Normani Speaks Out On Camila Cabello’s Racist Remarks!

Normani Speaks Out On Camila Cabello’s Racist Remarks!

Normani is speaking out about Camila Cabello’s
past racist memes and slurs! And you guys, this all went down during their
days in Fifth Harmony. How’s it going? It’s Emile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News
and Normani is one of the cover star’s of this month’s Rolling Stone alongside Megan
Thee Stallion and SZA. And in the issue, Normani finally opens up
about Camila Cabello’s past racist remarks in old Tumblr posts and tweets, which she
apologized for at the end of last year. In case you forgot, screenshots of Camila’s
old Tumblr account where she posted offensive and racist memes and comments resurfaced on
the internet. The posts show the screenshots dating all
the way back to 2012, around the time when Fifth Harmony formed as a group. The memes and comments Camila shared contained
harsh language including multiple uses of the n-word and racial stereotyping towards
the Black community. Camila and her team did some major damage
control, taking down all of her past Tumblr posts and issued an apology. In the statement, Camila wrote, “When I
was younger, I used language that I’m deeply ashamed of and will regret forever. I was uneducated and ignorant and once I became
aware of the history and the weight and the true meaning behind the horrible and hurtful
language, I was deeply embarrassed I ever used it.” And up until now, Normani hadn’t spoken
out about any of this. But she finally revealed how she felt about
it in Rolling Stone! Before we get to Normani’s response, how
did Camila’s past actions affect you, and how do you think Normani felt? Comment below! Normani’s response actually hurt my heart
you guys! She explained that she is now finally revealing
how she felt because she had some early career trauma when it came to racism surrounding
Fifth Harmony. She said that as the only black member, she
often felt like “the other one in the room.” Normani was targeted by racist bullies online
after a subset of Harmonizers believed Normani had slighted Cabello by calling her “quirky.” At the time internet trolls posted Photoshopped
hurtful and racist images of her and others even went as far as sending her death threats. And obviously, Normani is still scarred from
all of those experiences. And so Normani admitted that she’s “struggled”
talking about these sorts of issues before. So she decided it would be best to write out
her thoughts in a statement to Rolling Stone. Normani explained why she made this decision
and said quote, “I want to be very clear about what I’m going to say on this uncomfortable
subject and figured it would be best to write out my thoughts to avoid being misconstrued,
as I have been in the past. I struggled with talking about this because
I didn’t want it to be a part of my narrative, but I am a black woman, who is a part of an
entire generation that has a similar story.” Normani went on to say that quote, “I face
senseless attacks daily, as does the rest of my community. This represents a day in the life for us. I have been tolerating discrimination far
before I could even comprehend what exactly was happening. Direct and subliminal hatred has been geared
towards me for many years solely because of the color of my skin.” And then Normani got into specifically how
Camila’s racists remarks impacted her. She said quote, “It would be dishonest if
I said that this particular scenario didn’t hurt me. It was devastating that this came from a place
that was supposed to be a safe haven and a sisterhood, because I knew that if the tables
were turned I would defend each of them in a single heartbeat. It took days for her to acknowledge what I
was dealing with online and then years for her to take responsibility for the offensive
tweets that recently resurfaced. Whether or not it was her intention, this
made me feel like I was second to the relationship that she had with her fans.” But even after the hurt, Normani hopes that
Camila has grown from the situation and learned from her mistakes. Normani said quote, “I don’t want to say
that this situation leaves me hopeless because I believe that everyone deserves the opportunity
for personal growth. I really hope that an important lesson was
learned in this. I hope there is genuine understanding about
why this was absolutely unacceptable. I have spoken what is in my heart and pray
this is transparent enough that I never have to speak on it again.” And then Normani delivered a powerful message
to end her statement. She said quote, “To my brown men and women,
we are like no other. Our power lies within our culture. We are descendants of an endless line of strong
and resilient kings and queens. We have been and will continue to win in all
that we do simply because of who we are. We deserve to be celebrated, I deserve to
be celebrated and I’m just getting started.” And while it took Normani a little bit of
time to speak out, she waited and did it so thoughtfully. And fans agree, they are taking to Twitter
to support Normani. One person said quote, “i’m so proud of
her for speaking her mind woah” Another said quote, “STAN NORMANI THE QUEEN” And another wrote quote, “I love that she
spoke out about this” But obviously not everyone agrees with Normani’s
choice to speak out about this, some trolls on the internet are calling out Normani for
clout chasing or promoting her own work Though clearly she just felt ready to speak
her mind and everyone has the right to do that. So now it’s your time to let your thoughts
about all of this in the comments below! Let me know what you thought of Normani’s
statement regarding Camila’s past hurtful remarks. And while you’re here we also have a fun
video over on Clevver Style, an episode where me and my besties Drew and Jackie recreate
black cultural icons to celebrate Black History Month. You definitely don’t want to miss this one! As always, be sure to hit that subscribe button
to keep coming back for more news updates. And we have some more exciting news for you! Since we are talking about some of your favorite
musicians, we wanted to be the first to tell you that Clevver Music is coming back in March
2020 so stay tuned for that! Thank you for watching I’m Emile Ennis Jr.
and I’ll see ya next time!

