Kitten Never Leaves Her Mother’s Dead Body | Kritter Klub

Kitten Never Leaves Her Mother’s Dead Body | Kritter Klub

I can hear a cat crying A kitten sitting right next to its dead mother’s body Resident: I used to see the kitten walking around with its mother before and I started to get worried ever since I haven’t seen them walking around The kitten is constantly licking the mother cat’s dead body… At night, the kitten goes out to the street drinks water and chews branches because of its hunger The kitten finds a piece of meat but doesn’t eat it the kitten puts it next to the mother cat for her to eat it Vet: She does not know death so she continues to be around her mother Because the dead body is corrupted, she may be affected badly if she keeps staying by her mother’s side The rescue was started They watched out of sympathy The rescue was successful Don’t worry The kitten’s stomach is full of pebbles and soil The kitten approaches the mother cat with its injured body She can’t accept her mother’s death..

100 thoughts on “Kitten Never Leaves Her Mother’s Dead Body | Kritter Klub

  1. This was so damn difficult and upsetting to watch. At least somebody had the wherewithal to investigate since both the mother and kitten apparently had not been seen together for a while. Thank goodness the kitten was rescued and it was a nice gesture for the vet to let the kitten be with the mom for one final time. Did they preform a necropsy to determine how the mother died? Ok Kritter Klub, since you posted this morbidly sad video, how about an update on this adorable little kitten. All your subscribers and anyone else who happened upon this video need to know what happened to this kitten. Please update. Thank you.

  2. What happened to momma cat that she passed away? Poor kitty I'm so sorry your mom died 😪😪

  3. WARNING!!!
    This is a REAL tear jerker like none you've ever seen!!! And I'm a guy!
    For all you cat/dog channel viewers, so sad and sweet at the same time.
    Good luck! I told you ahead of time!

  4. I'm so happy you found them, the kitten will survive because of you. It was heartbreaking to see it caring for its own mother not realising she had passed away. What a wonderful little kitten to think of its mum before itself. Thank God you found them.

  5. Qué gatito tan lindo y cómo quería a su madre.. me gustaría saber que pasó con el chiquitín.

  6. Sad but also about hope and redemption. I'd love an update on the kitten!,good or bad. She showed such strength.

  7. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  8. When Video Ends…
    One Of Doctors Threw The Lifeless Body of the Kitten's Mother In UnderGround Because
    Its Start To Getting Rot

  9. I never cried this hard over rescue video.. This break my heart so much to see the kitten is alone in those time, clueless.. Not knowing the mother is no longer there.

  10. Subtiles tells what happend to mother but did not understood it
    Me: hmm.. turns subtiles to turkish
    Me: …oh… nonono.. adults did the teachers told u to NOT throw plastics in nature look at this mess.. mum died cause of plastics..😪

  11. Muy lamentable q no ayan llegado a salvar a la madre ojala este en el cielo y q la hija sea feliz 💔😭❤👍

  12. I love dogs more but this is Soo heartbreaking and cheer up little kitty your mother whatch you up in the sky she will be so proud of you and God will give you a lot of blessings your so nice If your sad just look up in the sky and you will see your mother up in the sky and Sooo happy and if your old God will take you to heaven and you will see your mother so proud of you and I promise your so good you will have a wonderful life ☺️☺️ you deserve lots of love remember if your sad look up in the sky and you will see your mother so proud of you ☺️☺️☺️

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  14. У меня слёзы ручьём потекли😢

  15. 先月弱ってる子猫を保護しました。今は元気に走り回り活発です。

  16. I very bad speak English…. but… What happened to the kitten then? What is his fate? Anyone know?

  17. ~baby mine don’t you cry baby mine dry your eyes rest your head close to my heart never to part baby of mine~

  18. Omg i cried in the start especially when he gave the mother some meat.. what a kind,loving generous kitten

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  20. Está foi uma das cenas mais tristes que assistir em vídeo.
    Por que dizem que o animal
    Não pensa mais tem sentimentos emocionante🤔🤔🤔 😢😢😢

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