Meat + Big Cat Enrichment – FAQ Friday

Meat + Big Cat Enrichment – FAQ Friday

Hey, everyone, and welcome to another one of Big Cat Rescue’s FAQ Fridays. I know you’ve probably seen videos of our cats having a ball with their enrichment. Whether they’re batting around pinatas or kicking and tearing up boxes, our big cats know how to have a good time. So now many of you ask, why don’t we put meat in any of our enrichment items, and the answer is simple. We do not encourage the cats to ingest any of the paper products. So now you’re wondering, can’t they tell the difference between meat and cardboard? And the answer is “yes,” but when you put meat on the enrichment, the blood soaks into the cardboard, and now it looks like meat, smells like meat and, to the big cats, tastes like meat. If we see that any of the cats are ingesting any of the paper products, we will take that item away and they will no longer get that type of enrichment. Although all of our materials are digestible items, if they ingest too much, it could become a health risk. That’s all for now, but stay tuned for our next FAQ Friday [Music]. EDITED – DB-DQ

34 thoughts on “Meat + Big Cat Enrichment – FAQ Friday

  1. I have a question 🙂
    Are all big cats responsive to catnip? I know that some domestic cats don't react to catnip because they didn't inherit the gene for that response. I was wondering if the same holds true for their bigger, wilder relatives.
    Anyway, thanks for another informative video BCR!

  2. message from the school: we all hope the cats are doing great after the surgery's and ate having a great time same to the workers we all hope you are all staying healthy and doing great
    love Trinity

  3. I think it was mentioned in a previous video that you put different kinds of scents in the enrichment materials that the cats like. Maybe some catnip too; they certainly seem to be acting like my cat when I give her a catnip toy.

  4. Another thing can someone tell me what species of tiger Zabu is. It just says white tiger every time I see her. Only reason I ask is she is so small compared to Cameron and isn't Cameron really small also. So is she like Sumatran? That is the only tiger I know that is pretty small.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of Nirvana. The Ocelots have been my favorite, and I am truly heartbroken over her passing.

  6. Remember to "white list" Big Cat Rescue in your Adblock or disable Adblock for Big Cat Rescue and daily Big Cat. They earn money on the ads on the videos, so they can rescue and keep the cats 🙂

  7. Thanks for that explanation. I have often wondered if y'all did food in enrichment. And now I know. lol

  8. While watching another YT Channel with big cats (The Lion Whisperer), I saw what/how they deal with tick issues. They have a much different operation there. So I was wondering…How does BCR deal with ticks, or other bug issues? I would assume a squirt of Sentinel or some similar treatment when they are in for check ups, but slipping the big cats "a mickey" in their food (to bring them in for check ups) could be time consuming to battle a bug outbreak/infestation.

  9. cant remember if you have, so im sorry if thats the case 🙂
    but have you ever tried different spices, not for the animal to eat, but to smell in their cage :)?
    Many zoo´s all over the world is using it for the big cats to spend time on new things 🙂

    And maybe hang the food in the trees, or in things they can climb on 🙂

  10. I know what you should do. at the san diego zoo safari park they stuff hay in bummer balls with small holes for the elephants to try to get out. you guys should put meat inside bummer balls with small holes for the big cats to try to get out. I bet it would be great mind stimulation.

  11. Verry cool Big Cats 😻 I love Big and small Cats. Look at me my Channel Cat Leo. My Owner loves Leopard and me two

  12. Crazy I've never had anyone reply to my comment with a video. Video makes sense, I figured it out after I made the comment. But it's impossible to find it to delete, lol

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