100 thoughts on “Normani Speaks Out On Camila Cabello’s Racist Remarks!

  1. Not saying it's an exact example, but this is like cheating on a test. You know what your doing and you know it's wrong, yet you decide to do it anyways. The consequences always come back. They're either good or bad.

    And to those saying she was only 14, you have to be real dumb to not KNOW ANYTHING about the word or it's background. Either that or be ignorant, which is what Camila chose to be.

  2. Most of Camilla's fans I see are JUST as trashy as she is. The law of attraction is DEFINITELY in effect. And the fans Camilla ATTRACTS who DEFEND her actions, say it all. Nothing more needs to even be said. Trash on trash.

  3. I'd LITERALLY spit on Camilla's entire fanbase AND her, if I had enough saliva to do it. THAT'S HOW MUCH THEY DISGUST ME. Yet even MY SALIVA is too good for them. Literal slimeballs.

  4. I honestly don’t know what to say. I think both girls are pretty talented and have good careers ahead of them, but I feel like it needs to be seen from both angles. I applaud Normani for addressing how she felt about the situation, but I also think that Camila has spoken up about it as well. If Camila chooses to apologize again this will be her third time apologizing for the same matter over the course of 4 years. Idk about anyone else but I’m not gonna shame an artist for how their fans choose to act. Yes Camila apologized for what she said, and she also told her fans to stop sending hate to Normani years ago, but people are immature and will continue it regardless. So is it really okay to be mad at an artist for what their fans choose to do?

  5. This community is extremely mean and I will never put my opinions out because of the endless bully I have got from this community.

  6. Camila already apologized and shouldn't have to keep doing it! I for one am sick & tired of everyone always pulling the race card, whether you are black, white, brown or red. TRUE FRIENDSHIP AND LOVE DOESN'T SEE COLOR!! Just be kind to yourself and others..

  7. Wow~ African Americans act like they're the only race that's being targeted. But when other races are being attacked, it doesn't even matter; because apparently only black lives matters right?

  8. I don't understand why people gotta discriminate each other, bro we all children from Adam and eve, fucking hell this is ridiculous

  9. Norman’s suuuuuuuccckkkkkksssss, she Just wants to use the black victim narrative to make herself look better. Camilla is Hispanic. Hispanic women are the ones that earned the least in the United States compared to anyone else. She needs to realize that we are allll struggling. Black women suffered from slavery and inequality, Hispanic women suffered from slavery, inequality, colonialism, imperialism, sexism and anti-indigenous ideologies. So Normani you are not a victim, chill out

  10. It’s one thing if you’re genuinely a fan of her and u feel like you can forgive her but it’s another thing if you think u can tell black people how they should feel. Like who tf are u to tell them to not be “too sensitive”. U don’t know how that shit feel

  11. It is in the past so move on people..we're not a perfect person..who are? people or brown people already proven their worth a long time ago…mostly famous people are black/ stop hating camilla for that comment happend years ago..forgive her..even God forgve us for our sins so who are you if you dont know how to forgve someone for that one mistake..duhh..!.

  12. The fact that people think that she did this for clout is absolutely disgusting. Well what do you expect from small minded trolls who just post negative things just for CLOUT. The irony is just beyond me

  13. To say "I was ignorant" doesn't give you a pass — Camila is a stupid and thoughtless person. She gets treated like a queen because of her looks and skin. She has no clue how entitled she is, but that's 45% of America today — racist, selfish, hateful and arrogant.

