Playing Eldraine Constructed event with Knights of Clover deck! | Magic Arena | Pixie Kitten Plays

hello friends I’m here and I’m streaming
and you maybe just watched the mythic championship and it was super exciting
so you’re not gonna see any really good gameplay here but maybe it’ll be funny
possibly so we’ll see um I I put it I put a deck together for the L join
constructed event so I think I’m gonna try that and we’ll see how it goes
it is a knight’s clover deck um it was called my Knights of clover or something
like that hey there NIM kersek how’s it going I’m
here I’m live it’s happening right now um so yeah I think I’m gonna try this
event and see how it goes it looks like you can just win some
cards curse will be at least two uncommons
so even if I get zero wins hi I’ll at least get two uncommons so rack those
Knights is probably really fun but it’s it’s an oars off Knights deck actually so let’s try it
it’s called Knight nights of clover if you’re honest on a
Thor hub and I haven’t played it at all so I don’t know how it’s gonna go but we
will see I also tried to build my own deck I also tried to build my own rack
dos it’s like a rack dos draw card deck with the with the with a goblin that
makes rats and with the like wizard lady that does damage when you draw your
second card so I built that deck but I think it’s kind of terrible so maybe
I’ll play that in a little bit and you all can see how bad it is
um okay so this is okay I’m gonna keep this I’m gonna keep this end yeah so
even even if I win zero games I look at like a tiny reward and it’ll be fine
it’ll be fine it’ll be great so okay I have a black Lance Paragon of
a Lucky Clover that’s kind of what this deck is about it’s about the Lucky
Clover I’ll just go ahead and do my favorite passage and get a land yeah
I’ll get a Plains sure hi there gnome Reaper how’s it going
thanks for hanging out and playing the Elgin constructed event and I have this
I have a I have like a clover Knights deck so I’m just gonna see how it’s
going uh I’m going to I guess I’ll just go ahead and put out my lucky clover I
don’t know I I haven’t played this deck at all
so hey thank you so much for the follow non Reaper I really appreciate it
my opponent is playing two planes so I wonder what their deck is about okay
I’ll cast this so on my lucky clover whenever you pass that Adventure instant
or sorcery spell copy it you may choose new targets for the copy okay so neither
one of these help me right now like at all
not at all so I guess I’ll just go ahead and cast
I’ll go ahead and cast my black Lance Paragon um okay it’s giving the thing to itself
that’s fine whatever and I’ve got some adventure things to do I can gain ex
life and you should want to lose his ex life or exes and number of nights you
control it can return target creature card from my graveyard to my hand and I
don’t want to do that because I don’t have any creatures in the graveyard yet okay we gotta planes okay this is good
this is fine okay I’ll put this out and I’m gonna go ahead and should I do this
I’m just gonna do it I only have two nights but my but my lucky clover will
double it right so it’ll do for damage to my opponent and I’ll gain for life oh yeah it worked it totally worked
okay so we’re attacking or attacking with our black Lance Paragon I I have no
idea what my opponents playing what what tap up to to target creatures but it was
like my creature was already tapped to attack oh no I Springer ooh what okay
well that doesn’t affect my clover so it’s fine
oh I can also possibly kill it if I get another swap okay I’ll go ahead and
catch this um I can kill it with everything I have
so I’m going to I don’t don’t block I doubt the block with it right oh I think
they’re drawing I think they’re drawing very badly they only have three
so that’s obviously a problem for them they’re glass casket in my black Lance
Paragon well hey I don’t think that’s not very nice but whatever oh and it’s
not okay so order of midnight still still doesn’t help me um I’m just gonna
go ahead and catch this creature hey there Ben 197 six how’s it going I’m
playing the El dream constructed event and I found this clover nightstick ooh
Linden this said fast Queen oh wow they’re gonna try and gain some life oh
this is good so I don’t know if I should kill the high Springer or I guess I
should kill her right oh but this retired creature are planeswalker
I can kill both of them with my lucky clover I can actually kill both of them
because the lucky clover is gonna make it I’m killing both creatures did I do
it target a creature I killed that one too oh okay that was so fun that was so
fun yeah I won Wow okay I didn’t know if it would like this event or not what did
did you so what deck did you play in the event then I just I found this deck on a
Thor hub but it seems cool so far let’s try it again
Elahi I like the clover ability that’s fun
for sure I’m glad I drew that last swamp that’s what I needed obviously okay
Knights charged black Lance Paragon order of midnight yeah this is pretty
good we’re gonna keep this for sure we are going to keep this okay
my opponents name is 10 toad troll it’s seems kind of gross we’ll go ahead and
put our venerable night out there they have cast it which is oven so do we
think this is probably the yeah it’s caldron familiar this is the cat food
deck this is definitely a cat food deck for sure um so I guess I’ll do this I mean I suppose I could have flash
I could have flashed it in oh well whatever I’m going to attack I’m going
to attack with my venerable night okay but she has lifelink so that’s good if you played a white life gain and
black green adventure deck that sounds fun
it sounds better than this cauldron familiar witches of in deck with the cat
and the oven I wonder if this is mono black though
don’t kill my creature it’s very mean return okay can return it to my hand ooh
this is good I’m gonna cast I’m gonna cast her she’s lovely she’s very lovely
hey magic with zoobi do I even know what I’m doing
no I don’t don’t know what I’m doing not at all should I should I not attack because
like they’re just gonna do the sacrifice thing is it pointless
yeah I’m honestly only hurting myself it is pointless
revenge of Ravens ooh I only like that card when I’m playing it eggs I’ll start
creation we’ve converted mana cost three or greater can i exile there oh wait no
three or greater never mind forget what I said okay so my knifes charge would
like counteract their revenge of Ravens you built a trash fire deck that my
husband shared zubi don’t play trash fire deck that’s not cool okay Knights
