Last night, Faith had her little tiny kittens.
They’re this big. And they’re so tiny! In Pennsylvania people who don’t want their cats—they’ll
see a barn and decide that the people who own the barn will most likely take the cats
in. So these cats somebody dropped off at our barn. This one’s Shadow Paw. He’s one
of the kittens that we found. They probably came from somebody who got a cat; the cat
had babies; then they decided they didn’t want the cat anymore. So they got rid of it.
That’s where we got these guys. We went to the barn this morning, and we couldn’t find
the kittens anywhere. Guys, come here! I knew they were in the furniture somewhere, ’cause
my dad told me. Faith! Where are you hiding our kitties?! Guys, look in the hiding spots
over there, too. (Cat Meows) OH! Guys, I found them! Oh my gosh! They’re so cute! I just
saw this blue thing and thought: She’s probably hiding back there. Faith, get up girl. Seven
little kitties! We all got to hold each kitten. But we can’t hold the kittens that are drinking,
’cause Faith will be mad at you or hiss at you or something. This is one of the other
ones. This is all of them. I heard them meow first. I heard a little “meow”. They’re so
cute! Clara, don’t hold it like that! Let them lay down on your hand. You guys, pet
Faith. This one likes to explore a lot. Clara, don’t take it when it’s drinking. Smile really
big! It’s a kitty! These kittens will be ready to adopt in 8 weeks, so tell us if you want
one in the comments.

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