  14. these two are my favorites, but Normani has all the rights to speak on this, I’m glad it’s over & they can move on

  15. People hating on Normani for speaking about this are tripping. It's her story, it's her pain, what she went through isn't light, it's serious and it should be taken that way. She has all the right to be hurt by what happened. I agree with what she said about Camila possibly growing, I mean yes, we never know. But regardless what people say, at 15 you really can be very ignorant, or say stupid (extremely stupid stuff) for reasons that go further than racism, sexism, homophobia or other types of discrimination. Ignorance about these matters really is a thing and that you are educated about it does not mean everyone is, try to remember too that this was like 8 years ago, and things were probably quite different than they are now (I wasn'r really on social media at that time as I was 9, that's why I just say probably). I'm not saying she shouldn't have been called out, I'm not saying what she did was fine, all I'm saying is that for all we know she could be a completely different person now.

  16. Idk yall. Camila was like 15 or smth when she said that. Teenagers are really dumb and insensitive. When I was a teen I'd say that stuff and worse. But people change, especially during that time. As a young adult, who I was just a year ago is SO SO different than who I am now.

  17. believe me she is just trying to get famous camila is far more succesfull than her and shes trying to use camilas fame to get famous by playing the victim I know that what Camilla said isnt acceptable but a teenager dont think about what he or she say camila was a teenager and Im a teenager and many times I feel that I really messed up with what I said thats a normal thing so you should move on Camila is not the devil but the black community is putting all of its anger towered camila like she is responsible for every bad thing happened to them thats wrong camila is also a non white girl and my theory is that shes was trying to integrate into her white surrounding by saying what she heard from her surrounding also she apologized and she realized her mistake so stop being rude about and attacking her every now and then because thats bullying and if normany has feallings you should realize that also camila has feelings and you should stop hurting her feelings

  18. She already mentioned this subject in another interview and said that there had never been any problems between them. Camila apologized 3 times (every year) and showed so much growth and learned from her mistakes, she supports and does a lot for Black lives matter. Camila was the first member of the group who react and talk about it when some fifth harmony fans was racist towards Normani.
    If we condemned anyone for their teenage mistakes, we wouldn't all be here and Normani included, because there's a video of her when she was younger and spoke badly about Asians. She need to move on and show us her talents. I'm a black woman and a fifth harmony fan since their debut but this interview ain't it, she just wanna take advantage of the hate Camila gets at the moment.

  19. I used to love camila but since she left fifth harmony she has changed. Also she acts like a child. She said she left because of the type of music the group sang but hers is kind of like them and she said she did not like the outfits they wore and what is she wearing now?

  20. Camilia is a beautiful young girl and very talented. I love her music However, I do not condone what she did. She was bang out of order. I knew not to use words like that when I was 14. I'm white and if I had used language like that, my Mum would have been furious.
    I will still listen to her music as I do love it. I hope she has grown up and means the apology. As it is completely unacceptable

  21. I think people need to get the fuck off her back how come nobody ever talks about 6ix9ine saying the n word in most of his songs

  22. what all this means if she already apolagized what do you want from her to kill herself for a mistake that she had done 8 years ago just find another one to release your hate at

  23. Yes i understand that she's hurt i would be hurt to as a black girl someone calling u the n word is not right but they were young Camilla grew up so i everybody needs to leave it alone

  24. I am so sad for Camila's mistakes ☹️
    I won't ask you . There are still fans of camila if i am the only one😣
    Please no heater in the comments😞

  25. camilla didn't do anything wrong apart from calling her friends at the time the n word ,she was young and thought it was fine to call her friends that ,she wasn't thinking and now normani speaks up about it as an adult that's just not cool she knows that many who can relate to her situation will side with her and bring hate to camila ,camila didn't talk about her being bullied in the group ,fans saw it and did something about it ,she played no victim she was a victim and now she's getting hate for what her kid self did to her FRIENDS with no intention of hurting them .

  26. I honestly think that Normani said wat she had 2 say, juc to take it out en be relieved of da pain ,also Camilla needs 2 be forgiven 4 wat she did in da past bah da matter z how she apologized en da sincerity ov da apology.
    Being young doesn't justify a racism coz juc as a reasonable person y would yu discriminate or say hurtful thngz towards another t does nt matter wat race that person z en wat z more painful z dat dei wea in da same grp as sisters she would have known better en heeeey! Wat z white en wat z black ,dea z no wea in da bible dat justifies any race 2 be more perfect dan da othet bah t smz 2 me dat dz white pple thnks ov themselves as angels en more perfect than other races. I thnk dei need 2 wake up frm dea dream coz we'll all test death no matter wat race yu are en how yu lived ..

