Q&A at Big Cat Rescue Behind the scenes with TIGERS 09 26 2019

Q&A at Big Cat Rescue Behind the scenes with TIGERS 09 26 2019

Sorry, lady, wrong food cart! I know! You were chasin’ Mark with the wrong food cart! He’s feeding back; you gotta find the front feeder! Yes, you do! Hey, good morning, everybody. It’s Brittany at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida, and this is Priya tiger. Hi, Elizabeth. Hi, Karen. Hi, Barbara. Good morning, Noor. Hey, Casey and Sarah. She’s very excited! She just took off chasing Keeper Mark, who was pulling a feeding cart, but not for her route. So, she ran all the way up here, just to watch him walk by. I know, so sad! [Priya groaning] You tell us all about it! Oh Lord, I have a feeling… Here come her feeders. So, I promised you guys, yesterday, that today we would see the tigers. And then I got out here a little late cuz I’m working on a little special project. And I’m hoping to go from Priya and Dutchess, out towards Keisha, Kali, Sapphire, Jasmine, Amanda, and Hoover. I’m hoping we’ll see everybody today, so… We are just getting started. So, Priya in this, she’s got over an acre enclosure, and she’s got all that way out there that looks like a forest. And that’s her open-air section. Hi, Cynthia. Hey, Matthew. And then, she has a roofed area, and so she’s in part of her roofed area. But, you see that that door is closed? That’s so that Abbey, our level 5 intern Abbey… Hey, Abbey! …so, Abbey is able to safely get the food on her feeding slab… You can say hi, too. Hi, Candy. Looks like she’s getting chicken drums… And so, as soon as the food is safely in there, she can come open this door, and we’ll come down here. So, she got a huge slab of red, which is beef, and then some chicken drums. And then Abbey can open her door. [Metal] And everybody stays safe. Darn it, it didn’t show me who donated! Thank you very much for the donation. Hey Barb, I sent you an email this morning, Barb. This is Priya tiger, again, if you’re just joining, and we just got started. I’m gonna try to show you all the tigers, today. Hey, Natalie! You just blew right through that breakfast. [laughter] Two crunches and those chicken drums are gone. Better get your red! Just a big piece of beef, I know. This one doesn’t crunch. [Chewing] Good job! So, that mesh wire that you see? Oh, that’s gonna be a to-go breakfast. Is to deter, we have issues with vultures and birds that try to steal food. She had to get comfy for this one. Good morning, everybody, this is Priya tiger, eating the last little bit of her breakfast. You better finish that! And we’ll walk over and watch Dutchess, as well. If you guys are just joining, I actually just explained how Priya’s lockout works. Her enclosure is very different than all of the others, but she is technically in a lockout, right now. You can learn all about Priya at BigCatRescue.org/Priya including her age, and her whole story, and how she came to us. She has a very heartbreaking story. She was very, very sick when she arrived. Yeah, it’s kind of become our thing, now, that Thursday’s are all the biggest cats. And I think somebody asked what building they were seeing? And that is our food prep building. We also have two huge, industrial-sized freezers. We have a keeper cafe, which is all the snacks and drinks that you guys donate for our keepers and interns. And we, also, have two hospital buildings. So lots of buildings in this area. Let’s walk down and see Dutchess. We’ll let Priya finish that. I feel like I’m distracting her a little bit with all my talking. I have to be careful when I follow feeders and am around the cats during breakfast because I don’t want to be a distraction. Hey lady! Where, where’s your food at, you already finish? I just made it over here! Well, this is Dutchess tiger, and we missed breakfast. She’s already licking her lips, she’s done! I think she gets a tiger red and chicken drums, today, too. And now, you can see she’s closed in her roof section today, as well. We typically do that because she has a water bowl that’s out in the main section… Hi! I know! …and keepers can’t clean it safely with her out there, trying to pounce on everybody. So, at feeding time, we close her in this area so that the cleaners can clean out there safely. Also, if you guys watch her on the Explore