People Try Walking Their Cats

People Try Walking Their Cats

– [Voiceover] Here. (playful music, featuring a trumpet) – Mars and I have been cat human buddies for
about five years now. He’s just this, he’s
the biggest stoner cat. He just loves to sit around, eat, he loves being in bags, I don’t know what to say,
he just loves being in bags. – This is my cat Riceball, he’s very friendly, he’s
more like a dog cat, He like, he does not afraid of people, he doesn’t scratch, or anything. No, he has never been outside before, but when I moved out to LA, I did brought him with me, but he’s never been actually,
physically on the ground. – My name in Rocco, and I love cats. More than I could love anything else. My first adult job, being a cat care attendant at the SPCA, and moved into cat behavior specialist at the San Francisco SPCA. This guy is like, the most
special cat I’ve ever met. I just was realizing
that I wouldn’t sell him for a million dollars. I think the benefits of
walking a cat on a leash is that they do get that outdoor time, but then there’s no chance that they’re going to get mauled
or carried away by a coyote. I would say the first
piece of advice I have, not all cats are gonna take to a harness. – [Devin] Can you stay still for a second? Stay still. No. – So right now I’m trying
to put the leash on him. – I’m not hurting my cat, I promise, I’m just kind of making him do something that is good for him ultimately. – [Iris] Riceball thank you! But you have to come back! – If your cat freezes in the harness, then you’re going to have to work on its relationship to
being inside that harness before you can take it outside. – So, I had to call in backup, this is my roommate Abby, we are going to attempt
to put this on him. Yay, the harness is on! – Oh, but you look so cute in this! – He doesn’t look happy, does he? – [Abby] No, no, that’s not
a happy cat right there. – [Devin] He does not look happy. – Okay, I heard you. – The best advice with any type of behavioral issue with a cat is try to figure out
how to work with them. Because if it knows you want something, it’s not going to do it. So if you want them to do something, then you’re gonna have to
figure out how to trick them into thinking that they want it. – What is this? Look at it! Oh! Oh! He’s walking with me! – Here we go! Let’s try this. No, let’s go this way. No, let’s go this way. (Mars meows) Mars! – [Iris] Let’s go, let’s go. Let’s go, treat! – [Devin] Mars, c’mon. C’mon baby. We’re just gonna go, no, we’re just gonna go on a little walk. – (laughing) Look at her! – He’s stressing me out, I’m really, this is really stressful. This is very, very stressful. Uh, he’s not liking this, at all. – Oh he’s, he’s doing
better than I thought. I thought he was just gonna,
like, sitting in one corner, and doesn’t move at all. But he’s making some kind of process. C’mon, let’s go! – Mars is now wedged in
between my neighbors hedge and my front porch. – We probably walked, like, three steps out of apartment? The apartment door is right there. – I just feel like maybe
this wasn’t for him. Right? You wanna go back inside? – And cats, we’re built to serve them. That’s why the ancient
Egyptian’s worshipped them, you know what I mean? I live to serve my cat, and that’s honest. So, if he wants to go on a walk, I’m gonna provide that service.

100 thoughts on “People Try Walking Their Cats

  1. One time I tried walking my cat but he wouldn’t move so I had to walk all the way back home
    And it was a hot day

    I miss Tony

  2. Cat people:I love A CAT THERE SOOO CUTE

    Dog people:…….I I hate cats they set my house on fire killed my relative and stole my dogs dog food

    Dog:boi……kitty don't wanna upset upset u or anything but BOI HE IS RIGHT

    cat:at least cat are better than dogs


    Warning:I'm a cat lover and dog lover no hate please!!!*

  3. I just want to say that I tried walking my cat today and she panicked and kept running against the harness and cried like a baby. I was so afraid she was going to get a heart attack or slip out of the harness (she was pulling SO hard.) She's home now and recuperating from a seriously injured dignity.

  4. Can u walk kittens? Seriously. Please give advice. I'm trying to learn but adopted two baby kittens. So far they love tuna and to play in the yard. They have their own house but ran away a rainy day. And we found them the next couple of hours in the neighbors house

  5. I just took my cat for a walk and he seriously laid down in the dirt and made me pull him. I said "we are supposed to be walking" and he slowly got up lmao

  6. I actually think my cat Is a dog.. she likes fruits and vegetables, likes being kissed, friendly to everyone, gets excited when someone walks into the house and likes being walked. She’s literally a dog at this point maybe because she’s always with my dog

  7. Well, Not all cats are like this. CatPusic is really obedient. Thats why his owner is able to make too many videos with him.

  8. I live by a walking trail and would love to walk my cat, but I’m afraid she’d get fleas, ticks or something else and we have a new house and don’t need to bring in any unneeded bugs and plus, I don’t want my sweet kitty to get ticks.

  9. This supposed to be a funny video,but this video made me cry hard because i remember my cat Nimbus,a huge white persian cat, he's been with me since the past three years but sadly he died last month and I still can't over it.

  10. I try to walk my cats every year when it's nice out. Sometimes, I even make a little play area for them to play in the snow.

    I have five. Only four are able to get a leash on. I don't trust you, Coco. ÒwÓ

  11. This is why I like dogs they are willing to defend you, love you, are so obedient and are your best friends if they see you sad they even comfort you and are fun to play with screw cats, dogs is best girl.

  12. Can someone please tell me breed Riceball the cat is? I wish to buy a Kitten and I want to buy the same breed as Riceball as its so cute

  13. My cat: is scratching the door 24/7 for me to take it out for a walk
    After I take it out: freezes
    How do I walk my cat? What a silly question! I hold it in my hands as if its sitting on a throne throughout the whole walk 😂
    That's the only scenario where it doesn't try to fight back when I pick it up 😉

  14. Ladies, the fundamental error is that you are trying to bring them on a leash. While it's have to be the opposite. THEM to bring YOU on a leash. Where they want. Stop dragging these cats around please!

  15. Day 1 – walking jacket goes on, for him to get used to it in the house.

    My cat went mental. "Get this fxxxing jacket off you idiot, can't you see I've got a beautiful fur coat you muppet".
    Day 2 – We go outside.
    My cat "woooooooooooowwwww its a whole new universe outside. Why didn't you show me yesterday?
    Day 3
    I pick up the jacket, and get spotted by my cat.
    "Give me a walk.. NOW! Purr purr purr purr"

  16. The way these women and gays treat their cats is an absolute disgrace. If you have a cat you should NOT keep it inside. How would you like to be forced to live in a few rooms, after having your development screwed up by de-sexing. If you don’t have room for an outside cat, get some fish!

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