Kitty Finds Out Who Betrayed Her | Black Ink Crew

Kitty Finds Out Who Betrayed Her | Black Ink Crew

– Everybody’s faking like
they my friend and (beep). What the (beep)? Ain’t nobody got nothing to say? (tense music) The way everyone has
been treating me since this ridiculous blog
post about me and Ryan has me questioning who
my friends really are. I want to know who the
backstabbing bitch is that tried to tell Caesar
that this rumor was true. (tense music) – All I got to say is (beep) gotta be real about they (beep). Your sex life is your sex life. But it’s inflicting, you
already know you and Tati is not as close as y’all used to be. You and Bae is not as
close as you used to be. And me and you has grown apart. But I feel like you’re dragging everybody into your lies right now. – [Woman] What? – What? Well, what am I lying about? – I just want everything to come clean because everybody will
feel so much better. – [Woman In Silver]
This (beep) distracting. Like what does it matter
if you (beep) Ryan? – Because I didn’t (beep) Ryan! – [Woman] Oh my god. – I didn’t (beep)– – Yes you did.
– Hold up. Was anybody there with me? – Yes you did (beep) Ryan! Now what does it matter if you did? – Saw all you bitches. – First of all, I did never (beep) no– – [Woman In Silver] Who
else says they (beep)? – Tatiana said she saw them (beep). (yelling) (tense music) – What does it matter? What does it matter is you (beep)? – Ryan said no, I said no,
so what’s the conversation about now at this point? – You’re lying! – The truth is, nobody gives
a (beep) whether or not Kitty (beep) Ryan. My problem here is that your drama is turning me into a liar. I saw everything that went down. I was at Essence Fest with Kitty and Ryan. Caesar came up to me
asking me if it was true. I had enough. I’m not gonna stand for
some (beep) like that. That’s not me. I’m not a liar here. – Tati, you said–
– What does it matter? What does it matter if you (beep) him? – ‘Cause y’all all in my business! – What does it matter? – I can’t (beep) believe that it was Tati. I honestly thought that
her and all these bitches were my friends. And they keep screaming
about, “Oh, it’s my (beep) “and I can do whatever I want with it.” Then why are they trying to tell me what I did and didn’t do with it? Mind your own damn business
and shut the (beep) up! No, no, no, no, no– – No, stop, stop! – No, no, stop. No, stop, no, stop.
– I really think it’s bull (beep) that
you’re not keeping it real. – I’m keeping it real. Stop doing. Why do y’all want me to (beep) him?
– You wanna know why? You wanna know why? It’s because I care about you and this (beep) don’t
give a (beep) about you. That’s why. He don’t give a (beep) about you. He ain’t check on you. You are confused ’cause you think that he give a (beep) about you. (yelling) – Everything talk to you. Then you come to me, you
come to me like this? – What are you doing right now? (yelling) Who cares if you (beep) Ryan? (intense music)

100 thoughts on “Kitty Finds Out Who Betrayed Her | Black Ink Crew

  1. I never knew I wanted a rumor to be so true. Ryan is a horrible boyfriend but prob a good bed buddy. Get ur life Ms.Kitty

  2. Sky is hateful, when thing goes bad for her she goes for everyone, Tati is dead wrong to stand up against someone you call a friend, honey you don't destroy friends

  3. Last brown girl standing is gone. Aside from Walt's fiance there are no more darker brown women on the show. This show has double standards when it comes down to light skin and darker skin women. This show has colorism issues and they don't even know it. But..only when it comes to women.

  4. laugh out loud that's what Miss Kitty gets she put down duchess and was bragging that she was sleeping with Caesar. now that the tables are turned we're supposed to feel sorry for her you reap what you sow Miss Kitty.

  5. If they didn’t care then they wouldn’t even had came at her like tht cuz it’s between her ceaser and Ryan nobody else matter damn Tati need to stfu and stop. Lying on people cuz thts not the first time so she lying by saying she don’t lie

  6. Tati,. You. Know. That. It's. Not. True,. You're. Just. Looking. For. A. "Storyline",. Because. You. Were. Getting. "Stale"

  7. Donna,. You. Are. A. "Hypocrite",. Donna. Was. There. For. You. When. "Your Ex-Boyfriend". Called. "Kitty". To. Let. Her. Know. That. :. (Donna. Was. In The. Hospital,. Because. She. Had. A. "Ectopic Pregnancy". And. Almost. "Died")

  8. Pep like that don't make it far in life…A lot of time they may prosper but slowly or not at all…misery loves company…for her to say ..he don't want you really sis ??
    NOW you really talking big shyt…like IF IT IS true get off cease nuts IJS…like why y'all being so thirsty to tell like y'all never had secrets that should've been broken to the grave…I still got secrets from my friends…its called LOYALTY, especially for us As women…BCS men go lay down with whoever whenever…he been cheating since dutchess…they want ceas to look like the victim all the time

  9. Just last season Donna was exiled now all of a sudden she back in and she turning on Kitty! Cease babymom need to stfu and sat down somewhere. I watched the clips cause the show dumb as hell

  10. This is late, but needs to be said while everybody is riding team Kitty must have forgotten how disloyalty ruined one shop already when Ryan became part of the mix…

    Black Ink Crew Chicago: – Phor – once a member to Loyalty Ink proved disloyalty does not pay when he turned his back on Don and crew of Loyalty Ink by giving Ryan inside information that the lease of the building Loyalty Ink once inhabited fell behind…

    The Result: Ryan Henry pays off the lease, buys out Loyalty Ink, becomes the new owner as he was before, and turns the building back into 9Mag…crew members lost thier jobs also as a result…one was Van.