camera, which is at BigCatCams.com has all of our Explore cameras and Nest cameras listed. She has been destroying the bamboo in her enclosure, and so we are gonna have to get in there and take all that down at some point ‘cuz it has become a real fun game. and we don’t want her to hurt her mouth, or her face, or swallow any of that so… Isn’t she beautiful? This is Dutchess. She, also, has a bio page at BigCatRescue.org/Dutchess with a ‘t’. Thank You, Melissa, for sharing the All-Star slots contest that we are a part of. We definitely need you guys to vote; you only have to vote once, or you can vote once from different IP addresses. I cannot believe how fast she finished breakfast. Thank you to everybody sharing, and the person that donated, that really really helps the cats, too. Thank you so much for all the hearts. She’s always up to something. You guys can watch her live, 24/7, again on her Explore camera. And Priya has the other side of that; sometimes they like to taunt each other in the lake, which is very entertaining. Dutchess had far less dental issues than Priya has had. Priya, again, poor thing, was riddled with a lot of issues when she arrived here. Dutchess has a very hearty appetite. All right! It’s probably a good thing I missed her eating; she’s very aggressive when she has food. Look at that tiger belly! What are you doing? Are you gonna be sneaky? This is her, watching Priya. But she can’t go out there, right now… So, Priya finished her red and might be heading to the lake; I just saw her head down that way. All right, bye, beautiful lady, I’m gonna go see other tigers, now. Thank you, Pat, for your donation, really, really appreciate that. Yep, I think Priya headed to the lake; she went down the fence line, there. So, bear with me for a second. We’ll walk back by Priya’s enclosure and we’ll get on the cart, and we will head out towards Keisha, Kali, Sapphire. Then, we’ll see Jasmine, Amanda, and Hoover is probably where we’ll end, today. And that’ll get you all the tigers we have. So, I had some excitement on Instagram, yesterday. I vaguely mentioned that yesterday, we had a celebrity; her name is Jessica Parker Kennedy, and she did a really awesome shout-out on her Instagram story, promoting the Big Cat Public Safety Act to her 400,000 plus followers. So, that was really wonderful. We had a really big surge, overnight, with the “calls of the wild” and we’d love to keep that momentum going. So, if you guys are in the U.S. and you haven’t done it recently, go to BigCatAct.com and please contact your legislators. It’s crunch time; we need as many co-sponsors as possible. Since today’s now ‘Tiger Thursday’, it’d be a great day for you guys to “make the call of the wild.” If you’re just joining, we have seen Priya tiger and Dutchess tiger; now, we are heading out to what we call ‘Tiger Row’. That’s how we refer to the section amongst the keepers. Thank you, Rochelle, I know you guys just do an amazing job making the call as often as possible. It’s a nice, cool like 74 degrees here, today, so far. It’ll get up into the 80s, again, but it’s beautiful right now. Gonna try to see if we can get all the tigers in this feed, today. I got two down. Let’s see where Miss Keisha is at. Morning, Sonya. Hi, Michelle. Thanks for joining us. Hey, Robin. Hi, Sonia. All right. …hear me, and I’m missing everybody’s breakfast. I actually tried to get out here. We’ve only seen Priya eat; everybody else is already done. Guess Priya’s a slow eater. Hi lady! So, you can see Kali is still in her feeding lockout; she’s gonna make sure she got every last piece. Good morning, Bruce. Melissa, I’m actually not sure. I haven’t seen Marie, yet, this morning to ask her how she’s been eating. She’s always, Keisha’s always been a picky tiger. Not Kali, here, who’s what, the one that we’re looking at, now. But… You get it all? Every bit of it? Where’s your neighbor? Where’s your neighbor at? Kali Kali! I think you got it all! Yeah! I think you’ve got all of it! And here’s my girl! Yeah! That is the best tiger chuff on-property, Miss Kali tiger. Where you gonna hang out, today, probably under your platform? She goes through phases where, like, for a while, she was always laying in her den. And then, she started laying on top of the den for like weeks on end. And then, now, she’s