Ocelot vs Crab!

– Right now she’s
just playing with it. That now, you see the crab’s
defensive posture there, he’s got his pincers out
saying, yeah I oh, oh oh! Yeah, that’s a lesson you learn. Get too close to a crab and you’re gonna get
pinched in the face. Look at her she’s like, ouch. And she’s timid about it now,
she’s definitely hesitating. She’s like, wow! That crab definitely
packed a punch. There he is, look at that Oco. There she is, now
she’s seen in again. Crab’s looking at me like,
dude you’re blowing my cover. This is a good opportunity for her to learn
to hunt on her own. See this is how momma
works like, well, that was a pretty nasty pinch. Go on you can do
it, eat the crab. (laughs) Eat the crab, Oco. Right here. She smells it, she knows it. You can see how
hesitant she is now. Oh, she’s coming in from
behind, this is a smart play. The pincers can’t get
you from right there. The crabs like, oh boy,
better spin around. She’s looking at it. Now the crab, you see
the coloration there, it blends right in with the
leaves and at this point he’s tucking in his pincers
thinking, alright, the predator no longer
knows where I am. She’s laying down
in the puddle now. Dude, he’s right there, are you gonna eat
him or make me do it? Yeah you get him, not me. Look at this, alright
she’s seen him again, and the crab’s mistake
is that is moved. Ooh look at that, look at
that defensive posture. Here’s I’ll even
show you, watch Oco. Like this, watch I’m
gonna get pinched now. Ah! Yeah, yeah it does
hurt doesn’t it? Sorry, I didn’t
mean to scare you. Better get him before he gets
back there into the leaves. You want me to do it? I’m not going to
catch him for you. Right there Oco. There you go, be brave
about it, be brave. Stay wild, eat the crab. (playful music) This Ocelot. I’m not gonna eat the crab. She took one pinch from that
crab and basically said, I think I’m gonna find
my dinner somewhere else, and I agree, that crab
just pinched my finger and it did not feel good. Alright, Mr. Crab, looks
like you’re gonna live to pinch another
day, see you later. [Voiceover] If you enjoyed
this playful outtake, make sure to go back and watch the full episode and
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