    While most seem to have forgotten that story, some did not, and one person who was very observant about that take over was Ceasar Emmanuel.

    Disloyalty is a mutha! If anyone seriously is going with that crock story that Ryan did not smash Kitty, whose slipp'in???

    Ceasar Emmanuel may be alot of things, but when it comes to business, he's no fool. Ceasar and Ryan both had thier beef at one time, but looking at how Ryan managed to become part of the Black Ink Crew story, that means Ceasar and Ryan settled thier differences putting petty differences aside and thinking what was best for business.

    Firing Kitty and calling Kitty out was what was best considering the fore knowledge of how Ryan capitalized on disloyalty before…
    Kitty became a huge liability that if not checked would put Black Ink in Jeopardy and everybody employed in it.

    Kitty's business was a liability, not an ass-et after all the turmoil from the past…like Kitty say, it's her purse, she controls who goes in it…well that must be one broke purse because the crew wasn't having it, and whose to say Kitty wasn't pillowtalking underground info to Ryan???

    Mixing business with pleasure always ends in disaster, I wish Kitty the best, but she got what she deserved, she could have ruined Black Ink if crap went back left between Ceasar and Ryan.

    Nope. Bad play here. Kitty only thought about Kitty…and Kitty left with only Kitty… Unless Ceasar is stupid.

    This was not a hard decision…this was smart.
    And before there was even a Kitty, there was "The Crew". There was real loyalty here on the part of the crew…the crew been there since day 1…even Donna put her beef aside with the situation between Alex and Ceasar to help call out Kitty; Kitty knows damn good and well she's sleeping her way to the top and needs to own it; face it Kitty, the p** meowed too loud…Kit got caught…end of story.

  11. Funny how Tati had kitty’s back when it came to London, but snitch on kitty when it came to Ryan WHAT SENSE DOES THAT MAKE

  12. Tati a whole snitch out here, I cant stand females like this that claim they your friend then stab you in the back. And besides Cesar wasnt even claiming Ms. Kitty and he does not own her so what she does or does not do is her business.

  13. Tati been wanting Kitty out of the picture. She tried it with Bae & it didnt work. So she got close with Kitty, saw Ceaser as the strongest weak point & struck.

  14. Why is it when a female is doing her dirt And lie about it to everybody but everybody believes her on social media, let a NINJA do the same thing and I guaranteed he’s getting the Death Pentalty!!!
    She was Sneaky and she got to go!!!! ……. loyalty goes along way!

  15. I feel for kitty cos I,ve been in her position before.. now I hate Tati glad she always get beat up by Jada all the time.

  16. Tati been had something against kitty for a lil minute now. Every time kitty gotta issue, Tati right there in it. & I REAL friend not gonna run that mouth… PERIOD

  17. U are a boss get your own show Ms Kitty u lose your mom and so called friends wow game…….. 🥰🥰🥰🥰💪💪💓💓💯💯😇😇🙏🏼🙏🏼 Ms. Kitty u was around all snake 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

  18. Tati should’ve been gone instead of Jada she wack asf and just want Kitty shine she was waiting on that moment honey and Donna a follower

  19. I mean but if she was really lying don't you think she'd confess rn? They're dumb and act like kids spreading lies and turning everyone against someone

  20. Caesar flaunted women in front of kitty for season after season…so even if she did why is it his business or excuse to fire her smh

  21. Amd tati was just arguing with ted for being in her business when she was fucking another black ink employee but she turn around and cause the same problem for her friend

  22. Im not scared to say Tati is simply jealous of Kitty. It's called passive aggression, ruining Kitty's reputation will also decrease her desirability cause no one of value will take the time to entertain Tati let alone look her in her face.

  23. They were just very jealous and that's it 😂😭 just imagine she may get even more exposure from Ryan's showand she may even get more money by going over to his because everybody is going to want to follow up with Kitty and Ryan's friendship or relationship Black ink New York need to worry about taking a bath or two

  24. Tati is a hater straight up & needs to mind her own life and stay out kitty's kitty Ryan is attractive kitty is attractive let them be Kitty doesnt owe cease anything

  25. Broooo that hurts my heart so bad like she shared her story, her mother passing, she even been there for all of them at some point and they do this🙄

  26. Donna has not right to talk about kitty sex life I remember when Donna was lying in the bed with max and they little missing tooth looking dirty as hell lmao kitty has class and respects herself

  27. @1:15 nooo, the TRUTH is YOU yourself GAF, Tati, otherwise you wouldn't of been blabbering to the crew… TATI is pathetic and JEALOUS of Kitty. 😭

  28. You guys need to chil about this rayen thing it does not matter if kitty did mess with rayen if she liked him that her I do agree with tati kitty could have lied

  29. You know Tati wants attention when she took the microphone from kitty and talked into it when she could’ve put it down and talked like a women

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