Kittens Survive Weeks Without Food Or Water In A Flooded Basement | Animal in Crisis EP65

Kittens Survive Weeks Without Food Or Water In A Flooded Basement | Animal in Crisis EP65

Informant: Over here! Two kittens fell into the bottom of the basement It’s an emergency so I contacted you Informant guides us to the parking lot They fell to the bottom PD: Ah here? / Yes. PD: I don’t see anything Turn on the light The basement of the mechanical parking lot is filled with trash Where the kittens are trapped.. But nowhere to be seen Informant: Kitties, let’s eat~~ Informant: Hurry up and eat~ PD: Uh over there! Informant: They’re here. It’s them The kittens look skinny and disheveled They’ve been stuck here for over 20 days Informant: The bottom is so messy, and not a good place for them to live in There’s also nothing to eat So I keep sending down food and water 2x a day With the lady being able to reach out to them The kittens survive another day A ray of light to these kittens When it rains, the rainwater slides sideways into the bottom So it collects a lot of water Last time, it flooded in an instant She’s the mom Hold on Mama cat appears in the parking lot Is wary of the people around where the kittens are trapped She tries to bite me because she thinks I might harm them She climbs on top of me, and scratches me like this She thinks we’re out to harm them, right? During those 20 days Mama cat would roam around the area Except for the narrow opening Iron plates are obstacles to the rescue When moving the old and rusty iron plates There’s a chance of it breaking, and falling on the kittens Only to be operated by staff A rescue can only be possible When day breaks to see them clearly during the process Once everyone leaves.. Mama cat returns to the parking lot And spends the whole night peering through the opening Looks on helplessly Good morning~ Are my kittens okay? Then it starts to rain The rainwater Pouring down into where the kittens are.. Before it starts to flood The kittens need to be rescued PD: They’re over there As if their house got hit with a hurricane They look distraught, and start shivering Vet arrives on scene Vet: Hello Vet: I see them. They’re moving Since all four corners are sealed There’s a buildup of moisture and pollution Especially on rainy days like today It can become flooded You can’t leave them in here Upon the parking lot owner’s permission Cuts the iron plate And starts the rescue However The kittens are in hiding Informant: Wait, wait Mom gets anxious upon seeing the humans approaching her kittens And stays on alert While inspecting the basement PD/ I heard something. They’re over there! One of the kittens pops up And escapes into a crevice Animal Rescue Team: There are a lot of possible hideouts They can go in between, and get trapped in an even smaller space Even if we were to set a trap The space is too wide, and the kittens are quick And there are corners that we can’t reach They might not come out again for a while For the wary kittens To lure them with the textbook trap, food in a cage Waits for the kittens to come out of hiding Nowhere to be seen for a long time PD: They came Finally..! Meow~ Both kittens need to go in for the trap to work Waiting for the right timing Pull, pull!! Caught ’em! Fortunately, the kittens were rescued safely The most important thing, are they in good health? Goes in for a checkup How did the medical examination go? Vet: On their legs and face There’s hair loss A common skin disease Due to the pollution It also shows that they tried to get out All over their body Scars from trying to escape Vet: After basic skincare W/ a medicated bath and checkup Because they have their mom by their side For psychological stability and a better living environment It would be best to return them to their mom Informant: So pretty You have to go to your mom now~ So pretty~ Since they’re still recovering After treatment’s over, we should return them to their mom Their mom must also miss her puppies The kittens who were trapped in a rundown parking lot And the mom who never gave up Due to people’s interest A rescue was possible Hope you live happily with your mom~:)

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  1. Ok (not trying to be a know it all) but technically the kitten did have water bc the basement was flooded but still so sad 😭

  2. I thank Goodness every day for people like this wonderful woman. People who don't turn their backs on animals, especially kitties, in distress. Wish more people were like that. TY for everyone who rescued these little sweeties. But they got so used to human touch they would have been better off in an inside home together. And mom could have been rehabbed, too. I've done both with ferals.

  3. You guys are doing an excellent job. Please please please add subtitles in English,it would be easy for us to understand your conversation,it is a humble request 🙏

  4. 0:25 – девушка на заднем плане сказала "нашла"
    4:24 – почему они сказали "… на сцену"?

