Noey gets her stuffies

Derek: Look at this Look at all these toys These all have come Within just the last couple of days All for Noey All for Noey (soft music playing) (Chainlink rustles, music cont.) (lions roar in the backround) Heidi: What you got baby? (music playing, lions roar in the background) (Laughter) H: Goes right for the big one (Laughter) Unknown: Oh she’s got the lion (Music cont.) (Quiet laughter) H: Go get one, go get one. H: What you got baby? H: Oh! Turtle. H: what you got Noey? U: It’s got to go in the water. H: (laughing) it’s gotta go in the water (Laughter) D: The turtle’s got to go in the water H: What a good baby D: Awwww H: This one goes here. U: She’s trying to bring it into her house H: I don’t know what she’s doing U: Aww (Quiet laughter) H: Oh, she’s trying to bring it up U: Oh no U:get back here, you’re not getting away that easy. U: Good catch. (Group oh-ing and ah-ing) (Quiet laughter) (Heidi and Noey making cute noises) H: Hi (Heidi and Noey making cute noises) D: What do you think? What do you think about all this stuff, all this stuff that people got you? H: I see you H: I’m not going anywhere, I’m right here (D laughs) D: Hi (Noey woahs) hi D: Hi Noey (Noey making cute noises) D: Oh my goodness D: Oh my goodness, look at all this stuff U: Come on baby U: Good girl H: It’s ok kitty (Laughter) D: Too hot U: Too hot D: Too hot (Chainlink rustles) D: Oh my goodness (Noey wowowoahs) D:That was exhausting (Noey woahs) That was exhausting. D: Oh I know D: Yeah, so hot!

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