charge is gonna help me for sure they can’t block my bow of the brawl whenever night you control a tag each
opponent loses one life and you gain one life this is this is like the opposite
of revenge of Ravens so we’re getting a lot of we’re getting a lot of gaining
and losing life here but they can’t block her because she’s got minutes it’s
hilariously fun all the Planeswalkers know is not fun I don’t I don’t I don’t
love playing planeswalkers honestly it’s just it’s not it’s not my favorite thing
we’re trying to our creature card from your graveyard to your hand oh this is
this deck is annoying honestly okay this is the only thing I
have um if I if I play the creature as a flier I can okay I’m actually gonna do
that because then I can give this thing lifelink at least oh never mind a can’t
castex the only have one black mana okay I’m not gonna attack because there’s no
point the cold room familiar will just block I won’t get any damage sir they’ll
sacrifice the kitty they’ll put it in the oven then I’ll go back to their hand
they’ll create a food token and then they’ll sacrifice the food token to put
the kitty back out on the field and it’ll just do damage to me so I’m only
hurting myself here they’re doing it anyways what the heck ah you want to put the night cards into
a tribal commander deck ooh that would be fun oh I have another black mana
that’s good um destroy target creature or planeswalker you lose to life I mean
if I destroy the cat won’t they just sacrifice it and it’ll just be pointless
right I’m going to UM I need the life link I’m gonna cast this
because they can’t block the camp block of fire and I’m gonna cast this and give
my venerable night life leg and death touch I mean I don’t think it will
really matter I guess I’ll get some life link there I mean there Avenger Ravens
and the Knights charge is like a joke honestly a joke
okay they sacrifice the cat they made a food token their sacrifice to the food
token and they’re making a cat and the cat is hurting me it’s scratching me and
it’s clawing my eyes out wait for them to use the ovens hmm my epic downfall is doing nothing
here Oh Lord oh I get a revenge of ravens okay that’s okay
oh not that they’re attacking me they’re not attacking me they’re just doing
damage without attacking okay so it would it would be better to put this out
I think I’m just gonna put the creature out okay I can get some damage through I can
get some damage there now ah okay I guess we’ll block one of them we put
them to use the ovens then kill it with the rider oh I see well so a little too
late for that I cast it I cast it yeah I suppose like when the ovens are tapped
you can get rid of the cat because they can’t bring it back sir Conrad Oh No Oh circle of loyalty um oh wait I can kill
sir Conrad uh yeah so I’ll do that we’ll get rid of him we don’t want that guy
out here uh okay they sacrificed him to make a food token
okay and circle of loyalty we can cast this sure okay the revenger Ravens isn’t even
bothering us it’s not it’s fine it’s balancing out with the Knights charge okay they’re blocking this they’re
blocking my life link creature so ah my arena just shut down okay come on arena hey there Ursa how is it going
I’m playing the L dream constructive events its back its back I don’t know
what happened they Reeves sold my um oh no they exiled
it no they were to go where to go I don’t know where it went
um I can create a white night I can test this I mean there is no point in casting
revenge of Ravens because they are not attacking me at all I’m just going to keep attacking I’m
gonna resolve all okay okay I might be coming back from this I might be coming
back from this sort of I don’t I don’t know where my murder is right away where
did it go it’s it’s not it’s not in my graveyard and it’s not an exile yeah I
don’t know where it’s at it’s not in my hand oh oh in my library
oh it went into my library that’s right when it dies it goes into the bottom of
your library why didn’t anybody tell me that um yeah next okay they’re gaining
some life that’s fine go ahead gain some life um
I’ll create a night on their turn that’ll be really tricky for sure
Oh sue B yes when I when it dies it goes to the bottom of your library yes thank
you wait soon I read the cards that was dumb
did you not watch my draft last time I streamed I obviously don’t read the
cards at all okay pass oh no don’t do this no oh okay
this is bad this is actually bad because what I
don’t need them to get is a second revenge of Ravens oh okay this is bad
I’m not dead I’m not dead yet hi boy Mojo Jojo how’s it going um this
is bad my revenge of Ravens is so pointless
don’t attack with all five I’ll be dead from the revenge of Ravens okay
hold on a second though hold on a second though
so does it does my Knights charge resolve first or does the Revenge of
ravens resolve first because revenge of ribbons will resolve
first okay well this is dumb Lucky Clover is really dumb this is a dumb
card and don’t want it right now I guess I’ll just cast it um so I can
what can I do I can I’m just going to attack them with the flyer I guess that
they can’t block okay so yeah the revenge of Ravens is happening first and
then the nice charge is happening uh hi there name’s princess you have bad luck
in magic today I hope I do better too but I don’t know okay this cat honestly
this cat I’m I don’t want it okay okay I don’t need to do any of the land
things you got like 1 out of 20 you won one game out of 20 oh my goodness I’m so
sorry that like super sucks um okay well that Oh seriously right now honestly okay they’re gonna lose to life okay
we’re just gonna let it go now they have a murderous writer okay discard their Raven like there’s no
discard I don’t the the castle locked Wayne you draw a card and you lose life
equal to the number of cards in your hand so I could draw an extra card I
could create a night uh I could create a white human I don’t want to lose life I
really doll uh and I also don’t want a swamp right now you hate the cat Dex the
color familiar is pretty nasty I need something so I guess I’ll do it no not a Plains know anything but Dad okay they can block all my stuff and
I’ll take double damage from the two Revenge of Ravens and they’ll gain life
from their murderous Rider so I’m just I guess I’m just not going to do anything stop putting the cat in the oven
stop no I mean the cat is being abused just leave it alone this poor kitty oh my goodness
I didn’t goof like my deck is drawing terrifically I’m just gonna attack with
