Kitty Carter’s ~Iconic~ First Appearance On DCC #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT

Kitty Carter’s ~Iconic~ First Appearance On DCC #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT

(upbeat music) – [Judy] Its the 11th
week of training camp, and there definitely has to
be some girls to turn around, or they will be cut. – Okay, it is now time for
our dance technique training, and I would like to introduce to you, Miss Kitty Carter. (applauding) The dance technique
classes are a different learning environment. It will really reveal who has the skills, that can handle the job. – My job’s to teach you technique, preferably style, um, some of you are dancers, some of you are not dancers. Hopefully you’ll pick of fast, if you don’t that’s okay too. We don’t have gum, do we Becca? Okay, hope not. It doesn’t help you, you’ll choke on the way down. – Kitty is a brilliant dance teacher, but brutally honest. – Extend your back to a flat back. Let me see flat back! Show me what you think flat back is! Reach out, no E.T. fingers. Would that be flat back, Becca? I don’t think so. Yeah I’m very in their face. I mean if you’re not told the truth, then you’ll never know. If I tell you once, I’m like, great she’ll
make the correction. If I tell you twice, I’m like okay, she’s stupid. And the third time, I’m like, forget it, I don’t wanna mess with her anymore, because you don’t listen. – Kitty, is crazy, she is awesome and I love her to death. – Do you know what voguing is? Now freeze. Exactly. – She really helps us to just, maintain that elegance. – So you’re here. Strong one, and two! Yeah! You gotta be evil. And some of you are so cute. Boom! Boom! Boom! I’m real good visually, um, watching and eyeing out talent. 5 come one! Yeah, work! And, pose! Pose! Pose! Go! Walk! Ha! Exactly. There’s probably maybe 12 to 15 dancers, that make me go “wow”. And pose! Pose! Pose! Out! And some that make me go, oh, wow. And work! AND 5, 6, I don’t want fluid, fluid, fluid. I mean I know you’ve got it girls. I mean some of you wouldn’t
be here if you didn’t. Yeah! Don’t give me that, I want to see something very raw. Yeah! Ha! Ha! Boom! Boom! (imitates music) Megan, stop! Lets do it again 5, 6, 7, and a 1 and 2! 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8! Its an isole, it not… (imitates music) Miss Kitty. Um, dancing, you should own it, when you’re on stage. And every time you do a performance, it should be like the
first time you did it. You don’t own the stage, when you go… So from the top you have, a 5, 6 and a 7! (claps) And yeah! (imitates music) – You try to be sexy, and you’ve gotta be hot. – [Miss Kitty] And work! And 5, 6, 7, 8! And boom! Ha! Ha! Exactly. Gotta be fierce! – [Natalie] And then there’s me. I look like Godzilla. – Oh my gosh. – And a 1 and 2, 3, 4. – [Natalie] I’m so intimidated by her, I can’t let loose and do it, like I should. – [Miss Kitty] So somebody
needs to take my place, shy guy. – [Judy] Melissa, the past few rehearsals, has started to become our new struggler. – [Miss Kitty] Come on! Run! Run! Go back! You didn’t run! – Oh! – God! I would… We’re gonna call you, don’t call us! Right! – [Melissa] It makes
me uncomfortable to get in front of a close group of people, and be singled out. I just kinda go… (imitates choking) okay. – First thing she does is, “I can’t do it” – I didn’t say that. – “I can’t do that” Hello! You’re in front
of a million people, on the cowboy game, have you not been to a cowboy game before? – No, I have. – Okay, so this is small compared
to what it’s going to be. – I get more nervous in
front of small groups. (laughter) – You’re in trouble. You have a boyfriend? – No. – No wonder, small groups! There you go! All right, lets get back. Melissa, she’s gotta step up a level, she almost, like, immaturity, she thinks its fun and games still, and we’re at Susie dance studio, which we’re not. I mean this is the big time. Just a mature situation, and I don’t know, I don’t know what’s
going to happen to her.

19 thoughts on “Kitty Carter’s ~Iconic~ First Appearance On DCC #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT

  1. Kitty: Melissa gotta step it up a level
    Melissa: Goes on the bachelor. Wins. Gets dumped immediately afterwards. Whoops.
    Bright side: She won dancing with the stars, got married and has three kids now.

  2. You put words into her mouth so yes, she's going to pretty much ignore everything you say after that and not do what your asking. Doesn't matter if it's the DCC.

  3. That was great, I've been wanting to see Melissa's first appearance with Miss Kitty, again. Wow, to see how far she's come. Miss Kitty must have seen something in her to single her out like that, well, actually all the of them was something in her, so, that's a talent, being able to not let her fail like they did. I love to watch dance but don't think I could see future talent in a person like Miss Kitty, Judi and Kelly. Good job ladies!

  4. Boy oh Boy!! I will JUST BET Kitty Carter wants to EAT THOSE WORDS concerning her BRUTAL COMMENTARY about Melissa Rycroft!!! That was a HUGE MISJUDGMENT wasn't it Miss KITTY??

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