preferring to lay under platforms. Gotta get the grooming done! Gotta get all the grooming done, lady! Okay, see that cut on her shoulder, there? I’ve been monitoring it for awhile and it heals, and then it opens, and I think it’s, she’s obviously rubbing on something, which we haven’t figured out where… Hi! I know! So, that’s been on her chart for a while, kind of like how Nikita goes through those phases where they just decide that they’re gonna rub on something specific in their enclosure all the time, and then it does that. Thank you to everybody answering questions that I might be missing when I’m, especially when I’m close to… Well, I say when I’m close to tigers I definitely don’t watch my screen, but honestly it’s that way with all the cats. When you’re this close, they’re all just so smart and sneaky. The little cats can reach right through, so you always got to be mindful of that. We’ll watch her do some grooming for a minute. Hey lady! So, this is Kali; she’s 19 years old. Typically, big cats in the wild will be lucky to live, you know, 12-ish years maybe at the most. We generally, because we give health care to our cats, and medications, and it’s all thanks to supporters like you guys that we’re able to do that, and so we tend to see them live into their early 20s. They spend a lot of time grooming after they’ve had breakfast, and then a lot of time sleeping. Amanda, we saw Nikita yesterday, and yesterday on my live, I promised everybody we would see tigers, today, so tigers are on the agenda. We’ve already seen Priya and Dutchess; now, we’re here with Kali. You can always rewatch my lives; they post at DailyBigCat.com And I have a playlist over there for the Q&A walkabouts; they are also on our main Facebook page, too. Those big paws! Kali and Dutchess, I believe, are definitely our largest females. I don’t have current weights on Kali because she hasn’t seen the vet anytime recently, but I believe Dutchess was around 308. could be wrong about that, but I believe that’s what it was. Good morning, Val. I keep looking off in the background and I don’t see Keisha; I’d really like to show her, though. She’s been doing fairly well, other than being her super picky self. I believe, from what I’ve been told, one of the oldest cats to live at Big Cat Rescue was actually a cougar named Scratch, that was just shy of 30. Hi! I know you’re the best girl. You’re my best girl! Where we going? I know! All right, let me see if I can get… Bear with me, we might just walk around an empty cage for a second, but I haven’t shown Keisha, recently, and I’d really like to, so I’ll at least give you a view of the lake while we look. Oh! She is out! I don’t want to scare her, though. Keish Keish! Keish Keish! She’s laying at a really weird spot. Was that so that Marie couldn’t feed you? Keish Keish, you must have eaten good! Hi! Hi, lady! I just want to say hi to you! Oh, this is a really weird spot to be in. Hi girly! Aww! So, this is Keisha; she’s also a 19-year-old tiger. It was a year from June, we believed that she suffered from a stroke. She also has really high blood pressure issues. She is one of our tough cases, but she’s a tough, tough, strong fighter. You can’t see from this angle, but if you’re new to us, Keisha is missing her tail and part of her ear. That happened at the terrible facility she was at, prior to being here. I know! I’m sorry I woke you up, but your fans want to see you! Yeah! Everybody loves Keish! Hi, gorgeous! Oh, there we go. She’s very tiny tiger, very thin, ‘cuz again, that’s like a full-time job to get her to eat; she changes her preferences every single day. You come out with what she loved yesterday, and she won’t touch it. She also gets really, really super-aggressive and scary-like scarier than Amanda-scary out of the blue. So, she’s very temperamental, but that’s pretty much what we love about Keish. Keish Keish! You look so sleepy. You can learn all about Keisha’s story at BigCatRescue.org/Keisha Um, I don’t remember if they gave her a full Turkey or if they did like a Cornish hen because of her pickiness, but yeah, all the cats get either hens or turkeys. And even if they’re on special diets and they couldn’t eat it whole, we spend days cutting it all up for them, and then they still get that amount. Yeah Melissa, there is a liver