  27. It's funny how when camila speaks countless times about how she felt left out and was unhappy in fh even tho she was the most popular and tolerated one in the group y'all don't say anything but when normani talks about the bullying and harrasement she went through that left her scarred for years y'all say she's chasing for clout smh, y'all opinions don't matter just stfu


  29. Camila should have never chosen fans over her own bandmates. No amount of apology will make this be forgotten/forgiven.

  30. is there a difference between nigger and nigga ? when i was in high school every race (not just black people) would call each other nigga and i didn’t know it was “racist” i just assumed it meant buddy or something.

  31. K Mani has the right to feel what she feels BUT my question is why did she say there are no bad bloods between her and Mila before and all the sudden this is back, I just find the timing super weird, I'm kinda disappointed in her and as for Mila she did tell the fans to back off and this "sisterhood" thing is pure bull shit Camila faced body and slut shaming, death and rape threats and xenophobic jokes were made towards her by the 5H fans, but what did she do?(Mani) NOTHING!! So this so called "sisterhood" a bunch of BS and yes Mila was wrong for those Tumblr posts and I'm not excusing her behaviour and I really think was ignorent but i believe she has changed into a wonderful person also Mani has the right to feel hurt but the timing is off and that "sisterhood" bull shit is just way too fake for me, sorry!!..oh and this is coming from a girl of colour

  32. And the way she is always lovey dovey as though she is really the innocent one here. At 15 yrs and your not able to tell what racism is??? Really I think that was an excuse. This history is passed on from the time you join highschool. And I know she went to a good school maybe if also the scul never wanted to go deep into black history

  33. Man dont understand why firstly there are a people who are hateful because of race & skin color and also dont get why to celebrate people only because of which race you are. Thats something what Hitler did 😑

  34. The fight to equality is still so far away! In us, black ppl were discriminated. In my country malaysia, yellow skin ppl like me is discriminated becos malay ppl who has darker skin is the majority in the country. hope equality comes soon

  35. sooo my 4yo black ass saw it wrong when the other white kids (no offence) were making unkind remarks about looks and I could think to my self "thats wrong, I won't say bad things about other people's appearance" but Camila is over hear like "I WaS YoUnG" like no, you're racist and inconsiderate.

  36. The only reason she brought it back up was because when normani was in 5 th harmony she was always suppressing her feelings for the good of others and putting their happiness before her own, when the group spilt she was able to express herself in ways she never thought she could, camilla stood there like bread while normani was getting abused, however this was in the past and i believe two wrongs don't make a right so bashing camilla cabello on the internet won't do much good

  37. Yes,N*rmani can say how she feels about this,and Yes,C*mila can also say how she feels about this.Why y'all acting like you've never made mistakes? What if that would have been you? Wouldn't you feel bad that people don't try to understand that you feel redemption ,when that is everything you can provide about something you've done in the past? She can't change what she did OK? But at least she's saying sorry and that she feels disgusted by what she did! So please people,don't spread hate because of hate,instead try to forgive and always learn by your mistakes,be HUMAN because WE ARE ALL EQUAL! Peace out ✌🏻

  38. My opinion: I don’t care if I get hate or not. It’s my opinion. I agree with all of you. That it’s not right what Camila did. And how we forgot about it because she apologized. We should not hate and be equal. But this is the people, if the people want to move on and forget about the past. Go ahead. If people wanting to keep dragging this on, go ahead. I am going to tell you something. We let go a lot of things. This world is changing. Mike Tyson and Mayweather are known to beat there wives. Everyone knows about it. They even confessed it. But why haven’t we made it a bigger than it should be?? Because they are fighters so people thinks it’s a normal reaction to do. Or how Charli (tik tok Star) got famous from a dance that she tried to take credit when it was Jalaiah Harmon a black girl. Everyone found out and moved on. Charli met JLo for stealing a dance that she didn’t even create. That’s screwed up. We should take notice on that. We should yell at Charli. I agree with Normani to talk about racism. Go ahead. Kids should learn the struggles. If you want to talk about Camila, go ahead be my guest. That’s her life, not yours. She every right to say something. I’m proud that she is finally saying something about it.

