Pammi Aunty Ki “Taansh wali Kitty”

Pammi Aunty Ki “Taansh wali Kitty”

Show Sequence I had such nice Cards too , But Color JAI JUA DEVI ( hail to mother of gambling) you must do something you are loosing i guess i should take off this ring , might help in getting some luck Saroj have you come in terms with your daughter in law Mrs Kahnna: i have stopped talking to her i do not interfere in their life , if they wish to talk well n good else God bless them i told you very first day Why to control your son and her ,get them separate flat and you also live in peace all i have is one son, I and raised him with love Why shall he stay away from me just in fear with what will people say? i will not allow this your daughter in law is not less than Pammi’s MBA (Daugher in law) Atleast pammi’s daughter in law, listens her to some what you really think so ? First she does not get up before 12 noon , Moment she gets up , she leave for her mother’s house in Shahdra had it been Anand Niketan i would understand , But Shahdra.. exactly and anyway she comes back home after Timmy returns from his work so we hardly have any conversation or disagreements i am very lucky in such matters (Mrs Bhatia) My Daughter in law Sujata She takes care of the house so well that i , need not work at all My kids and Father in law trust her a lot you can live happily if there is peace at home I have realised i think you get some special (pooja) Ritual done for yourself you guys are talking about your daughter in laws but i have a problem with my Son in Law he is no less , its been 7 Yrs that my daughter got married but i have never seen him happy whenever i say lets go out for dinner some occasion , he replies no mummy i am busy he never comes home as well wonder how people keep a control on their son in law i really fail to understand people say , that in laws dont give us respect , now that when you ask why such tantrum what shall we do , to keep them happy is this our generation’s duty to keep them all happy? I pitty our generation , you should be thankful to all mighty mrs Handa that your son is gay nor will he get married , neither you have to worry about these occasions nor his inlaws i was totally clueles, i had an idea before , but now its confirmed tension is always there its always a feel good factor to see your grand children you need to have a partner in life as of now i am alive but what after when i am not around my Blood pressure rises thinking about this dont be emotional what happiness have we got getting our children married your son is a handsome young man , he can find anyone on some dating app after all he has such a supporting and open minded mother if you want i can ask around in my south delhi kitty group i am 100 % sure some one will definitely have a gay son… Praveen hm ahh , Deal the Cards This round is , discard color on the color best of four will win i know this game very well , lets play some simple game you make them play when its your turn , its dealers choice Pack Pack Move Mine Move too there you go , Pammi ! Back show you should pack why shall i pack you have this right? look mine so you will pack i asked for a back show , why will i pack what rubbish you are talking , you asked for it now , you will have to pack ok you both give me your cards you will pack mrs Handa Yes , rule is, the one who asks for a back show and if the cards are same Praveen you will have to pack Have you gone mad Kamlesh Pammi why dont you pack how does it matter Why shall i pack , i have put 150 Rs already even i am not playing for free If you were so confident then why did you ask for back show , now you will have to pack Wait , i’ll find the solution I shall call Sarla , what ever she says even if you call sarla’s mother even she will tell you the same i wonder you learnt the game from me and now u are arguing? Pammi relax its just a matter of Rs 375 , and its a friendly game you shutup , its about a rule , wheather game is friendly or unfriendly and you Kamlesh I told you not to invite this lady today She does the same Drama even in the temple while singing Bhajan Oh my lord Relax its ok i shall pack my cards, you can distribute the money equally Why will you pack it for us , Exactly why will you pack i shall pack , now you guys can play if this fight is all because of me i shall put an end to it .. there you go Happy? Omg !! very nice , why are you doing this emotional drama now What emotional drama are you talking about Pammi always says if you want to know someone’s real face you must play Cards with them Excatly !!! What was that?

19 thoughts on “Pammi Aunty Ki “Taansh wali Kitty”

  1. All of them are good actors. Even the lady who plays Handa behenji ! She was great in the movie Manmarziyan!! My most favorite is Pammi Aunty !!!!!!

  2. बहुत दिनों बाद, पम्मी आंटी टाइप वीडियो आया है… मज़ा आ गया

    वैसे, खेल खेल में सुमेर अपनी बाज़ी खेल गया

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