juice trick with her, but even that doesn’t work all the time. She’s just out enjoying the sunshine; sun’s still coming up, here. Feels like the sun’s coming up later each day and going down earlier each day. Hate that! Peaceful moment with Keisha. It’s nice to see her relaxed instead of, you know, sometimes she does go through phases of being like very irritable, and so she paces a lot, and can be a little neurotic about things so… It’s really kind of silly, I know everybody’s talking about her dad-brother, Zeus… Thank you, Cat, for the donation… And yeah she, even though she’s super picky as far as what she’ll eat, she does seem to really like the pieces cut exactly the way the Zeus did; long, dangly strips of food seem to be the easiest thing to feed her so… That’s pretty cute. But all the keepers have different methods and we all have different experiences because what works for Afton, never works for me, and vice-versa. Marie’s the only one that can get her to eat chicks with her meds; she won’t do that for anyone else. So, everybody kind of has their, their little things. Yeah, her bio is really inspiring; she’s been through a lot, and to see her still tolerate humans at all is really nice, really nice to see. Keish Keish, you’re such a beautiful girl! [Laughter] We will let her relax. So, if you guys are just joining, we started with Priya. We’ve seen Dutchess; we saw Kali; now, we’re here with Keisha. So, I’m gonna go try to find Sapphire, Jasmine, Amanda, and Hoover. So, hang in there. Here’s my girl, again! Love you, Kali! This is her spot; she loves to be over here in the morning, under these platforms, with a beautiful view of the lake. All right… Yeah, I was telling everybody, yesterday, it kind of seems to be my theme, lately, is Mondays are ‘Medical Mondays’ Oh, there’s Sapphire; that makes it easy. Tuesdays, I’ve kind of been starting out with the four newest cats, which kind of leads me into all the bobcats. Yesterday was all the leopards and the caracals, and so Thursdays seem to be my tiger day. Hi babe! This is Sapphire; she’s a female white tiger. [Graoning] What was that? I know, you gotta lot to say. You look sleepy, too. Guess everybody had good breakfast? They’re all ready to snooze. I’d love it if you just stay there, this is a good view. Beautiful, beautiful Sapphire tiger. She is obviously a white tiger, but you can kind of see she actually looks pretty clean today. She’s one of these tigers out here that will do anything to find a mud puddle. Isn’t that right? Isn’t that right? it’s hard to stay all white when you’re living outside… She’s a very good girl! You can see she’s very, very cross-eyed. A lot of people don’t realize that the only way to create white, white tigers is through inbreeding, and it’s a trait called ‘leucism’. So, she’s very, very cross-eyed. She is more of a dingy white, with… with reddish… oh, no, that flipped my screen! Let’s see if I can fix that. How in the world do you unflip a screen? I guess you gotta jump at me again! Won’t go back! No, that won’t do it, either. How funny! What am I supposed to do, now? How does it appear to you guys? Is it sideways? I knew that it was part of the whining that was happening, I just wasn’t sure when it was gonna happen. My stabilizer did not like that! Now, you guys know why I don’t stare at my screen. I watch the cat! I know, you wild girl! Okay, well… Oh, it looks fine to you guys? The screen is still… No, not a good view? Okay, I might have to shut this down. Let me try a few more things. That is a first. Okay, if it looks fine to you guys, we’ll stick with it ‘cuz for me, it’s sideways. It’s really weird. And, I, so I kind of love that because this also, everyone always wants to say why, “Why don’t you guys touch them? why don’t you pet them? Why don’t you go in? I know, and that is why. Do you see how unpredictable and fast, and wild? Very wild! She’s gonna do it again. This is also why… Okay babe! This is also why we have a “three foot” rule, so we do not get that close to them and that’s very very obvious, now, I would hope. You are so silly! All right, well, this is a fun game for her, but I’m gonna move on. So, I gotta go back to my cart real quick. Okay! [Laughter] Too bad that couldn’t have happened in 3D, right? I haven’t had much experience with the 3D stuff. I