Laser Pointer Toy – My Pet Cat Karma Kitty and Zombie Dog Love to Play

Laser Pointer Toy – My Pet Cat Karma Kitty and Zombie Dog Love to Play

hello YouTube welcome back to my channel
I’m glad you’re here today. So I’m sure you saw the title of this video you probably,
have a pretty good idea of what is about to happen we’re gonna go upstairs and
play with karma Kitty and zombie dog if he’s willing to play with the laser pen
I’ve seen tons and tons of comments asking if we play with karma kitty with
a laser and out honestly to this point not a whole lot so but I’ve got a laser
pen here check this guy out ooh laser pen so I’m gonna take this
upstairs you know see how karma reacts to this just a few minutes before I turn
my camera on give her a little bit of catnip to get her in the mood but before
we go upstairs you guys have seen my aquarium I want to see what the fishies
do with with this see how they react I don’t think zombie cares about the
laser at all don’t want to give zombie a treatment clean up the laser yes okay
here you go give zombie treat Oh knowing he’s okay just give him a treat
baby he’s very good boy good boy zombie good boys all me well how about that
guys that for me that was a ton of fun I hope you guys all enjoyed ettus well
karma didn’t react to the laser pin exactly how I expected I thought she’d
be way more into it than she was one thing I’ve learned in my life in a you
know my home of the Raven family you guys know karma is my first kitty but
with animals you know you can’t really force them to do stuff Karma’s not
trained so we we pivoted and we still played with her she was definitely in
the mood to play so we wanted to give her the opportunity to to do that and
burn off some of that extra energy that we all know kittens tend to have so as
always guys I hope you enjoyed this video – again – the ray-ray family thank
you for all your support what the subscribes now if you’re new to this
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every time we post a new video and so I again I appreciate you all have a great
day and as always remember to be biggest be the biggest investor you can possibly
be and do something every day to make somebody else as they great see you guys you

8 thoughts on “Laser Pointer Toy – My Pet Cat Karma Kitty and Zombie Dog Love to Play

  1. Howdy everybody! Thanks for tuning in to my latest video! I know I'm not the only one surprised the fish in the aquarium LOVED chasing the red light!

  2. Hilarious when that one fish started shaking its head back and forth as if to say, NO thanks, go take that to the cat and dog, I am not gonna chase no dadgum laser dot in MY aquarium!

    It may take Karma a few times before she takes after the laser. Cats are so unpredictable with new toys and takes a few times getting them accustomed to it. I have cats that lose interest in it, then the next thing I know they're chasing it all over the place.

    Also, cats like to chase and catch their prey, if you noticed Karma when you used the laser with her, she basically ignored it when it was just crawling along slowly, but as soon as you sped it up, she went into catch and pounce mode on it.

     I play with my cats with a laser and I have 11 of them trying to all get it at the same time. LOL

    But I move it around them very quickly, making fast circles, squiggles, and other designs in, and around them, then I slow it down, speed it up again, slow it down to make it act like an insect or some kind of prey that's getting tired or wanting to land for a rest, then as they go into pounce mode on the slow moving dot or stopped dot, I very quickly move it away and they lay chase after it like crazy.

    It takes some time to get it down to where the cat is interested in it, eventually, she'll probably start chasing it around once you get a technique down she likes and will feel she's after something worthwhile. Just have some patience with her and the laser toy, eventually she'll probably start meowing for it.

    My cats as soon as it gets dark outside want to play with their laser toy, and they all let me know by meowing at me and rubbing on me. And so I ask them, what? You kitties all want me to get your laser toy and play with you? I'll get several cats meowing in unison, as if, Yes, please. LOL

    And forbid you say: Who wants K.T's or Kitty Treats? in my house! I'll literally have a stampede of 11 cats on my hands, and get practically bowled over by them, as they all start running into the kitchen to get them before I even have them in hand. And if I do have the treats in hand and shake/rattle the bag, here comes the stampede and then, watch out, they'll be meowing, clamoring and jumping all over me to get those treats. And I've got the battle scars from it too! ROFL

    I love having multiple cats, it's a lot of fun watching them all get into the act of things.

  3. Each of our three cats react differently to the laser dot. One will chase it from one end of the house to the other, his brother watches & then pounces or swats when the dot is close (much like Karma), and then our oldest just has zero interest in it. Cats definitely have their own personalities! LOL ❤️❤️❤️

  4. My cats are insane about the laser. In fact I have an auto laser toy for them.

    Also, cat nip can vary cat to cat. For mine I would have given the nip literally right before the game. They seem to get completely hyped up but then after the high energy they go into lazy blissful relax mode.

  5. Shell love bonding with you guys through play. Like I said in another video she's getting so big and noticed she is developing beautiful markings. Zombie is just a big gorgeous ball of fluff. I bet he's lovely to cuddle x

  6. Karma is such a pretty kitty, Zombie is such a cutie doggie, and you have such an adorable little daughter.

  7. Hi Ray, beautiful family. 're laser pen, try and more it much more rapidly and move it more, almost like a mouse would run around, cats seem to prefer that.

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