all and say good game I could sacrifice this to return all my night cards to the
battlefield ooh so that would be my flyer but then I
can’t attack I don’t think I can do anything I don’t have any life link yeah
I can’t do anything I’m just going I’m just going to attack with all and let
the Ravens kill me or if it has kill me yeah yeah we’re just gonna I stack with
all and let the Ravens kill us okay they pecked our eyes out they pecked her eyes
out yeah Oh Mohammed I’m sorry that
everybody’s been riding for five days that sounds pretty stressful honestly
I’m very sorry um arena hello hello arena are you there okay it’s back so we have one win and
one loss so let’s try again and we’re gonna hope that we don’t get matched up
with another cat food deck because they suck am i right
I haven’t seen a mono black cat food deck
they’re usually usually like black and red um I guess I’ll keep this sure my my
deck is not mono black it soars off but whatever this is fine
oh no we’re playing blue we’re playing against blue oh there’s a nice charge
that would be good but we’ll need to draw I wanted to draw white layer um I’m
just gonna cast this creature oh yeah I forgot about the Lucky Clover that’s all
point of this deck the Lucky Clover whatever you test an adventure isn’t our
sorcery copy it well I guess I didn’t really want to copy that one oh no what
is this this is definitely an OCO deck am i
right why is it called cat food because they because you put the cat in the oven yeah exactly
see this is not good I need some land turn to our creature
card UK annex life oh I’m just gonna cast this I like the black Lance Paragon
because it it’s a three one and it does like some serious damage so I just want
to get it out there so it can start attacking yeah this could this could be
trash flash wait but it’s only el drain are there a lot of of there lot of Flash
creatures and l-train oh no it literally just happened wild born preserver I mean
it’s pretty cute though like there’s a mouse riding wolf honestly it’s real
adorable I can’t be that mad at it as long as it’s not oak oh because Coco’s
real obnoxious giant opportunity oh they created three Oh perfect
oh we’re good oh we’re good now we are so good look at us we are attacking with
our Knights we are doing some damage and we’re gonna get that wild board
preserver disc retries desk types and those creatures are 3-1 okay they killed my black Lance Paragon
that’s fine quenches almost as bad as the word moist I don’t really mind it
honestly I don’t know why oh no they’re gonna create a 7-7 green giant creature
but I have a desk touch creature so it’s actually fine I’m not worried about it
at all right I’m not right about it at all
okay this is good we’re getting some lands um you can ex live blah blah blah
return talk which care for Magritte words your hand okay um so I want to get
my clover out there I guess I want to get my clover out there and I’ll just go
ahead and cast my black Lance Paragon or I know what I’ll do I’ll be really
tricky and I’ll wait and I’ll flash it in on their turn when they attack with
their giant is that a good idea or what okay I’m gonna attack with this it has
death touch so they’ll probably not block but I can block with this thing
and it will give itself death touch right yes didn’t read the title what did
I name the title of my stream I don’t even know I’m back with more terrible
magic arena gameplay yep that’s the title Oh what’s happening I forgot to
pay attention haha what about this ha ha ha ha black Lance Paragon is coming in
it’s going to death touch your giant ha ha your giant will be killed how about that that was so tricky I was
really smart righty-oh it what is that no don’t do this don’t
do this to me no no no oh no they made it
indestructible that was really smart dang ok um wait
wait wait I can return some of my creatures this one is not going well
this sorcery is not going well because my Knights keep dying ok so I can bring
a creature back so I should but I can drink too because of my lucky charm from
my graveyard to my hand ok or I have this ok I’m gonna do this I’m gonna do
this thing I can do it twice ok so I’ll bring one of these back and
my clover lets me do it again yes my clover lets me do it again should I bring back my other black Lance
Paragon or should oh wait what just happened did they did
they counter it oh man I think they countered it or something
oh no they didn’t that was just weird okay I’m okay I’m okay
okay I’m gonna get my desk touch creature out there I was real confusing
I was real confused is anyone else excited for a brawl wow
they conceded yeah flash trash I guess their deck probably didn’t draw well or
something oh they fed their wolf food yeah that
didn’t make any sense what did I get rat dosa showstopper I
think this is a super-fun card and I wish I had a deck for it okay I have two
wins in one loss yeah yeah I guess I’m excited for a brawl I’m just kind of I’m
just kind of meh we’ll see oh I’ll definitely try it out
but I’m not really into commander so I don’t I don’t know how much I will play
it but I don’t know maybe a brawl will be different I played it when they had
when they had like the they had the arena event and you could play like
those four broadax those were fun but it might be really fun to build your own
and play um so this is not great at all but because I really hate to mulligan
I’m gonna keep it Rach disappeared that’s a hint Oh does that mean my oh no I joined
Underland my opponent says hello so I will also say hello hello I’ll just go
ahead and put my venerable night out there I hope they’re not playing Iraq
doe sec because if they are I’m dead because they have a really bad opening
hand oh no they’re playing a Mar do dick
probably okay Revenge of ravens that’s pretty good um I’m just gonna go ahead
and put this out and sacrifice it oops what did I do okay I’ll get a swab and
yuck this thing has first strike you so I’m not gonna attack okay we’ll see oh they are playing they are probably
playing Mardin Knights so I’m not gonna block that um okay okay this I gained ex
life and my opponent loses ex life we’re exes a number of nice you control which
is not really that many but it’s apparently the only thing I can cast
right now should I do that or should I just cast the creature I guess I’ll just go ahead and do that I
know less like dumb I’m not gonna attack and sparing veteran other Knights you
control get plus one plus one my epic downfall doesn’t work on either of these
a giant skewer Oh No another inspiring veteran oh no that’s bad uh-oh
I don’t have any crate chairs okay this is bad I’m gonna have to chump block
