juicy carrots!
    oops just thought of it! 😳

    (Carrot plant appears)

    Cuddles: carrots!!!😍

    Splendid: (Burns plant down with his laser eyes) you're welcome!

    Cuddles: (bumps into another carrot plant) not going to eat it…!
    I can't resist!!! (Eats carrot) oh yes!!! (Gets afraid) I mean no…

    Giggles: Cuddles?


    Giggles: boomy cover your eyes again!

    Boomy: okay (covers eyes)

    Giggles: looks like the carrot bush gave you Tamiasphobia
    fear of chipmunks

    Giggles: (Takes cuddles backpack off) good thing cuddles brought some disguises just in case this would happen (puts on brown HTF bear mask and puts the book away) you can open your eyes now boomy

    Boomy: (opens eyes) finally!

    Cuddles: phew! The evil chipmunk turned into a hairy brown bear!

    Boomy: let's run out of this forest!

    (Everyone runs out of the forest and makes it out safely)

    Giggles: (takes off mask) good thing that's over!

    Boomy: you said it (takes book out of cuddles backpack) I can be around the book again

    Splendid: I'm glad I'm out too I did not like being afraid of birds!

    Cuddles: and you don't have to disguise yourself as a bear to be around me!

    Everyone: (group hug)

  4. How come there are no full episodes, like “The Return Of Mighty Meow and Super Lucha” and Grumplestilskin?

  5. Five year old girls: OMG RAINBOW BUTTERFLY UNICORN KITTY! Sounds amazing. Honestly I think only five year olds watch this. But They have youtube I bet they don't have their parents permission!

  6. Foodophobia? What the- man it has gotta suck to be afraid off food, and let me tell you, food fight and sausage party aren't doing those people any favors.

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