One Lucky Kitten | The Incredible Dr. Pol

One Lucky Kitten | The Incredible Dr. Pol

[music playing] [kitten meowing] I was on my way
home, a car hit it. It was doing circles,
and did a flip. The kitten was laying there,
and I just picked it up, and it looked at me, so
I just rushed it over. The driver never stopped. I hate to see anything
that gets injured. So this is a kitten–
is this your kitten? Or just a stray kitten? No, I was coming home and it– a car hit it. It was doing circles, and
did a flip, and laid there. And I thought it was dead. OK. Easy, baby. So I just picked it up,
and rushed it over here. OK. So it’s about a
pound and a half. All right. I’m going to sit you down
here for just a minute. Lay down. That all looks good. He’s probably not
going to like this. There’s a little bit
of peroxide on here. Yeah. Let’s just see if we
can’t get it cleaned up so I can see what’s going on. OK. There’s a little scrape
on the end of his nose, and on his right-hand side,
the upper lip’s a little bit bruised or swollen. Mmm hmm. Eyes and its ears and
it’s mouth all look good. He doesn’t appear to
have any brain issues at this point from injury. But he is super,
super lucky, because I don’t see anything broken. Good. Mentally he seems fully aware. And physically he seems
to be able to, you know, run like the wind. [laughter] Yep. There you go. You’re doing all right, kitty. I don’t see any
long-lasting side effects from his car experience today. I expect what’s going
on with the upper lip to go down over time. ANNOUNCER: A miraculous escape. He’s definitely spent
one of his nine lives. Are you going
to take him home? I’ll take him over here
to that animal shelter. Yep. See if they can
find a home for him. Yep, sounds like a plan. I’ll give him to you. All righty. All right. That way I know he’ll be safe. Sounds good. Kits doing good, so just
bruised up and stunned. We’ll take it to the
no-kill animal shelter here in Mount Pleasant,
and let them adopt him out. There you go. Get in there. And I think when
I get over there, I’m going to tell
them to call it Lucky. You’ll be able to
find him a home. Yeah. I’m feeling good. You know, it’s nice to be
able to save something that’s, you know, that small, innocent. [music playing]

81 thoughts on “One Lucky Kitten | The Incredible Dr. Pol

  1. Yes! definitely miraculous escape! Curiosity might killed the cat but a cat has nine lives! Thank you sir for saving this furr baby, bless your kind heart! Amen.

  2. Dr. Pol saves lives. He's a really great person. He's working hard to save animals. I thank you very much for all you've done. Greetings from Turkey.

  3. Why didn’t the people who found him injured keep him? They definitely seem to have a heart for animals.

    I would have kept him as part of my family. No way would I have trusted someone else to love him and care for him as I would.

    All of our four fur babies (cats) are rescues and we love them unconditionally!

  4. Respect for you Sir & Mam… both of you have got a good & kind mentality… Nature bless all of you & all the innocent beings… may you all be in peace always ever…. ☺

  5. Dr. Brenda inspects a kitten after it was hit by a car. What are your thoughts on this kitten's experience?

  6. Bless your heart🤗. Cruel people out here. I don't understand that's just a cat whoever did that should wonder…🤔🤔😡

  7. Awww bless. My cat was hit by a car. Broke her tail and it was touch and go if her bladder would be ok. She's a fighter tho. She recovered. Most of her tail was removed and she looked like a Manx cat. A few years later she developed cancer and had to be put down. To this day I still miss her. She was such a grea character, so funny and loving. God bless her soul.

  8. may God bless grandpa and grandma and the kitten as well … wish they adopt the kitten 💛💛💛💛💛💛

  9. Faith in humanity restored. What a lovely couple rescuing a helpless kitten 🙌🏻🙌🏻♥️

  10. The cat is very lucky the couple who saved him were prepared they had a kennel ready for the little kitty.

  11. Wow I was scrolling and found ur site..geez I missed you all so much..I don't have cable so I couldn't tune in..But GOD is GOOD..I found you on YouTube!!😃

  12. Those people are so awesome..the kitten wasn't even theirs and they still took it to the vet to get it help..that's what REAL human beings do,they help others when they can..karma smiles upon people like them ☺

  13. I live like 30 minutes from Dr.pol's to think that people like this live so close to me gives me hope for humanity and the people around me.

  14. This is one lucky kitten, Lucky is a perfect name for him or her. It does feel great to help animal In need, just the other day I had a little hit my window I look down and saw it twitch I got out with a cloth so I could pick him up, he was very much alive but stunned I touch his little head and talked to him softly and the. He he left once he was not stunned

  15. my cat dead this morning
    posioned by mice
    and he very look alike that kitty 🙁

  16. My first impression is this guy has a BIG heart like mine I have rescued several dozen cat's over the years ! My second thought is he's got SUCKER written across his forehead like me I would bet he ended up adopting the "Lucky" kitten !

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