this yeah I don’t even have any cap any other creatures to put oh no oh like I’m
pretty much dead here you go revenge of Ravens how about
that I dare you to attack me with all your creatures
I dare I dare you to attack me oh I’m pretty much dead right now I think I’m
dead oh I’m not dead I’m just very close to
dead this is bad very very very bad yeah I mean I’m dead
so okay sure sure yeah good game good game good game okay that did not go well
that did not go well but that’s okay that is okay so that was our second loss
okay we got two wins and two losses this is fine
ooh let’s see what cards we got high alert ooh what is that elvish reclaimer
I really don’t like that either but it’s whatever it’s whatever
um okay so let me try out this deck that I built
I want you all to see it it’s real Genki I’m not gonna play it in red I’m just
gonna play it in regular I named it this is probably trash because it is because
it is so it’s Iraq DOS deck and it’s about drawing cards and I’ve won with it
a few times but I’ve mostly lost with it but maybe it’ll play out and be fun
we’ll see I get real annoyed when I’m playing in like the not ranked and oh
this is not great but I’m keeping it of course I am I I kept going away when I
play in that and then not ranked against but I play against like mono red or you
know some crazy feel the dead something like that I guess I’ll just pay to life
and put my night out I want to go I want to go into oh oh this is my least
favorite deck to play against like I literally hate it oh hey thanks for the
follow sandstorm 8:46 ah you probably didn’t come in at a good time here
because you know I’m just I play on my Genki day play on my janky
deck value Engine decks aren’t the best but they’re amazing when they go off yes
oh no this is not just a demurrer deck this is an esper deck Oh yuck
oh yeah I put a knob next to this in my deck isn’t that fun yeah it is super fun
take that my Knights gonna hit you in the face for one damage oath of kya no I
hate I hate this deck all of my cards are like useless right now useless I
guess I could draw a card okay that’s something not that I can play a dis turn I’m guessing my opponent’s playing some
sort of I don’t know – fairy something Oh what did I just say
and there he is well hello there – fairy how’s it going how would you like a
midnight Reaper oh look at that I’m going to attack – fairy ah dang awesome
kiyah oh no that’s for doom deck uh-oh the
wish cloth towels Minh deck no no don’t say that is not true that deck is awful really really awful
stop looking at my cards no no don’t I was probably gonna catch
him in a turn or two ah dang I was gonna be able to catch him
this turn I’m just gonna um I’m just gonna use my blade brain to draw a card
because this person probably owes darphus crusader that’s good look at
that this person’s deck probably doesn’t even have creatures in it it probably oh
no oh no no no no no it probably does have creatures in it but it has like
asian of treachery which which is a dirty dirty dirty creature
don’t look at my surface crusader stop no don’t go in for me oh my god okay
this is pretty pretty awful this is pretty awful look at these stupid cards in my hand
they’re no good I don’t want to blow your house down I think those right in
my opening hand though Oh No hey I got a dwarf he’s kind of cute look
at him he’s holding a little lantern no I hate this car I’m so mad I’m gonna have to start
destroying all of my things oh no they destroyed their oath of Kyah
oh no this is bad stop don’t kill my creatures no um I
what am i doing well I have to discard a card I thought I had to destroy one of
my things oh this is good is this good okay this
is fine um wait what happened to do before toll
of where did it go okay whatever it’s gone that’s all I
know I couldn’t – to him and draw two of my own cards I don’t really have any
lands left to play but then I also wouldn’t have any
creatures to block I’m not gonna do that I’m not gonna do that okay this is fine
I’m like look at that stained glass art it’s just so beautiful no not to fairy okay well hey hey how dare you hey they
haven’t killed them and they’re taking damage so there’s that but they haven’t
murders Oh No stop I literally have nothing pastern
there you go Carl jam the third what oh hey how’s it
going it’s going it’s going badly for me hey Roy Mojo Jojo thank you for the
follow I really appreciate it I am NOT on youtube I have moved over to the
twitch I still make videos on YouTube but all of my live-streaming is on
twitch now yeah there you go throw a card away okay
well I mean I’m pretty much dead us all there’s to it
yeah so if anyone wants to go check out my youtube channel if you haven’t seen
it yet I make videos on YouTube what just happened okay well that was not cool that deck
was not cool at all it was pretty evil pretty evil but okay
I’m gonna try my trash deck again it didn’t play out well at all like at all
but I want to try it again and see if it does any better um I don’t know if I get
paired up against like a really a really top seared deck it’s not gonna do well
obviously um this is okay but it’s not great uh I’m gonna catch this because it
has to enter tact uh-oh I don’t like that oh I got my iron Craig Pyromancer
okay that’s good that’s good that’s really good you might discard a card if
you do draw a card okay I don’t I don’t need to do that um I’m just gonna go ahead and cast this
creature yeah I don’t want to do that okay my opponent has played an is it
killed gate oh they’re playing a draw they’re playing a draw card deck two
improbable alliance okay Mountain and I guess I’ll just get my
Pyromancer out there hello yep I’m just gonna get her out there so I can start
double draw cards and she can start doing some damage oh no uh-oh that’s a big yikes right there um give
me this card a card if you do draw a card so I’m going to okay what I’m gonna
do is I’m gonna do I’m gonna do this haggle I’m gonna discard this okay I’m gonna target my opponent okay then I’m gonna cast no I don’t want
to do that this term because I’ve already done that so I’ll just I’ll just
cast this actually and then I’ll attack with that okay
okay that’s time hi there the credible Hulk I don’t have any thoughts on the
new Star Wars trilogy at all I think I think it’s fine but I’m not like I don’t
have strong feelings about it sorry I’m okay I’m going to do this put
this creature all on the top of my library draw card do some damage um I
think I’ll just maybe like shock this also I think I maybe just shot this
