Kitten Reaches Out His Hand For People, Hoping They’d Save Him | Animal in Crisis EP119

Kitten Reaches Out His Hand For People, Hoping They’d Save Him | Animal in Crisis EP119

Crew : Hello
Informant : Hello Informant : I’ve seen a cat who showed up recently Roams around here and never leaves The cat appeared in the apartment complex a few days ago and never left Furthermore, upon seeing people acting cute to them And suddenly, as if asking us to follow her Almost getting closer to catch her, but she never lets After following her, arrives at the wall of the apartment and hears something.. Crew : Uh?! Where’s this sound come from? A cat’s crying.. Definitely coming from this wall PD : Is it up here? And.. after tracing where the sound comes from.. A crying sound is heard through the small hole of the wall Put an endoscope camera into the hole As the camera goes deep into the narrow ditch Spot the glowing eyes A kitten struggles to go outside? The kitten cries desperately.. Villager : Oh no.. The kitten’s trying so hard to get out from there.. So pitiful Perhaps the kitten was trying to notify people that the kitten is here..? A vet arrives on site Checks the kitten’s condition through the monitor Vet : The kitten’s totally dehydrated His eyes are closing slowly, and he might faint away.. For the dehydrated kitten, provide water through the hose Vet : Don’t put the hose toward the kitten’s neck Put it close to the wall As soon as the hose is placed near him Vet : He’s licking it! Fortunately, drinks water Vet : I’m so relieved now. Let him drink it first and we have to prepare a meal asap Before the rescue Put food through the hose so that he can build up energy As if he’s been starved, the kitten starts devouring Vet : It’s so fortunate that now he could survive Wonder how he ended up in such a dangerous place.. The cause is unknown but where the kitten is through to be the bottom part of the ditch inside the wall Needs to cut the wall for the rescue.. Get permission from the villagers living around the wall and decide to break the wall for the rescue For the rescue, experts have arrived Rescue Team : First up, we need to find the kitten’s location and break the least part as possible around the kitten Grasping the kitten’s location should come first The kitten might get hurt in worst case.. Rescue Team : The blade shouldn’t go deep into the it, be cautious While checking the inside through the camera, starts cutting the wall The kitten listens attentively to the sound from the outside As the sound gets louder, The kitten starts crying out of anxiety.. Rescue Team : Take it out carefully! Halt! The kitten’s very frightened to the point where he twists his body.. The rescue is halted for a moment as the kitten’s become too anxious Wait for the kitten relax.. As if gaining stability, the kitten becomes quiet Resume the rescue Finally, the ditch appears Crew : Is the kitten here? Rescue Team : Yes, probably around here Where the kitten is deeper than expected As for the prevention of hurting the kitten, Cut the upper part of where the kitten is.. Hope the kitten to be staying calm just for this moment.. Finally made a small hole in the ditch The kitten does his best to climb up Rescue Team : The kitten’s out! Carefully take the kitten so that he won’t get frightened and check his condition As being out to the world in a long time, the little and poor kitten looks so flustered Vet : The kitten’s so skinny since he’s been starved for long we must take measures as soon as possible Transferred to the hospital Receives a medical examination His health is worrisome since he has been exposed to a bad environment How’s his health? Vet : As he couldn’t eat for days what matters the most is dehydration It could cause lethal damage to liver function.. Due to the lack of nutrient the kitten will be nurtured in the hospital for a while As if he’s released the tension, the kitten fell asleep By the way, Did this cat really bring people to rescue the kitten? Vet : It depends on the cat’s temperament or a relationship between the two but animals, in general, have a sense of morality, and in terms of animal behavior study, it’s true as well Based on this, I believe that the cat sent a sort of SOS signal to save the kitten at a risk Perhaps the cat who sensed that the kitten is in danger first tried her best to help the little kitten… Cover the extracted part of the wall and block the hole to prevent further incidents! After the kitten was rescued, however, the cat disappeared..? Informant : I couldn’t see the cat recently
Crew : Really?/ No As if she’s done with her duty The cat disappeared without leaving any trace.. A few days later Visited the hospital again The kitten’s condition is.. Still wary of people, but looks healthy! Vet : The kitten’s gained a lot of weight After being treated, he doesn’t have any health issues.. The kitten doesn’t cry for survival anymore He cries out loud because he’s survived now What does he need on fourth? Vet : He’ll become so happy if he meets a good guardian Vet : Are you waiting for a new guardian?
He said he is~ The cat who did her best to save the kitten and the kitten who tried his best to survive.. Hope both live happily from now on~

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  2. En todo el mundo hay personas buenas por esencia somos seres humanas al nacer todos los BEBES DEL MUNDO SON HERMOSOS EN TODO SENTIDOS PORQUE NO ESTÁN CONTAMINADOS por eso tienen sentimiento por los seres que con vimos juntos en nuestro diario de vidas

  3. The adult cat was really an angel. Once her duty was done and the kitten saved she went on to her next task. Bless all these small creatures and the ones who care for them.