  39. Camila used to be such a childish goofy dumb kid. Why would she wanted to be a racist if she herself is part of a community who suffers racism? The Latino community is also constantly attacked. Cubans also live in “slavery” till today under the dictators who have ruled them for several decades. So… I believe in her, we all know she was a clown, I believe in her dumbness 🤷🏻‍♂️

  40. guurrlll , just go get your singing lesson and get your own fame, instead using someone's else name for clout #tired

  41. Idgaf tbh cry me a river and build a bridge and get over it bro 🤷🏻‍♂️she’s has every right to say what she whats just like camila

  42. Well it was not okay what Camila did but it was also a long time ago and there was a sincere apology. Idk how everyone else feels.

  43. Normani can talk whatever she wants because only she knows the hard and painfull time that she spent

  44. This wasn’t just about general racist tweets and tumblr posts. She had leaked text messages in which she called Normani the n word and said all kinds of horrible stuff about her bandmates. Come on Clevver do better, your bias is showing.

  45. I’m so glad she finally spoke out on this. What happened wasn’t okay and Im glad she finally has her own platform to speak out.

  46. Its funny how the niggas are crying racism everytime someone talks or repeats the same shit y'all crybaby niggas do and say. I like her apology, it was right on point. She said that was when sshe was young and IGNORANT and didnt know much. Damn!! That says a lot about the nigga community dont it. Stop talking like niggas and people won't stoop down to the nigga level y'all ignorants are stuck on

  47. But didn’t she say they were good terms two months ago and now suddenly that she’s not doing well in the industry she has to piggy back off of Camila’s success? That’s kinda sad and I feel bad for Camila because imagine constantly getting reminded about something you did as a kid. Her behavior was not acceptable, but people change. She’s proven it. Not fair to hold people accountable more than once. She’s been held accountable, but for Normani to tie this tumblr mess to her? That screams ‘I want attention’. She could’ve easily just called her and kept it moving since there was no mention of Normani in those tumblr posts. Stop assuming the entire account was dedicated to being racist, we literally just saw a glimpse of it. Also funny how Normani is so selective of who she’s calling out, when Dinah said horrible things about black women while they were in the group, but since there’s no fame to piggy off of Dinah it makes sense why she didn’t acknowledge her. Plus how is she talking about sisterhood when Normani’s own parents bullied Camila for years online while in the group and it was crickets 💀

  48. Can somebody pls. tell me what is really happening? Is there any video or link on how or what did Camila said about black people???

  49. Ppl saying it's clout, hello normani here having millions of streams without bothering herself yet camila here going in n out and pda with her Oh_I_swear_to_god_i_am_not_gay so called bf, cmon ppl she has the right to respond

  50. So normani calls her quirky and yall ready to attack but camila can be racist asf and yall find a way to excuse it? 😭

  51. Who else was 14 listen to rap music and never said the N WORD …!! It wasn’t that hard … at 14 who tf bullies black and hispanic people

  52. I'm grad that Normani spoke about how she feels. But as a human been I'm not gonna oppress Camila for what she did on the past. It is really inhuman to define her for this. And i found this video really bias which it's why i will unfollow. Love to everyone.

  53. Damned if she does, damned if she don't! Seems to me she don't need to clout chase. Trolls need to be gone already and leave this beautiful queen alone! I remember when some of this went down during Fifth Harmony days and in my opinion Camilla with her half ass apology needs to personally apologise to Normani face to face… That if Normani cares to even be around that girl at all. I know I wouldn't.

  54. i’m so proud of her. i’m so happy that she got that off her chest and i feel like it had to be heard

  55. If my 10 years old can know and racism why couldn’t Camila, seriously? Why should get a pass because she apologise, that’s not good enough she should be doing work in black communities to educate herself. Normani isn’t responsible for what Camila done while they were in the group together. Imagine how she must had felt and was treated by that ignorant girl and faced backlash too. If Camila could be so bolden to post could you imagine behind closed door 🚪 towards Normani knowing she was supported. Baby girl must have gone through hell in that group. This is showing her strength even more, love 💓 and support Normani always . Nothing happened before it’s time

  56. CAMILA IS NASTY AND I NEVER LIKED HER! But y’all can keep defending this disgusting racist and her gay ass boyfriend.