person also um oh and I guess I could cast this too
but I’m gonna need to draw a card so I’ll save that actually I’m not gonna
attack with this they’re opting okay that’s fine I have seen I have seen the
new Star Wars movies I think they’re entertaining enough and turn sure you think that they’re garbage names
princess my scroll of our deal is working yeah I should be able to scroll
over the switch screen and see my decklist
I think crackling Drake okay okay we’re getting a lot of fairies here okay so
I’m going to do this and dang I’m going to draw a card and lose a life
yeah I’m gonna draw a card and lose a life I’m gonna do three damage to my
opponent and then I’m gonna cast my foul my you’re Nate and hmm if I attack with
my Piper they can’t well I guess they could
double block it so I won’t do that and will not attack yes it is a mr. kitten
plays in chat another improbable Alliance honestly though that’s gonna be
a lot of ferry tokens like too many can I kill them before they kill me
I can’t black any of their Flyers oh so they’re doing what five damage to me
yikes um okay discard a card and draw a card I can’t
do that this turn so I could catch my midnight Reaper and
attack with my I guess I could attack with both of these um okay I’ll cast
this – okay I really want to do the damage okay so they only have one
blocker okay I’m gonna attack with both of these
oh no they have they have four blockers that’s okay
oh no they didn’t fall for my trick I needed them to kill my creature so I
could draw a card why why didn’t they block it
oh hey Pat crack fever does the overlay thing work can you see my decklist
this is my genki genki genki deck why are you doing damage to me what is
this Glen torn Buccaneer I’ve never even seen this oh my god there’s so many
fairies okay I can definitely draw a card next turn I can cast this creature
and then well ooh I have to discard a card to draw a card ah hey Bolton oh you
can hover over the cards on the battlefield to read them
okay cool maybe my overlay does that too and I’m just not aware of it yeah so um
I might be dead am i dad am i dad three four five how many fairies are they
attacking moving just two okay so I’m taking seven damage the overlay is actually pretty cool well
thanks it’s called cardboard live that’s what
it’s called wait a second they’re checking me with a lot more
creatures hey hey hey okay what can we do right now you draw a
card and you lose a life I don’t want to do that I don’t think I can do anything
to win I’m pretty sure okay I’m discarding the only card I have that was
probably dumb but guess what I’m dumb okay I have to I think they have I have
to attack with all but if you like they have enough blockers to stop me yeah
they definitely do that’s okay I’m just actually really glad that I’m
not playing against a feel of the dead deck really glad are they killing any of my creatures
like it doesn’t matter if they kill if they kill my any of my creatures I mean
I’ll draw a card but it won’t it won’t proc this damaged thing again the deck
is 61 cards yeah probably that’s that’s possible for sure at the
beginning of your upkeep each player draws the card and loses one life oh my
goodness they have so many fairies yeah okay I’m just gonna say good game good
game uh okay well but my dad kind of did its thing so that was the general idea
it’s not great but it’s fine if it works okay let’s try some ranked and I’ll play
my most brave knights ever and see if I can get anywhere on the ladder
you’re gonna copy a standard mono black and remake it since it’s the only deck
you’ve won consistently with yeah I really liked my wrinkled mono black deck
I need to try and um I need to I need to rework that one and play it again uh temple of silence I mean I guess that’s
good because I get to scribe to leaders and I don’t want that um I really don’t
like this opening hand but I guess since I have all these scry lands I’ll keep it sure Yolo puréed ninja thank you so much
for the follow that’s so great do you like this oh I don’t where do I yeah I
guess I do I’m afraid to put lands on the bottom of
my deck cuz what if I don’t draw anymore then I’m just like why did I do that
boo my powder might be playing mono black I forgot I was in silver now
that’s super exciting right um okay so I’m gonna do this I’m gonna
do this Skype thing again yes yes we want this sora and vengeful blood Lord
yes what’s your highest mana cost in this deck I don’t know I have no idea is
that something I should know I don’t have I don’t have high mana cost cards
in this day you’re you’re very excited at what are you very excited about pack
right feeder that I’m in silver me too me too
um hey whoa wait a second disfigure why would you do that to my
beautiful night she was just trying to give this little girl her sword honestly
um I don’t even I guess I could destroy their knight of the oven Legion because
that’s definitely something that can get real out of hand
oh I guess Oracle Eaters ended same name then the player kills a hand target okay
wait exile attire chrétien opponent controlled was converted mana cost two
or less and all other creatures that player controls with the same name then
the player reveals their hand and exhales all the cards so it doesn’t take
anything out of their library right I’m just gonna catch this Yolo Yolo casting
the acclaimed contender I’m actually not gonna destroy anything so I get to look
I get to look for a knight oh I didn’t get to do that because I didn’t control
another night dang I should have read the card before I played it okay it’s
okay it’s okay everybody it’s fine this happens a lot this happens a lot it’s
real oh I have my own eye of the Evan Lee Jim it’s okay it’s gonna be fine
okay we’re gonna cast Sauron yeah we’re gonna
count sword and we’ll just do one damage to them and I’m not going to attack I
will save my acclaimed contender to block yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah zero
value yeah I didn’t read the card yeah no don’t murder my one creature how
dare you know got my Sauron yeah they are pathetic aren’t they Sauron it’s
true um okay so what I’m gonna do now is I
need to kill something ah I need to I guess so I guess all
legions end their night of the oven Legion didn’t have any more okay and
I’ll cast it I’ll cast my own reading the card is for wimps
Wow I mean I wouldn’t go that far but okay well do a damage to them and what
do they have vampire opportunist saurons thirst and Reaper of night oh my no don’t okay I let’s see I really hate to cast this creature
without using its destroy thing I’m gonna cast this and I’m gonna catch this yeah I really hate to cast my murderous
