Latest Kitty Party Game 💃🎉 | One minute game for ladies | Fun game for all parties | Shilpa’s Corner

Latest Kitty Party Game 💃🎉 | One minute game for ladies | Fun game for all parties | Shilpa’s Corner

Hello beautiful ladies, How are you? I hope You all will be enjoyed my videos. Even today I have brought a very fun Kitty game for you. As you see friends I have taken something here. Like a measuring cup, and one toothpick and took some safety pins with it. which are of 2 different sizes This is large & this is small. Have a paint brush with it. Of course friend, we will not do painting with this would rather play a very interesting game. So how to play? I tell you. Friends, I will take water in this measuring cup have to take more than 1/2 cup & less than 3/4 cup. So I put water in it. Here is my water measurement. I want to colour this water I am taking some poster colours. You can take any colour accordingly your choice I’ll take Magenta colour here. Here is my game preparation. Hello friends, I am Shilpa. Welcome to all of you in my channel Friends before starting game, a small request to you If you have not subscribed my channel yet, So please do it. and also click on bell icon So that you can watch my upcoming videos first. If you like this game so please share it with your friends & family. So that they can also play this interesting game. Let’s start game Friends, now I will put both sizes of safety pins in it. See this. I have put all these. Friends, where are these pins? I am unable to see. As per your choice you can play it for 1 minute or half minute. What you have to do? With the help of this toothpick you have to pull out these safety pins. And you have to keep in mind that your fingers should not be wet. If your fingers get wet then you will be out of this game. And if you pull out this big size safety pins, then you’ll get per pin 1 point. If you pull out small size of safety pins then you will get per pin 2 points. So friends my time start now. I see. How many i can pull out? And friend You have to pull out 1 pin at a time. Friends, my time is up. So I check, how many pins I have got? I took apart the big pins. So that i can know, How many pins I have pulled out? These are 2, 3, 4 & 5 So it’s 5 points. And I have pulled 1, 2, 3 & 4 safety pins of small size. So 4 * 2=8 And 8 + 5=13 So friends, my total score is 13 In the same way, you also called the members And one who score more, will be winner of this game. So it’s interesting game. Isn’t it. If you like my game So definitely, you can share this game with your friends & family. See you in my next video Till then Bye and Thank you.

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  1. Очень интересно.сппсибо что показали. 👏👏👏🌷🌷🌷💞

  2. Nice video and great game 👌🏼. It was interesting and fun to watch. Wonderful sharing, my dear
    friend 🌹💕. BIG LIKE from me 👍.
    Happy holidays 🌲🎅🌲

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