  57. They always wanna make it seem like we’re crazy for not being over shit that hurt us, like wtf? The audacity of these bitches smh

  58. Now, Normani is trying to promote herself , so she started to bring up old stuff. I used to like her, I am very disappointed in her. ** look, I have been following 5h since the beginning, Camila does not have bad intentions toward people, yes, she used to use language that was inappropriate when she was a kid (she has apologized 3 times, she already admitted that she was uneducated & stupid), but I know she always has good intentions.

    Camila & I both have mild disabilities. I have Aspergers, Camila has OCD, a lot of people don't know that if a person has OCD, she also shares some traits of other mental disabilities, such as ADHD & Aspergers & autism (every case is different). I have been observing Camila for so many years. That is what happens to Camila's case. These people lack social cues, social awkwardness/anxiety, is major problem in addition to emational , anxiety & obsession, overthink problems. These people lack social cues, they often offend people unintentionally. ** just like me, everyone hates me, and I don't even know what I have done wrong.

    Camila loved Normani & I know she still loves her. But Camila doesn't know how to express it. She loves loves black people. She has done a lot for black lives matter. Trust me, she always have good intentions toward people. Give her a break, she already apologized 3 times for the things she has done when she was 15. She said she was uneducated & stupid. *** Camila is fragile, that is why she is with her mom all the time. She is like a 5 year old kid.

  59. So sad that Normani's experience as a member of a girl group was the same of that of Leigh Anne in Little Mix 🙁 they both said they felt overlooked, and they are both the only black person in the group…

  60. People say stuff that they regret and they learn from it. This is all a lesson. I love mani and camila both and I hope they can be friends in the future

  61. So it’s ok because apparently it’s not like every time a person f**ks up and says “I was young/uneducated” everyone forgives them, right? No. Y’all are so sick, it actually aggravates me. I love Camilla but I don’t stand by what she did, nor will I ever stand by someone who has done, or said something racist. Normani is allowed to speak up when she wants, and she hasn’t yet until know and y’all are trying to cancel her? The uneducated ones are the fans who think being racist is ok, and forgives a person for that. I’m so done with some of y’all.

    FYI just because some is young, doesn’t mean they don’t know what they did. That’s such a lame excuse, especially for someone so famous and for someone who promotes positivity to everyone.

  62. She had every right to speak out especially when Camilla fans putting her picture on top of slavery pics that’s just sickening to do and Camilla the only one who doesn’t defend Normani. ally and Lauren defends but she doesn’t.(Dinah supports Normani) I can see why all those times the group was shading or ignoring Camilla(someone made a video about that) bc they probably knew her true colors. Some ppl who saw the moments Camilla was shaded thought the rest of the group were bully’s or jealous but you don’t know the back story if you weren’t there. No way a whole group(4vs1) would just shade her for no reason so yeah (even a interviewer ignored her too this probably was when the twitter thing happen idk why the interviewer ignored her) so yeah

  63. Love the hate y’all give to Normani yet y’all probably be out her bopping to her song motivation smh🙄🙄🙄

  64. Normani words are true to her heart. As young black women
    she is fighting the battle in the music industry. The interview was professionally handled. People you have the right to speak your opinion, not bullying Period.

  65. This breaks my heart!!! 💔 I think Normani is so stunning!!!! She is one of my favorite entertainers. I’m deeply disappointed in Camilla for this entire thing.

  66. You know what’s sad In this world when someone “on the news” who is white or close to white (looks white but not all the way white) does something good they will be talked good about them and show their happy moments but if someone dark skinned does something Good They will talk good about it but bring up their bad past(for example mugshots or some) then if someone white does something bad they will sometimes bring up happy moments(also slight bad pics) also try to come up with a excuse like say it was mental health or something then when someone dark skinned does something bad no happy moment just mugshots (why show a happy moment for someone who did something bad?) then when someone(white) had a bad past (forgive and forget) but yet when someone(black) has a bad past. they would bring it up through the years And never let it go. Only to bring that person down. Oh and let me tell you about this one African American he had a meme called it’s above me now bc so basically he was on the phone with a lady at his job and she called him a n word so he wasn’t letting her in somewhere I forgot where (Search the video) but he is in the right and the lady is I. The wrong so tell me why when he is in the right the news search all THE WAY in his twitter to find something bad he has done. So they was like “and he is also homophobic(on twitter) like what does that have to do with the situation he went through someone racist ….. it’s just sad

  67. Many people want to justify Camila and they don't see the painfull and traumatic time that normani spent

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