Meowth & His Mischievous Kittens!! 🐱🐶 Sims 4: Cats & Dogs

Meowth & His Mischievous Kittens!! 🐱🐶 Sims 4: Cats & Dogs

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another special create a pet *paw*ject That I happen to have it is an idea that has been rolling around in my head for a few days And I’m really curious to see what the sims four cats and dogs Genetically the pet mix-and-match might do if we threw in a Meowth So I’m really excited because Meowth is actually one of my favorite Pokemon. Uh ever since I was little I’ve loved Pokemon I’ve played it since the very first ones ever came back uh out on gameboy way back When are you kids today with all of your 3d? Pixels you have no idea what it used to be like when it was just black and white and sometimes this weird sort of like Yellow tinge to it, but anyway. I love Meowth He is definitely one of my favorite characters and Meowth is definitely one of my favorite Pokemon types So I thought why not go ahead and see if we can recreate a Meowth Inside of create a pet, and then even better mix and match his genes, Play with the genetics and see what would happen if you let Meowth out on the town To introduce himself to several of the lovely lady cats in brindilton bay, so let’s go ahead and get started! I’m actually really happy with how this Meowth has turned out this has been so much fun I definitely think I still need to tweak a few things For instance making the head… -if I could make the whiskers like totally white that would be amazing for one thing But it looks like you’re kind of just stuck with like the gray tones So we’ll go with the most white Whiskers that we possibly can and then I want to make them really big because Meowth’s whiskers are really large And they’re actually located kind of on the back of the jaw on the Pokemon Meowth But this is about as close as we can get without custom content on this Meowth for now also Meowth’s eyes are actually White so you can actually just like see like this helps a little bit, too Yeah, Meowth’s eyes are actually more white he has very narrow pupils oh, that’s much better much better, but see this makes him look a little bit too much like a Persian – They’re more… They’re more gigantic like this his eyes So let’s see if we can make his eyes a little bit bigger his eyes physically very round No! I tilted them so they’re out of out of spots. He doesn’t need to be like reverse cross-eyed all right Let’s see if I can make his eyes like actually bigger now there we go much better He has huge eyes like huge eyes Oh my goodness And then his face is also very very round which is kind of tricky to pull off with the Sims because as you can see I’m Maxed out on how large I can make the face there And then I can kind of like really pulling his jaw and doesn’t really help because See you really want to go for like as round a face as possible So just opening up his jaw as much as possible seams. Do you help out? That’s a little bit better? I still like him. I like him a lot. I also love that I was able to make the nose completely white to you And you can do that by going into detail edit mode while you are inside of paint mode in case you are wondering I wished the pause oh, I think I made him a little bigger again There’s another lesson in it when you were playing and create a pet guy’s Turn the cats and dogs around at all sorts of angles flip them upside down flop them to their sides See if you can grab them from a different angle And you can usually change something that you could have sworn you maxed out if you just go from a different angle Oh, and it looks like I missed the back leg sit just a little bit. Let’s have him stand up let’s have them stand up and I’m gonna fix this little spot see what I mean and the other reason you have to turn the Animals all around is because you never know what you may have just barely barely barely missed There we go there. We go and with his back feet. They actually are huge He pretty much doesn’t have knees in the Pokemon world so we’re just gonna have to kind of compensate Right there And I’m pretty happy with this if I could make his head round her if I could make his eyes White instead of yellow that would make it even better to me But I like him welcome Meowth welcome to the family let me just back like a tiny bit more And this is awesome you guys we can make him me out Just like that that wasn’t hard at all, and I think that you guys would have a lot of fun watching me out run around Especially if we gave him dun-dun-dun-dun the Prowler trait so that he can enjoy prowling around the neighborhood and possibly bringing back some money or some treats or something for whoever happens to own him so I think that that’s really quite the fun a fun trait to give him and because this is Meowth he would definitely also have the talkative trait and the Spoiled trait if you ask me so I think that this has been a pretty good experiment. I’m pretty happy with it I will upload this little guy up on to you at the gallery So that you guys can find him and now it’s time for the fun part the part I know you guys have all been waiting for What happens if we take our mischievous Meowth who I might want to make his body a little bit more? Let’s see do you guys think any any more changes to his body it might be necessary? I feel like he kind of should just look like a cat. Oh well see what I mean Oh, my gosh look how tiny we made him now that? Kind of fits him a little bit, but now he looks a little too thin, so let’s bowl come out just a bit more Like I said flip and flop these animals all around the place and tug at different parts and you know ever know what you might be able to