Life-Saving Bobcat Rescue!

Life-Saving Bobcat Rescue!

On Halloween we got a call about a possible injured bobcat. He was in a small parking lot alongside a busy eight-lane highway, 30 minutes from the sanctuary, so rescuers sprung into action. The wonderful lady who called, stayed with the bobcat until help arrived at the scene. [Music] It wasn’t long before we had him netted and in a carrier. He was emaciated and very unstable. But the rescue team was excited to get him back to Big Cat Rescue, and get him weighed and settled in. [Music] The bobcat weighed 12.8 pounds, which is half of what he should weigh. I’m not sure if he’s got an injury to his back legs. He’s very unstable on his back legs, but it was unclear if it’s an injury or if he has a neurologic issue going on. What are you gonna do now? He’s gonna go to the bobcat hospital and rest in there, and we’re gonna monitor him, and then he’ll get an examination. [Music] [Music] We named him Casper and we will be keeping a close eye on him every day. [Music] We were happy to see that he was drinking and eating on his own. [Music] We hope we can get to the bottom of his issues and get him back on the road to recovery. Paws crossed for Casper.EDITED-KJA-DB-MGN-DQ

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  1. Casper you are beautiful. You are truly blessed to be rescued by this amazing organization. I wish I lived close by. It would be an honour to volunteer my time with so many beautiful cats of the wild. Thank you all for the amazing work you do for them. God Bless you all. Much love to Casper……

  2. I remember seeing an article about the wildcats in Florida coming down with some neurological symptoms that no one has pinpointed the cause of yet. Is that still the case and was this cat in an area where that's been observed?

  3. It looked like more of a stagger than a walk — have you seen similar behavior before in small animals? Wondering if he might have gotten into a neurotoxin or poison… He's so terribly thin, but I didn't seen any obvious injuries; perhaps Casper was hit by a car and couldn't hunt?
    Please keep us updated on his progress.
    Thank you!

  4. I'm hoping some groceries, TLC and vet support, his legs will suddenly start working more normally. He is in horrible condition now – truly emaciated. That alone could be the cause of his stumbling walk. Though of course, your examination will tell you pretty quickly if there is more going on here. Paws are definitely crossed for Casper. Thank you for what you all do!

  5. i'm so glad that you guys exist honestly :)) you're so helpful to the world around you and i hope you know that it doesn't go unnoticed. I wish i could donate some money 🙁 I just hope that more people donate to your cause, because you're good people who are good at what you do. Thank you again, i appreciate you and what you do for the animals that need you 🙂 <3

  6. I love you guys so much. I wish I had won the lottery so I could donate to you guys, but you know…bills and stuff.

  7. Wonderful caring people!.. fantastic….wonder how this young Bob cat got there in the first place!…. certainly requires a follow up, that's for sure…thank you guys … all the best

  8. Thank you !!!!! Unfortunately I do not have money to spend :-(( I am a pensioner and the pension it means the money I obtain is very little. I am very sorry. But I am happy because you (lovely women and men) are that good to the cats. THANK YOU !!!!!!

  9. Had to delete my comment after hearing that this poor kitty passed away. 😢 You tried, and you gave him a nice warm place to pass instead of him slipping away cold and alone. Poor baby.

  10. He's so skinny!! Poor baby boy. Good on y'all for rescuing him and I can't wait for the update video to see him filled out and happy.

  11. Awww… the poor little guy! So thin! Breaks my heart to see him like that. I hope he does well going forward. At least he's in good hands now. Sending good thoughts your way, Casper.

  12. So I heard Zabu died early this year. Do you still have White Tigers? I wanted to see Zabu one day so I was wondering if I could meet a fake Zabu.

  13. So nice that the concerned woman called you and stayed with him until you arrived. Y'all do such great work. I certainly hope he is able to recover and be released to lead a full life. The second-best hope is that if he cannot be released that he is able to live out a relative full life under your great care at BCR! <3 I look forward to updates and hopefully recovery videos.

  14. They don't show the most interesting parts:
    How did they get him netted?
    How did they transfer him from the net to the carry box?
    How did they refill his food and water dishes?
    Good to see that they gave him room to move with a double cage.

  15. Casper sure is an appropriate name. You would practically be able to see through him if you held him up to the light. So, so skinny.

  16. He is the weight of a normal house cat, so sad. Hopefully he gets better soon. I know that BCR will do everything they can for him. He is in good hands.

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