Pregnant Cat Couldn’t Give Up Her Kittens Even When Stranded On The Roof | Animal in Crisis EP89

Pregnant Cat Couldn’t Give Up Her Kittens Even When Stranded On The Roof | Animal in Crisis EP89

A mysterious creature.. above a 20 meter high building? Informant : If that falls off by mistake It’ll be too dangerous since it’s too high.. Because she might fall to the concrete ground.. Don’t know how she went up there There’s no way she can go inside.. On the passage tunnel connecting two school building.. What’s over there? A cat in the dark! How did she end up sitting on top of it? Informant : I found the cat 2 days ago, and she’s been trapped here for 3 days At least for 4 days The cat must’ve starved.. Hang water bowl with rope Put it down through the window Remove the window on the opposite side Throw food to the cat Approaches with a lowered posture.. The cat takes the food Hope she survives until she’s rescued.. But then, The cat moves to the edge Omg.. What’s she doing Oh no.. In an instant The cat fell off.. The cat really jumped off An urgent situation.. Can’t find the cat The cat went missing.. But then, There, there, there Found the cat over there Fortunately, the cat landed on the edge of the down floor Standing on the narrow edge.. Quite worrisome.. The cat’s not here The cat went missing again.. Perhaps the cat fell off again.. Search for the cat all night But couldn’t find the cat Have no clue where the cat went Informant : Though we could find the cat in the morning as we can see the whole thing when it’s bright But even in the morning, we can’t find the cat at all.. The cat should’ve been on the edge.. But.. Maybe the cat went inside through the window? Found the cat’s paw prints.. and the window is open Would it have been possible for the cat to jump to the window and get inside the lecture room? I wonder how she could enter through this narrow gap.. My fist barely fits to the gap.. Perhaps the cat risked her life to find the way out? Is it right? The cat’s paw prints are on the wall The cat should be inside this room Is she there? An exhaust tube moves by itself?! Touch the tube to check.. Oh, it’s warm Do you think she’s fine? She’s not moving though She just moved before Why isn’t she moving? Think she’s breathing, but stuck inside of it Is the cat really stuck inside the exhaust tube? Check the inside of the exhaust tube with an endoscope camera Oh, I think it’s her butt Any movement? / Not at all? Ah~ I think the cat’s crouching because she’s stuck Even when the camera is around her The cat doesn’t respond at all Oh~ I see her face But the cat looks very exhausted Think she’s totally exhausted Her eyes lost focus A vet hurriedly arrives Even with an external stimuli Almost has no response Doesn’t respond at all? / Yes Vet/ She has no strength.. In general, the pupil constricts in response to light But her pupil doesn’t respond to the light Vet : The fact that the cat’s eyes have no response to the light indicates that her body function is in the worst situation Before she’s rescued, Helping her gain strength is important Oh, she’s drinking it Though she drinks IV fluids Still has no strength.. Vet : It’s impossible for her to escape on her own So we need to help her to come out Block all exits Remove the exhaust bellow from the machine and rescue the cat! The cat came out from the tube The cat is still afraid of being outside Rather than being happy about it.. Fear of being surrounded.. Vet : The cat’s so skinny After 100 hours of being exposed to a dangerous situation, The cat is safe now The cat hasn’t eaten anything for 4 days.. Her health is worrisome.. How’s her health? Vet : Something’s strange about her belly What happened? Vet : She’s pregnant Really? She has a kitten Turns out that she was pregnant! They’re all kitten fetuses Fortunately, the kittens are healthy Vet : They’re 4 in total and are all alive She has been pregnant for 40 to 45 days She’s expected to give birth after 2 weeks The cat makes us surprised many times.. Informant : It’s great that all four kittens are alive Must haven’t been able to eat or drink for a week The mother cat protected her kittens Then why did she end up stranded on the top of the passage? Vet : She must have looked for a safe place to give birth and wandered around the campus Then she was accidentally discovered being stranded on top of the building She could’ve been rescued and saved her kittens as well Strong maternal love and people’s attention made a miracle today as well 🙂

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  1. No love is stronger than a mother's love ❤
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  2. Poor thing. She acts like she’s scared of ppl or is it just from being ready to give birth? Idk as all the cats I’ve ever had have been fixed

  3. May God bless u a lot 🙏❣️ by saving such pitiful animals..I'm proud of you teams….I wish that you live long for doing such charity

  4. Bro when the cat fell i was so scared like holy crap. and it survived like how the hell does a car manage to survive that type of drop?! That was very sad to watch…

  5. I can't believe they didn't have a cage ready when they opened up the pipe. anyway, kudos to the kind, compassionate rescuers.

