Kitten Still Believes His Mom’s Alive Who Disappeared To Die Alone (Part 1) | Kritter Klub

Kitten Still Believes His Mom’s Alive Who Disappeared To Die Alone (Part 1) | Kritter Klub

Hai~ Hoomans~ Guardian/ Hello~! PD/ Grew up a lot hehe Guardian/ Grew up a lot? / Yeah, so pretty Left alone in cold weather The kitten cried out for the mom.. Where’s my mom? Guardian/ I was so worried.. But now the kitten plays well Almost jumps around as if he’s flying The kitten is named ‘Kangmoo’ Wat is dis creature Wanna see my jumping skill? You like that? You like that lit jumping skill? Lemme find my poop Jk, I’m not that dirty Cuz I’m a good boi~ Guardian/ I raise the kitten like my own child Feel like we have a late child Raise me hooman, raise me! Kangmoo.. If only your mom could see you.. She would be so happy to see you A month ago The mother cat carried her kittens when she was unable to use her hind legs When cats are on the verge of death, they go to a secluded place The mother cat, Maknae, said the last goodbye Dragged her injured legs and disappeared, leaving her kittens behind.. No, no, no… It’s okay.. Guardian/ It’s okay, Maknae We’re trying to save you Fortunately She’s rescued like a miracle Her hind legs are paralyzed due to an infection So she could’ve died because of it A month later Vet/ Maknae~ Aww, Maknae! Vet/ Maknae went through well.. But Maknae still needs to be treated Her kittens have been protecting by her side

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  1. Follow the link for the part 2 below!
    Part 2 :

    Do you remember a heart-wrenching story of Maknae the mother cat who had to leave her kittens due to her injured legs? Follow the links below to watch the previous episodes of her story. 😺

    Previous episodes ⬇️
    📍Part 1 :
    📍Part 2 :

  2. Pure click bait! There was no dead cat! Like the boy who cried wolf it's the kritter Klub that cried death…..😟😟😟😟

  3. Why do u say it like that her mom went off to die alone to get more views to tug on good peoples heartstrings im beggining to wonder about this channel i mean they had elephants in cages with shackles in small lil areas they used cute goofy music to make it seem cute and friendly and hide the abuse this channel seems to be about views and dont care about animals other wise theyd no what abuse is and not make harsh click bait titles. Like this i hope im wrong well see

  4. China trying to appeal to our better nature when they fukin eat cats!? I'm not fooled it's nice to see only a few protect nature very fukin sad.

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