  4. All these educated idiots had to do is rub a clean rag on moms face and butt then tied it to the camera cable. Kitten would hold on for dear life.

  5. Расхуярили стену вместо того чтоб доставить туда веревку, OMG

  6. You guys are ANGELS!!! God Bless You All Always for saving God’s innocent creatures!!! 😇😸😇

  7. And that ANGEL-Cat that led rescuers to the kitten AMAZING how they look after each other!!! Thank you RESCUERS for listening to her!!! Thank You Apt Management for allowing rescuers to proceed!!! GOD BLESS ALL!!! 😇🙏🏼😇

  8. Gato eres mi puto héroe!!! Acá en Costa Rica los veterinarios no ayudan un carajo ese gato muere sin duda alguna acá.. Xq lo q les interesa es q llegue el dueño con el gato y cobrar por las nubes por salvarlo.. Sino.. Lo siento morirá.. Si algún Tico dice lo contrario pues me gustaría conocerlo xq estaría viviendo en una matrix yo jajaja

  9. U could have slid a rope or thick piece of cloth and she could have just climbed up it instead of all that!

  10. Cette chaîne a 2,8 millions d’abonnes….ça donne une idée du niveau de connerie de la planète!

  11. Que bueno que todavia quedan buenas personas.con los animalitos felicitaciones a todo el ewuipo y al gato que lo ayudo

  12. Heroes, everyone one of you. Especially that beautiful angel of a cat that kept guard.
    Thank you all. Respect.

  13. ربنا يخليكم ويرحمكم ف الدنيا والاخره انقذتوها والله قلبي بيوجعني

  14. Ugh those darn onion ninjas are back. ;-; in all seriousness this was so heartbreaking and heartwarming that the adult cat lead the people to the kitten, so many got together to save the poor thing too. I am glad you saved the baby. <3

  15. I often hear people refer to animals as angels wearing fur, the fact that the cat that sat at the scene disappeared further cements that statement in my eyes

  16. Wasn’t this uploaded months ago? It was one of the first videos of this channel I watched.

  17. I don’t think the cat is its mom, they don’t look alike, and the cat seemed like it just wanted to help save the lil kitty.

  18. I feel like the cat may have gone through something similar and was rescued, and from then on she trusted humans and knew them as the rescuers

  19. So viel schreckliches was alles auf der welt passiert und so viel leid den tieren angetan wird, da tut es gut zu sehen das es noch Menschen mit herz gibt, die helfen ❤️

  20. God sends His angel's in all forms, the cat brought the humans to help and once it was safe he left. There will be blessings for all involved in this rescue, God bless you all.

  21. They destruct a fragile wall to take the cats out? Honestly, the repared wall is going to be full of humidity and the drain not waterproofed

  22. I want to thank the street kitty for getting their attention in order to save the little kitty. And thanks to all who helped him out of the pipe!🙏🙏🙏🙏🐾🐈💕🐈🐾

  23. When you watch normal people affected by unfortunate kitten ,and truly go out of there way to save a kitten 🐱than you thing of the terrorist how they plan to use the Vehicles to run people down they don’t even know or they take gun and shot in random .We live in the best of the time and the worth of the time.

  24. My nana had a cat who sounded like that when she meowed! She had been outside during a blizzard and was abandoned by her mama because she had pneumonia. My Nana's dog found her under their stairs and pestered nana until she went outside with her

  25. I feel almost like the street cat that saved him was the ghost of the previous cat who got stuck there trying to prevent it from happening again.

    Also he looks like he has a little mustache!

  26. terharu melihat nya, mksh buat tim dokter dan tim medis nya, smoga.kebaikan anda akan suksesan snda, mksh jg untuk kucing yg udah menuntun memberi kan isyarat.pd.manusia. 👍👍👍👍

  27. This kitty got better healthcare for free, than any American! AND HE DESERVES IT! <3 Great story, cutest little kitten!

  28. i swear cats talk sounds like the poor things sayin help help help .i had a cat once that i wanted to get a bath after i rescued it screamed noooooooo lol

  29. Thank you for helping that desperate cat. It really sounded like it was in need of help. I'm so glad it got out. So glad and relieved.

  30. wouldnt it be possible to lower down a piece of clothe in the pipe so the cat could claw his way out? it seems to me the reason he couldnt come up is because he couldnt get a grip on the pipe and kept sliding back in

  31. Gracias por subirlo y salvarlo me hizo llorar enserio. E gustan los gatos los amo tanto yo digo que Dios los bendiga

  32. China. Great. Some food on the table after the rescue. This is why they are so keen. Hunger. Hunger.😂😂😂

  33. The female cat was def trying to help. She could have literally gone anywhere else and yet she chose that area with the trapped kitten.

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