was helping a little bit with the VR and the 360, but that was not something that I was part of. But that would have been a really funny moment. All right, so, we are heading around the corner. Hopefully, we’ll see Jasmine. Right now, Sapphire actually has access to Jasmine’s enclosure, there she is, over there, because Jasmine is in the vacation rotation enclosure. Here’s Marie. Good morning! How did Hoover do? Good, okay, I’m gonna go check in on him in a minute, so… Awesome, good! All right, Hoover cleaned his bucket this morning. I see Jasmine out. Oh, and Amanda’s out. Jasmine’s stalking Amanda, so let’s start with Amanda real quick. Might as well go from one scary cat to the next. Hi Amanda! Can we say hi to you? Hi! I’m just gonna stay right here. I won’t get no closer. I won’t get any closer, I promise. I won’t get any closer, I promise. So, this is Amanda tiger. She’s so beautiful. I finally got some photos of her the other day, where pretty much every photo I’ve ever taken of Amanda, with the exception of a few, have been her with no ears because she put her ears back. And literally, like, just gives me the scariest, growliest face you could ever imagine. And I finally got some photos of her, in her den, and they were profile photos, so she wasn’t even looking directly at me, which is also a first: she usually doesn’t take her eye off of me. And actually, she’s gonna show you an example of how she gets from section to section in her enclosure because she’s got multiple bubbles connected by two, by different tunnels. I don’t know what she’s hiding back there for? I just wiped my face and realized that when sapphire jumped up like that, she splattered like wet sand all over me. That’ll be fun to sit in the rest of the day. She’s hiding back there from that cart. All right, point taken, lady. She’s like, “I got Tiger things to do, lady. I have no time to talk to you.” Okay, I’ll take the hint. All right, so let’s go over and say hello to Jasmine. Jasmine tiger’s on vacation rotation, but I see that they have her door closed; my guess is because they’re gonna mow. Hi Jas! Hi lady! Got a good smell going on, I guess. Hi Jas! I know, where you goin’? So, she also has an Explore camera; her normal vacation enclosure’s all out here. Well, the outback Tigers are being shy. We refer to this section as ‘Outback’ Nobody wants to talk! Hopefully, Hoover will want to talk. All right, Jas, I understand! I get it! Camera doesn’t want to focus. Oh, okay, that might be a good place to see her, if she’ll stay. Hi! So, if you guys are just joining in, this is Jasmine tiger at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida. Hi! Everybody just finished up breakfast. We’ve seen Priya, Dutchess, Kali, Keisha. Got an awesome surprise from Sapphire. We just saw Amanda, and now we’re here with Jasmine. She’s so pretty. You’re just so pretty, lady! Pretty, but also very sneaky. Jasmine was, actually, the first tiger when I was a green shirt to scare the holy crap out of me. Something about these tigers, they really do know when you’re brand new, and they don’t really mess with you when you’re training and you’re out here with trainers. But your first couple times where you’re out cleaning all on your own, they like to challenge ya! And she waited until it was a day where it was like pouring rain and I had a hood up, so no peripheral vision. She was… What is going on with you guys today? Man! What’s happening? Why you guys so wild? Oh, yeah, you’re tigers. You are tigers! So, these girls are just one-after-the-next giving you great examples on why these are not pets. These cats should not be handled. They should not be pet. You shouldn’t be interacting with them, no matter how big or small. They’re unpredictable and wild. Do you think, like, I put on some kind of new like perfume or something today? And I didn’t. Nothing different today! I actually think it’s the weather. I’ve noticed it with all the cats, big and small. As soon as it gets where it starts cooling off in the 70s… Look at her again! You are wild! These cats just really come out of their shell. I know. All right, let’s go down to Hoover because my guess is Hoover’s not gonna attack me, but who knows. He actually has before. He really likes to chase after poles, so when you’re cleaning… Here’s