Legally Speaking: Kitten Crushing Videos (yes, it’s a thing) | We The Internet TV

Legally Speaking: Kitten Crushing Videos (yes, it’s a thing) | We The Internet TV

[LOU] I’m trying to imagine
Benjamin Franklin crushing kittens, I just—it’s tough to get
that image in my mind. [BARRY] Yeah, I agree with that. (music) [LOU] I didn’t believe that this case was real, and honestly I still don’t believe it, but apparently you have a
First Amendment right to make and sell videos in which kittens are crushed
to satisfy a sexual fetish. (silence) Please. [BARRY] Well, that’s not quite right. [LOU] Oh thank god. [BARRY] So there was a guy
in California who was doing that, making these videos of a woman, all you could see was her foot in stiletto heels, crushing kittens to death. So they were going after a guy who
was selling, distributing these videos. There was no proof that he was the one who had done it, but he was selling the videos. [LOU] So he was like the Hugh Hefner
of crushing kittens? [BARRY] I guess so. So they tried to go after him, but they realized there was really no law on the books. So a congressman from California
went to Congress and said, ‘Look, we need to put a law
on the books about this.’ So they did, and the guy was convicted under the law, and it went to the Supreme Court. So the law was designed to cover all kinds—not just crush videos but any videos depicting animal cruelty, like dog fighting as well. [LOU] Or like putting them in a dress,
or something like that? [BARRY] Well, I’m not sure that would qualify as animal cruelty. The government said
to the Supreme Court, ‘Can you recognize this form of… these animal cruelty videos as one of these lesser protected categories of speech that the government can regulate more
easily on the basis of what they say?’ And the court said, ‘No, we’ve recently said that in order for a type of speech to fall in a lesser protected category where the government
can regulate it more easily, you have to show that it has been historically unprotected since the founding days.’ Which is sort of a crazy rule
if you think about it, because new forms of media, like videos depicting animal cruelty, aren’t going to be… [LOU] And I’m trying to imagine Benjamin Franklin crushing kittens, I just, it’s tough. It’s tough to get
that image in my mind. [BARRY] Yeah, I agree with that. And so then they subjected their
normal free speech rules to it, and they looked at the law
and they said, ‘Look, this law is
written too broadly.’ The majority struck down the law
on free speech grounds, and so then Congress said, ‘Okay, well, if you’re going to
strike it down, we’ll try to write a more
narrow law that just targets—’ they left out dog fighting and they
just targeted crush videos. [LOU] This dude. Like, they’re just
targeting this guy, it seems. [BARRY] Well, yeah, that would be another problem if they just targeted one person, but they targeted the activity of
making and selling crush videos. This new law even might not pass,
it is presumptively unconstitutional because it targets what people want
to express, even if it’s vile content. And so I think the Supreme Court
dealt with it by just sort of saying, ‘Well, we’re not going
to hear the case.’ [LOU] Looks like we’re sending our viewers down a crush fetish rabbit hole. Some of them might actually
literally involve rabbits. My apologies. (music) Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed our video. If you have any questions about the First Amendment or free speech in general, let us know in the commens. And be sure to subscribe to our channel, and make sure to click the little bell icon so you get notified anytime we release a new video.

61 thoughts on “Legally Speaking: Kitten Crushing Videos (yes, it’s a thing) | We The Internet TV

  1. This is so Disgusting. How could anyone do this to such cute little Kitten? Sick Bastards.

  2. So they're claiming not being allowed to do this is a violation of free expression. Gimmie a fucking break.

  3. A few months ago when I was playing Red Dead Redemption 2, I witnessed a man kidnapping a woman by horse. Playing as a badass western cowboy hero type, I was ready to take on the bad guy, save the girl and save the day! I unmounted my horse, took aim with my shotgun and…. I shot the girl on accident. The gunshot spooked my horse which fled in terror thus leaving me stranded in the woods. The bad guy then shot me in the chest and took off, getting away Scott free. I tried shooting back at him and missed, but the witnesses who saw me, thought that I was just some madman randomly shooting at people so they alerted the law who put a bounty on my head. This is how you don't play Red Dead Redemption 2.

  4. I will never understand that action are speech.
    Actions; the fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim.
    Speech; the expression of or the ability to express thoughts and feelings by articulate sounds.

  5. Horror Movies axe murdering teens at a lake cabin….

    That 'speech' is pretty bad too, aint it? Murdering Teens is a crime, but the speech of it in film…..
    And of course, the "If It Bleeds It Leads" news cameras making money of people being murdered

  6. Why do we need laws against distribution of videos of animal cruelty? Animal cruelty is already illegal.
    What would prevent laws against distribution of videos of human cruelty? Would news outlets be banned from covering riots? What if a foreign culture has some kind of barbaric animal-slaughter ritual, can Discovery Channel mention it?

  7. The problem is who decides what is animal cruelty. If we get a nut in office who says that owning a certain type of dog is animal cruelty then everyone who owns that kind of dog is now a criminal. It can happen easily look at Denver with pitbulls. The best way of working this law is "physical violence that could result in death." Or my personal preference of vigilante justice where we find them and just whack quick and simple. Or not quick and not simple to set an example. But maybe I'm just a crazy Texan.

  8. *California passed a law that it’s illegal to make and distribute videos of a woman in stiletto heels crushing kittens*

    So for anyone who’s interested, check out my production company’s latest release where my Uncle Earl flattens rabbits wearing moccasins. LOOPHOLE! SCORE!

    … the rabbits aren’t wearing the moccasins… my Uncle Earl… never mind. Just check out the site

  9. We need to bring back a death sentence to crush everyone to death who does this with whatever boulder or machinery is strong and heavy enough to do this

  10. You are a piece of shit to make fun of this with “put a dog in a dress” and “Benjamin Franklin”.
    Unsubed, you discompassionate loser

  11. Golly I wonder what would happen if all this effort spent to rationalize and legislate curtailing free speech rights was instead spent, oh I dunno, INVESTIGATING, ARRESTING, AND FUCKING JAILING PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY CRUSH CATS.

  12. Crushing a little kitty OMG I wish that they would give me five minutes alone with anyone that does that

  13. I could think of a video in response, it would hurt the kitten crusher. Hell I don't like cats, but that shit is wrong.

  14. Look at it another way, if you wanted to present evidence of cruelty and couldn't due to censorship laws. However terrible the video is, it's still evidence and one does not censor evidence.

  15. I am glad this person got caught. I am worried about laws being passed and then enforced with out public knowledge. Retrospective crimes. Commit a none crime today and be arrest in the future.

  16. I would like to know why I would have to learn somebody's pronouns especially since I didn't learn that much in high school so why would I have to learn and respect which pronoun you choose

  17. So Lou, a notorious and recidivist bumblebee culture misappropriator, all the sudden finds religion in kitten crush videos.

  18. This shouldnt be legal this is a crime against nature. I hope the people who did this deserves to be put in front of a firing line and a full clip shot in them.

  19. >man goes to prison for killing baby animals
    >prison full of gangs
    >one of the gangs is PETA

  20. But that’s animal cruelty…

    Just ban the act of killing domestic animals for entertainment and the selling of video on said actions

  21. I came to you channel because of this hilarious video that showed up in my feed.
    But I am not watching this. The comments told me all I need to know. The on going question: from the state of politics, burning of the American flag, slavery being at a historical all time high world wide, child trafficking, grooming gangs, school shootings, suicide bombers targeting children, a lack of moral values, manufactured division of different ethnic groups, animal cruelty… did the internet destroy once civilized societies or was it globalization or both.

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