writer without using its adventure but I want to save it for like something big saurons thirst betrayed Sauron yeah it’s
true my night Reaper in Fowler a night yes yes I did it that’s what I did
no my cards my murders Rider I was saving that dang should i attack do you
think they’ll block they’d probably just not block honestly because they have so
much more health than me I mean not so much but you know what I’m saying um I guess I’ll just not attack they are
playing mono black I wonder if they have a wrinkle in here oh I should have
attacked dang now I can’t now I can’t draw any extra
cards oh yes I’ll block with this their creature had lifelink – oh this is bad
this is bad this is not helping us at all not at all you think they’re gonna have an OCO in
the field of the Dead ban I don’t I would be really surprised if OCO got
banned I’m not gonna block I mean I guess this is okay but it’s not
necessarily keeping us alive for very long Reaper of night I guess so
block okay well I’ve lost this game so I think it probably doesn’t matter Castle
are navale not cool this doesn’t help us right now so does a Reaper get flying if
a defending player has two or fewer cards in hand that gains flying until
end of turn yea orsa you wants to play a best-of-three sure
I’ll play best of three against you pakrac favor why you gotta say stuff
like that why honestly why yeah I do remember when I was
worried that I wouldn’t get more land yeah I do okö is impressive
maybe ban the goose yeah the goose the goose did nothing wrong the goose is
very annoying the goose is a really annoying Oh a murderous writer okay hey
that’s something why don’t I just go ahead and lose to life let’s just drag
this out a little bit longer how about that yeah that’s right no attacks we are
hanging on press y to hawk oh no not a blip there’s the aerialist or a spawn of
mayhem well they’re just gonna have to wait another turn to kill me aren’t they
who o worthy Knight boom there we go I can’t block their fliers so that’s
game right there umm why question work I like that umm so Mohammed he wants to
play best of three against me what deck would you like me to play I’m still in
silver tier three it’s we’ll get there eventually I haven’t
really found the deck that I super love love love playing in this expansion yet
I don’t know why but I just haven’t I keep trying
um yes so let me know which deck you would like me to play against you you
know what I might pull out my wrinkled back honestly I think I’m gonna play
wrinkled I miss wrinkled oh and we’re gonna do best of three so challenge
match best of three and coin flip but my rankle doesn’t have a sideboard hmm
that’s okay we’ll play it anyways so you know you have two two decks that you
enjoy Timur walkers and rack dos Knights yeah oh you’re playing vampires okay I
like to play I like to play aggro I like to play white black or red or any
combination of those yeah that’s that’s about it I really really love vampires I
really liked playing vampires in the last I’m twenty that was vampires was my
thing but so many good vampires rotated out I’m gonna play first uh-oh this is good this is good we’ll
keep this bulletin you haven’t put anything together yet well you better
get working on it yeah yeah better okay we are looking for wrinkled we want to
see wrinkled all the good vampires did rotate oh we saw have Soren Soren is
great I really loved the bloodthirsty aerialist she’s wonderful but yeah some of the other good vampires
just left us um let’s do some more discard go ahead there Mohammed and get
rid of those cards Rock toast night yeah Rock The Rock toast nice I think would
be really fun actually okay so he discarded wait what was that
Oh icon of ancestry and my ear arcs friend marker got killed go rat go
larger nights is probably fun I just don’t I haven’t put anything together
Oh Oh No but there’s a blocker ooh but
uh yeah we have to cast wrinkle I could murder his writer the bloodthirsty
aerialist or I could cast rank on a tack and force the block with the aerialist
I’ll do that let’s do that I mean the bloodthirsty airless is nice because she
starts getting those counters so he might not block but if he doesn’t I will
make him sacrifice his Scotty J okay he walks he walks I miss a doctor Vanguard
to wrinkle is a trickster a dirty trickster but in a good way okay let’s play a paper of this swarm
and each player discards a card if Square loses one life and draws a card
each layer SEC forces creature okay will cast this to eternal taskmaster
he takes people’s eyes oh that’s right because the other fairy collects the
eyes for for Lord wrinkle or what is the flavor text say I can’t remember no I’m
gonna say oops that’s what I say when I’m really sad oops
my wrinkled whole sad icon of ancestry oh the creatures are vampires I mean I
guess I’ll just go ahead and cast my murderous writer I guess or I could wait
oh wait a second when it when I turn on taskmaster
attacks oh I’ll return wrinkle that yeah yeah
yeah yeah yeah yeah that’s what I’ll do okay so I’ll just attack with all I’m
returning it to my hand so I could cast him again or make rats instead okay so I
could bring rankle to my hand I think I’ll make a rat I think I’ll make a rat
also I’ll bring rankle to my hand okay yeah auto-pay
yes oh I wasn’t gonna be able to cast wrinkle was I there okay end my turn and
then I’ll make a rat okay my Piper is making my right side Menace um oh okay pass okay I want to make a
rat okay we’ve got a swap we’re gonna cast our rankle hey rankle
uh and I could bring something else back I don’t do I need to bring this back
yeah okay I’m gonna attack with all except for the piper and I’ll make
another rat I’m not gonna do this I’m gonna decline uh okay
yes Renko has haste wrinkle is very hasty each player loses one life and
draws the card each player discards a card or each player sacrifices creature
I really don’t want to do any of those okay so I’ll just enter them I would
have I would have liked to do the discard but I don’t really want to get
rid of my murderous writer I think I’m gonna need that swift end oh I’ll need
it for this bloodthirsty aerialist oh yes sure
oh that’s true I could take it sacrificed three rats gain control of
target creature look I can take their bloodthirsty aerialist
uh pass pass okay I’m gonna create a rat right yes yes yes yes okay sacrifice three rat skin control of
target creature target a creature this lovely lady sacrifice three rats she’s
mine now okay and um I can kill the vampire of the