Amanda, again, from a distance. Hi lady! You’re so beautiful and just one more of you? Oh, you guys are hurting my feelings, today. Just kidding! I’d be shocked if they get, if they weren’t being playful or barking at me. All right, let’s head to the end of outback and see what Mr. Hoover’s doing. Sounds like he’s got a full belly, so my guess is he’ll just be sleeping. Yeah, that was Amanda saying hello to all of you. Oh, what a morning. All right, let’s see where Hoover is, most likely in that low den, there. With his paw still healing, he’s been closed out of sections that would give him access to swimming pools because we don’t want it getting wet until it’s like a million percent healed. Oh, there’s that boy. Hi, Hoover. There’s that best boy! So, here we are with Hoover. And again, if you guys are new to us and you want to learn about any of the cats that live here, you can find all of their bios a BigCatRescue.org/catbio And then, a lot of them, it’s just slash their name, but that’s not the case for all of them. Let me know if this view of him is in focus because my camera is still sideways, and the stabilizers not zooming or flipping the way it normally does. I know, I need to restart and reset everything, but I didn’t want to end the feed, and then just start it back up again, so we’re hanging in there. Cory, I doubt you would see Hoover at the Walkabout. Even when he was the very first enclosure you saw on the main tour path, he hid in his den all day long. Hoover is not a social cat; he does not like to be seen by large groups of people. It was really funny because that year he came out of his den, like literally the moment we locked the gates, and got up and sat on his platform. So, you would not be seeing Hoover, even if he was on the main tour path. But, right now, he’s in outback, which is roped off and usually off-limits because of Amanda, which she just showed you why. That was just me, by myself, and she didn’t want to deal with me so having a large group of people back here is not usually a good idea for her. But thank you guys so much for all the donations, today, I hope you enjoyed all of the tiger antics. Marie said Hoover ate really good this morning. That paw that just moved? That is the one he’s had surgery on, and it does look like it’s healing pretty good. He’s still a little limpy, but that’s to be expected. He’s taken his medicine and eating like a good boy, though, so… Thank you guys so much for the donations, everybody who helped answer questions for me, today, I really appreciate it. Now, I think after today’s live feed, none of you will question why I don’t always see every single question. I try really hard, though, I go back to my desk and I go through the comments. So, thank you guys very, very much. If you missed any of the lives this week, go to DailyBigCat.com and find my playlists on there ‘cuz we saw all of the new cats, a ton of the bobcats, lots of servals, lots of the shy cats this week. Yesterday, we saw all the caracals and all the leopards. Today, we saw every single tiger. So, thank you guys very, very much I hope you guys have a great day, and a great rest of your week. Another Zen moment with Hoov. All right, well thank you guys so very much. Talk to you guys soon. EDITED-ACP-MGN-DQ

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  1. OMG!!! Iโ€™ve heard yโ€™all mention Amanda bark at you, but I thought it was just a way of saying she was growling emphatically. She really barks. I have an even greater respect for you , Carol, and all the keepers after Sapphire and Jasmine showed their โ€œwildโ€ side today.
    Brittany, youโ€™ve earned a badge of honor today! ๐Ÿ™€๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  2. At last yearโ€™s Walkabout, I saw one of Hooverโ€™s legs and his tail as he ran to his den to hide from all his admirers! He was really moving.


  4. What a riot! Brittany – Don't forget that Priya took your suggestions as to her eating. I swear they understand what you're saying! Sapphire took offense at what you said and stuck her tongue out at you – but when you called her dingy…… Pow! And yes, if Jazzy wasn't goofy, and Amanda didn't show her Fierce side, we'd all be disappointed! It actually freaks me out when Amanda is docile and chuffy!

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