  5. I put down a plank in a sloping position for the mother cat and she carried all her kittens back up to safety, it was then I know that cat has some degree of intellegence to cooperate…she filled the part where I cannot, and so I did mine where she cannot.

  6. would i be called a maniac or a hero if i killed all of the people that hurt animals…idc i would do it anyway cause their monsters…..why would anyone do something like hurting an animal dont you get an animal to have a friend that is always there for you…

  7. I Know it's not easy to rescue a feral cat but It's not impossible, I"m no Doctor but, I don't think it's safe to leave them out on the streets, even with her momma, they could fall in again or something bad might happen to them. Thank you for your effort and saving the kittens , you probably saved their lives but by putting them back, you're putting their life in danger.😢🐱❤️

  8. Jajaja, semanas? Esperaron semanas para rescatarlos, que videos tan falsos solo para promocionarse y ganar publicidad, que asco me dan y no son los unicos que lo hacen, lo que me sorprende es que exista gente sin un poquito de sentido comun y se crea tales teatros por demas armados.

  9. Aq suka kucing ,dirumah qu juga ada kucing, bagi yg menyakiti kucing neraka lah tempat nya dan bagi yg penyayang kucing allah akan mmberi surga pada nya ami…n.

  10. Sometimes I like this channel, sometimes I don't. For example, in 3:44 why they have to wait until the rain comes and then calling the vet? Did They like to see the cat suffering in the cold of flooding basement? Please don't harm animals just to get popularity.

  11. Thanks Guys for saving kittens and Guys your work is really important and beautiful🙏🙏🙏🌹🌹🌹🌷🌷🌷 God bless you all kittens🐈🥀🥀🥀

  12. I would never subsribe your chanel if you out back all the kittens you save to the street.
    Because if you do it, it simply you just wanna get money from your viewers and youtube.

  13. You think the Japanese would care about the white South Africans who get raped and butchered and then yet look at all that crap down there in that bass I can't the Japanese except they need black people from Africa to help with the population Japanese need to be Diversified they need to have black blood in their lives

  14. Cats love to climb. All they had to do was to lower a 2×4, maybe 10-12 feet long, and suspend it like a ramp through the 6-inch wide opening. Mama would have waltzed down it, and either showed her kittens the way out, or carried them out. No need for the metal cutting and trapping.

  15. After great care by the vet, the kittens finally reunited with their concerned mother…only to fall down the same metal gap 3 days later

  16. Save mama cat too hope they 3 are doing ok and together and to caring people who care about animals…a god bless you ll heart for caring

  17. Меня одну смущают их методы? Они вернули котят на улицу, но по хорошему им нужно было забрать их вместе с мамой и маму стерилизовать а потом найти всем дом. Котенок на улице – всегда в опасности и их всегда нужно забирать из этих условий…это замечательно что они помогают животным, но они будто бы воообще не озабочены проблемой бродячих животных..

  18. Non è giusto! Potevate prendere pure la loro mamma e poi darli tutti insieme in adozione!!! Prima curate i gatti e poi gli restituite alle strade! Non c'è logica e non è giusto!!

  19. I think you should have done this get the mom find them all a home. Because if you return them back to were you rescued them they could get trapped again

  20. Опять к маме, значит на улицу! И по новой начнутся их беды, голод, холод или опять куда то упадут! Жаль что не нашли и маме и котятам хотя бы в приюте место!

  21. You doing good work. Mother and kittens need to be neutered. Better to trap mother and bring to kittens. Keep them in until all is done. Maybe foster care .

  22. I am not surprised they're already people commented what I wanted to say – Where was the reuniting with their Mom at the end?!?!??!!?!

  23. siz ne kadar vicdanlı yüreği güzel insanlarsınız bu hayvanları kurtarıp tekrardan hayata bağlıyorsunuz karışıksız

  24. I am so glad they saved them, but it would be great if they could give medical care to the mom too until she and her babies can be spayed, then they should release her back where she came from and try to find a permanent home for the babies

  25. You can always skip half of these videos because they always waste 80% of their time watching these cats suffer, and doing non English interviews while still having an English title. 🤦‍♂️

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