deer moon or I could attack with my juice my rankle I could bring nah I
don’t need to bring anything back all I should have cast my skeleton first ah
dang I should have cast me Sanitarium skeleton then made them then I could
have made him sacrifice a creature
I mean I’ll still do it but it would have been better if I would have had my
sanitarium skeleton to do it with I’ll sacrifice this whatever yeah like I
totally messed up oh wow I think it’s gonna I think I think I’m
gonna be okay anyways I’ll just uh kill this and
attack with all good game Mohammed I don’t think um he didn’t have very
many lands so I don’t think his I don’t think his deck drew very well oh look
here’s my sideboard I don’t think I need to sideboard anything I’ll just leave my
deck as is yes play the skeleton so you can sacrifice it I should have done that the best part of magic is learning all
the intricate plays well sure I mean I’d like to not mess up and lose games but
you can’t have it all I can’t keep that open hand Wow
I can’t keep this huh I’m not I can’t keep a one land opening hand oh but
guess what I can keep a five land opening hand and two wrinkles I have to
keep this I really do this is awful one two I might is this am I going to
five I can’t get rid of ranked well I can’t put rankle I love how the out ring board makes them
both it looks so regal it does look he’s like fancy super fancy okay um I’m not gonna get to cast
anything this turn for sure a vampire of the dire man okay
okay let’s just go ahead and get our Piper out I can’t use it to block
because this lady has jet touch not the icon of ancestry again uh yeah no I’m
not blocking and now she’s a 2/2 ooh that’s okay we’re gonna get to play
wrinkle turn four we’re playing wrinkle it’s gonna be fine um so should I create
a rat or should I pay or should we play this I’ll just play this first um and I guess it’ll tack with this why
not sure I don’t I mean it’s not like it’s not like he has anything that
that’s gonna kill my tapped creature ah that thing has life link okay I don’t
want to see eternal taskmaster again I don’t wrinkle master of praise Myka rest
you can sacrifice it next cert it was a good idea but it obviously didn’t do
that okay I’m gonna attack with this
I can’t believe my wrinkle I just got murdered in cold blood in cold blood
look that’s what wrinkle looks like with a sword through his chest oh no not
another one oh this is bad uh-oh I thought I was gonna get to kill this
thing oh no I was not expecting another oh this is good this is so good
okay we have to do this right now goodbye vampires none of my creatures
are vampires are they no yay um no I don’t want to do that I can’t I don’t
have the mana oK we’ve destroyed those vampires yes we
did ooh a cool celebrant she looks happy
Oh Deborah yelled that’s good um okay so I can get another wrinkle out there
which I’m definitely gonna do yeah that witch’s vengeance was clutch right so I
mean okay I could we can do the sacrifice thing which I guess I probably
should and I’ll sacrifice my eternal taskmaster I mean I’m saving my Piper
because like hopefully I can eventually start making some rats okay goodbye
taskmaster you’re out oh hey yeah it did a damage to me I hope he doesn’t get
another murder don’t kill my wrinkle no he’s just a
sweet little innocent fairy he doesn’t know what he’s doing he’s Oh
Sauron I’m gonna say nice because I love Sauron okay now what ooh oh oh ooh what
no we don’t want her um okay so make a rat so we always have
something to sacrifice okay yes yes good plan good plan so what I can do is I can
cast this okay and then this is gonna start doing damage well he doesn’t have
any cards to discard but it will due to damage to him every turn um so I need to
make the rat first okay then I’m gonna go to combat then I’m gonna attack with
rankle um should I text Sauron I guess I should huh I’m sorry Sauron I’m really
sorry oh but Knight but I didn’t make them
sacrifice the creature because it only works when I do damage to the player
okay that’s okay we’ll do it next turn I think we needed to get rid of this or
in anyways it’s fun oh no this saurons way worse oh oh are
you gonna kill me debri out I think I should probably just let that go I’m not gonna block the life game no not
my wrinkle boo okay well we can bring stuff we can bring stuff back if we stay
alive long enough okay what is what does he do ah this Sauron is so Opie I guess we’ll just attack him I’m gonna
save my Piper to make another right okay oh not on that of the of Allegiant Oh with the with the two icon of ancestry
it’s bad it’s very bad do doll kill my Piper oh no what do you think he’s gonna
kill um I guess I’ll just do this just in case
Oh No look at that night of the oven Legion yikes
he’s a six seven oh he’s sacrificed it oh I was gonna use it to bring my
wrinkled bag dang witch’s vengeance okay that doesn’t
help me ah I really hate attacking Planeswalkers because it’s just like the
biggest waste but I let’s see I’ll get him I’ll get him down to three okay
I’ve made a castle luck flame so I can draw some cards that would be nice right
about now okay well if if you minus three is soren that will kill him oh my
goodness these icons target creature games death
touch him lightly until end of turn if it’s a vampire put a 1/1 counter on it
yuck uh okay make a wrap hey I can I can get it actually I could control it I
suppose I should do that can this sell planeswalkers are just
creatures getting control of target creature we’re doing it target a
creature I’m gonna say nice oh yeah he’s only a 4/4 though well that’s okay okay well that Sauron is still out there oh no not a bloodthirsty aerialist okay
I need more rats more rats to sacrifice and then I’ll get this creature to Oh
oh my gosh okay so I could attack with the thirsting blood Lord and just be
like I’m reckless and I’m attacking then I could which is vengeance the
aerialists is that a good idea yeah I’m doing it
I want a hundred percent doing it okay let’s do it okay vampire okay okay we really need we really need
wrinkle we really need wrinkle but I think there’s two wrinkle in my
graveyard yeah there are okay no not her again oh my goodness
I could have swum with the rats first because menace oh don’t kill my Piper oh
oh I better make a rat I better make a rat first hey there she goes oh yes wow how
exciting yeah that’s just awesome fun fun time
fun time no not her and a counter what is what is that look at the top three
cards of your library you may reveal a creature card of the chosen type from
among them and put it into your hand put the rest of the bottom of your library