  6. Люди учитесь делать добро у животных!!! Спасатели и люди кто помог кошке вам ❤👍👍

  7. 😢🥺😯😦👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  8. Sometimes I've got suspicions.
    Do they on purposely do this?
    How did they find just a pair of tiny, tiny ears in a faraway crisscrossing pathway?
    It was nighttime.
    And how come they have so many tasks, have you guys seen how many videos they uploaded?

    If I'm just falsely accusing, my bad.
    And thanks!

  9. I was scarred to death when the cat jumped off that is terrifying I can’t believe she even attempted jumping to the other part but I’m glad she’s ok

  10. it's sooo annoying that even when all they had to do was take the end of that thing off in order to help her along, they still were acting as though she was in the most critical danger….she was eating and drinking just fine. it's when they won't even let you feed them let alone feed themselves, THAT is the utmost critical situation.

  11. there is a cat who need's help in our area but their are not help for them in our country because their are no people like you guys in our country
    1 like = HELP!!!!!!

  12. Почему корейцы такие не ласковые, вместо того чтобы потихоньку вызвать кошку они набрасываются на них тем самым пугая их, кошка итак в стрессовом состоянии

  13. If I’m correct, they said that cats find a narrow, tight space to bury themselves when they feel like they’re about to die. I had a cat who got infected with a virus, though we tried everything to save her we couldn’t because of the lack of money at that time. Whenever she was alone, she always tucked herself into a tiny hole full of pipes under our sink. We tried so hard to take her back to her bed and warm her up because her body’s getting cold. A week later she died because of the disease.

    When I see this cat get into the exhaust tube, plus her eyes are out of focus, she barely moves, she looks exhausted, I was reminded of my cat, and it was so heartbreaking to think that this cat thought her life would end soon so she’s trying to find a good place to die 😭💔

  14. I’m gonna unsubscribe I always want to see what happens at the end and you don’t show me I cry every time I don’t know what happened

  15. there was once a kitten on our roof. He was so young, we believed the only way he could've gotten up there was to have been born up there. He got himself down after we tried to help- he jumped. he's okay now though. he has a home and has befriended a german shepard puppy!

  16. Is it only me,,,
    I wondered why she locked the door when they were blocking all the exit haha

    Anyways, im sooo glad they helped the cat 🥺♥️

  17. Someone knows if all those pets they rescue are spayed and neutered ? I'm really concerned as it seems a lot of people like to feed them but create an overpopulation of stray cats and dogs and useless suffering (I also think about vulnerable species who get killed like birds ..) . Hell is paved with good intentions. Look forward to see campaign of sterilisation on your channel 😉

  18. Türkiyede hamile bir kedi, doğuramayınca sağlık ocağına geldi, kediyi sezeryanla doğurtuo kurtardılar. Hayır ne bildi oranın sağlık yeri olduğunu, tövbe yarabbim manyakmı ne 😂😂😂😂

  19. i wonder why when they close all exit to rescue her…that korean girl also lock the door? isn't just close it is enough? hahahaha

  20. That girl is totally a guardian angel. Can u imagine if she stuck on the pipe, died while pregnant 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  21. Salut ma warganya, berperikekucingan. Sini mah lain, mau mati, kejebak, bomat. Kalau ketahuan nyuri yg ada tambah sandal melayang, kadang jg digebukin. Ujung2 nya si kucing kaget, lari, ga tahu kena apa, tahu2 pincang aja kakinya.

  22. Спасибо большое 😘 что Вы помогаете животным🌈 низкий Вам поклон 🌈

  23. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🌹🌹🌹

  24. La verdad me sorprende cómo en este país o ciudad toman la vida y cuidado de una mascota en serio, acá en Latinoamérica a la mayoría de personas no les importa, si contamos a todos los animales que ahora están o viven en la calle, serían miles. Ya es tiempo que en todos estos países existan leyes serias para estas mascotas y animales en general.

  25. Informant:im worried If it falls off

    Cat: am i a joke to you?

    Edit: cats can survive higher falls
    They position themselves before they touch the ground

  26. I have seen cats jump off very tall structures, they always land on their four legs because that's where their center of gravity is. I, as a child got home from school having just learned about gravity. I don't know how old I was, but I guess I was in the 3rd grade. I took our cat and threw it out the window, the cat landed on its feet , came right back and stood next to me, so I went to "repeat the experiment" and I got scratched so bad, I never did it again. Kids! lol

  27. Am I the only one who wasn't worried when the car jumped? Cats always jump from high places safely. And when the girl asked how the day fit through the window, I laughed. If a cat can fit it's head through, it can fit it's whole body (unless really overweight). Guess she's not a cat person.

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