change when you are messing around and create a pet the more of these I do the Better I get so don’t get discouraged. Just try try again all right mouth You’re quite the romantic aren’t you sir, let’s make sure there. We go. He is indeed quite the romantic. Let’s make his voice just right ah That’s pretty close if you ask me something he’s kind of got a high pitch There we go that’s pretty good alright, and then let’s go ahead and play with genetics Oh my gosh So I’m pretty sure in the Pokemon world they actually tell a story I remember reading this napoca dex entry once the the Coins that the meowth’s have are actually coins that their moms give them I’m not sure if that’s candid or not it might have just been a fan theory I read But like the Persians will go around and they will get coins and give the first coin ever to their baby Meowths, and then The first coin that the baby meows ever gets is what they wear on their foreheads, and I thought that was very interesting But look at this little wine so this would be a what a meow of the daughter. It would look like if she was just Kind of the offspring of a random lovely female cat wandering by and what would she grow up into oh nice You know I never thought about that, but why aren’t there more floppier meows? That’s interesting I know that ragdoll cats are so popular in Japan so you think you would see more floppier kitty cats But if we had another unknown parent a mixed breed cat wandering the alleyways Possibly trading blows with meows as they try to steal from the same trash can but then they fall in love and their child would Look like Oh Apparently our mouth has a thing for floppy ear lady cats so that is really cool and It’s really interesting because it would be fun if you could have kind of a mix and match or if you could even save different Parts of the painted skins that you make and create a pet, so I could say like okay Well, we’re gonna say that we have a normal-looking cat But the only thing different is the coin in the middle of its forehead That would be really fine but you guys know by now that I really wish the actual coats kind of blended a little bit in the sims 4 like they do in the sims 3 However not having that in the sims 4 is definitely Giving me a lot of ideas for what to do with our challenges in the sims 3, so let’s see more Normie off kittens Oh wow, I like your ears You look like somebody who could definitely help your dad steal some things and then we’ve got My gosh, what do you look like? Oh, you’re so cute. Oh my goodness. That’s so adorable. Oh my goodness. Oh, I’m look at this guy He looks so cute look at his posture. I love his polished chair. Oh dear Siri I love the Like little skin that he has and I love the size the proportion of his legs that is just so much fun What do you end up growing into your little wine oh? My gosh That’s brilliant, that’s brilliant oh my gosh. I love you, okay? I have to keep that one because this one is just such an amazing cat But let’s go ahead and see what would me else other children will look like With these stray females wandering by another fluffy kitten. Oh when you grew up in – Oh my gosh. You guys look how cool It looks when you mix the meat out the skin With all sorts of different cats so this could this could actually end up being quite fun. If you ask me hi little wine You’re adorable – so far. Everybody looks like me out as well, which is sort of surprising me. Oh my goodness Yeah, this could be fun. I think you guys could have a really great time if you actually tried going ahead and just adding in Meows and letting him roam your world, and maybe you’ll turn around one day and be quite shocked and surprised when you yourself End up with a Meowth cat hanging out in your backyard. Oh my goodness Are they all going to have this is so interesting? Every single every single cat we’re breeding with pretty much meows skin ends up winning Wow Okay, note to self meows jeans are exceptionally dominant. Oh my gosh. You’re so cute, but alright guys I hope you guys have enjoyed this this has been really fun. I definitely plan on making more Pokemon in the future I think that it would be quite entertaining to See them yes texture starts spreading through our world And it would be quite fun to actually maybe have a criminal mastermind who might have a Meowth as his pet And then you could see if that criminal mastermind might actually be able to earn a lot of money Maybe you could even one day go in and change the mouth into a Persian Once the criminal gets promoted high enough of the career track that could be pretty fun, too So he has adorable kittens and apparently they all are going to have Every single one is going to look like him. I wonder if that’s something different That’s been tweaked in the game since we have started playing because I could have sworn that you would end up with all sorts of Cat coats that looked nothing like your custom cat but alright guys. I’ve loved this. I really love This very interesting meal that we turned out with this is this is quite. Fun. You kind of get some breed Variation on the meows now, I will upload this guy to the gallery And I hope you enjoy and I can’t wait to see your Suggestions on what we should create next time and I can’t wait to continue Building up a huge library of animals that you guys will hopefully be able to enjoy and your cats and dogs gameplay’ to you So I’ll see you guys next time. Bye. Bye You

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  3. ragdolls dont have floppy ears, i have one on my lap rn so i can confirm. raggies get their name bcs they flop when held

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