okay God another swamp so that’s cool real cool lots of land
Liza Lyn not a lot of other things to do but lots of lands wait did she just get
lifelink oh my goodness ah yeah she’s gettin she’s gettin up there
ooh well how about we just kill her but then all those to life oh well we’re
doing it see you late see you later
lady I know look at these vampires go in there just doing work we’re not going to
attack I’m gonna save my rat gonna need some blockers wait I think that I think
oh yeah I’m just dead all he’s got to do is sacrifice the
vampire and do three damage to me ah good game Mohammed
yeah those vampires were sweet I should totally try that deck out I forgot we
were playing best of three I forgot about that
with each one a game so we’ll see who how did you know you could sacrifice a
vampire and do three damage what do you mean are you trying to say he read the
card oh my god no this is awful
actually it’s no I don’t I can’t I’m gonna know hmm okay yeah he read the
card okay i exalt our creatures converted mana
cost three or greater or Gavriel or witch’s vengeance um I guess I’m gonna
get bit I’m gonna get rid of this because even that really Opie Sauron
only cost three yeah okay but we can do some discard
this card is good you know if the opponent doesn’t have anything to play
witch’s vengeance is really good too as long as these vampires don’t start
getting like way out of control but minus three minus three is pretty
nice oh I swapped exile the swamp okay let’s just do it let’s just do it let’s
make Mohammed throw his cards in the trash Oh a Plains uh I guess I won’t
attack or should I know hey well yeah I know picking on me right
oh no not Soren in Perry’s blood Lord he’s just so Opie I can witch’s
vengeance those next turn I’m gonna block okay and I’m going to I’m gonna do this just card a card trash
it that deck I don’t understand to my dumb okay we’re
gonna get rid of these vampires goodbye Oh damage that was good ah no okay
I’m going to oh they don’t have he doesn’t have any cards in his hand
so we’ll just cast our creatures we will just cast our creatures get out there
creatures so dev reels dead for sure but that’s okay um yeah so if he attacks then I can kill
the Sauron on my turn oh he’s not attacking I need my murderous Rider to kill Sauron
that would be great Oh you may put turret creature card from
your graveyard on top of your library do I have anything oh your ox fan lurker no
I don’t want to do that um okay so this makes this lets me bring a creature from
my back from my graveyard but I don’t want to do that I don’t need to do that I can I’m just gonna attack with all on Sauron no I don’t want to do this thing I’m really surprised that he blocked
that one because now I can kill it yay okay oh look how it has a castle la creme I wish
I did that would be nice vampire of the dire moon again wow she
is relentless Oh Sauron oh no no I can’t even use that um
I guess I’ll just should I make should I make you a discard or I guess
I’ll just I guess I won’t and I’ll just keep like I keep letting the damage
happen um yeah I can’t do anything I don’t know why this deck draws so bad
sometimes but it really does like it’ll just get in this fuck where it just
doesn’t draw anything good and it’s a mono colored deck just feel like it
shouldn’t really do that I’m just gonna block because they can
bring the skeleton back but the thing is lifelike yeah okay we’ll bring it back to our
hand another swamp okay here we go skeleton coming out go skeleton and I
can’t do anything okay he’s gonna be getting a lot of life gain
with this vampire of the dare moon I’m guessing he’ll just keep putting
counters on it oh no not Sauron vengeful blood Lord and
Sauron imperious Blood Lord oh oh aggro deck strong worse as the game goes
on yes that your that seems to be true very much so
I just want my rankle I just just want my rankle buddy I’ll just block I’ll bring my skeleton
back to my hand again oh look there’s our castle lock
fling oh the epic downfall only works on creatures anyways it doesn’t work on
Planeswalkers I was thinking it did boo okay let’s draw card Oh
we drew a swap yay nine of the app in Legion I mean I like
seeing all these vampires for sure if there’s anything I’m really okay losing
to it’s vampires merfolk I would be real upset I would be real upset losing to
merfolk any sort of control I would be real upset lives into that mill I’ll be
very very upset to lose to that the vampires it’s not so bad losing to
vampires cuz they’re cool I can’t even bring this back oh hello
kitten another swamp Wow who define well I guess I can kill this thing right yeah
I sure can okay we’re killing the thirsting blood Lord that’s the thing
it’s an honor to be stumped by Dinah let’s do this a wrinkle we don’t have
enough mana to cast him wrinkle where have you been you have been hiding oh she left I didn’t move out of the way
fast enough she likes to sit in the chair behind me but then I have to like
sit on the edge of my chair and it’s not comfortable okay well I don’t think
wrinkle can even save us Oh No Oh No how about this discard a card yeah
that’s right put it into exile go ahead wrinkle is this in my hand I
can’t tell oh shoot no it wasn’t oh well yeah how about that
wrinkle attack to the face we are definitely dead here um well
sacrifice a creature sure ha the vampires have gotten us but like I said
it’s really not so bad losing the vampires murder on wrinkle again that
wasn’t even necessary he was tapped oh my goodness this sacrificing I’m kidding
I’m getting killed by Sauron oh the cruelty well I did leave Sauron to play
to play wrinkled so I guess he’s probably upset with me but good game
Mohammed I like that vampires deck and if you
want to send me the list that would be super great I will try it out for sure
let’s see what I got in my throne of El training pack ooh definitely silence I
don’t like that art I mean there’s nothing wrong with the art I just the
mouths is weird Castle Ventris I will never play that yeah that deck was rad
um so I’m gonna go ahead and call it a night
thank you so much everyone for hanging out and for my new followers i real
I appreciate it I had a lot of fun and I hope you all did too um let me send you
over to I’m gonna send you over to MPG nerve girl um it looks like she’s not
playing Magic the Gathering right now but you can pop in and say hi so have a
great night everyone and I will see you all next time on Wednesday night bye here we go we are ready bye joining us here what she was saying

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