Kitten Finally Found Her Mother (Part 2) | Kritter Klub

Kitten Finally Found Her Mother (Part 2) | Kritter Klub

While the lady takes care of the neglected kitten Is there a kitten? It’s chubby and big The cat had a hidden child Why was she hiding her all along? It’s not there? I was there a while ago I think it moved because it felt uneasy It would be somewhere around here I can’t see well inside She’s moving! Move her to a corner Corner her over there Corner her to that side The cat flees away in the blink of an eye And does not want to be approached She is one stubborn mother The race after her is finally done… And last but not least, the kitten She is taken care of well She is really big A cute and healthy kitten was hidden all along The two siblings have finally reunited The cat may have had an early delivery at an insecure surrounding She must’ve thought of taking care of the other kitten which she delivered at a safer place as her own The healthiest one was living here all along She had to abandon one kitten to take care of the other What a poor cat, isn’t she The mother’s mysterious acts have finally been solved But.. how will these two get along now? They looks so different The mother will not acknowledge her as her kitten She can’t stay with her She can only stay with the one she took care of The mother will only take care of one kitten… However, the other kitten has good news too! Poor thing neglected by mom.. I’ll take you home This kitten now has a warm place to stay She’s going to be safe and happy with her new mom!

100 thoughts on “Kitten Finally Found Her Mother (Part 2) | Kritter Klub

  1. Keep it up Kritter Club..keep on featuring beautiful,touching ang inspirational stories about furbabies.😍😍😍

  2. these kittens are not brothers. a newborn and the other kitten wants to be older .mommy cat does not abandon the puppy. she carries it .

  3. They should have looked for another momma cat because those 2 kittens are different ages. Also the fact that in the first video the momma cat ignored the black and white kitten when she saw it.

  4. Que lastima q diferencia tan grande entre uno y el otro, por favor cuidarlo pobre el no tiene culpa de las equivocaciones de unos u otros

  5. Little cat is not her daughter because there is a big difference in size and age can have a second mother?

  6. Poor momma she's so
    Afraid I hope the babies and momma will all be very happy and healthy together💝💗💕

  7. Oh so sad 😥💔 momma rejected her babies😿😿
    I'm so happy the rejected baby will be loved and cared for😻❤️

    YOU ARE A GREAT HUMAN BEING!😽🙏😽🙏🙏🙏💖💖💖💕💕💕💞

  9. Cat mums often adopt even completely different animals. Why didn`t they even try to leave both kitten with their mum? A little kitty needs the one and only thing: A cat mum!

  10. 是的,猫会主动放弃一只小猫去确保剩下的小猫得到照顾,这是本能驱使,根本原因是环境和事物,在陌生的环境里,母猫会没有安全感,本能驱使会吃掉自己的孩子或者丢弃一两只,看着很残忍,但其实这是确保生命延续的最佳做法

  11. Hermosos animalitos, hay que aprender a quererlos y cuidarlos, la educación que les demos a nuestros hijos y una cultura de protección a la fauna disminuirá los casos de "gente" que los maltratan o los tratan con desprecio, son seres que tienen necesidades y sentimientos y son los más desprotegidos y que se ven en situaciones extremadamente peligrosas ya sea por su propia curiosidad o por malnacidos que los llegan a matar. Ya no más gatitos y gatos con vida en bolsas de basura en contenedores, hay sujetos que los abandonan y por considerarse personas prácticas piensan que ya habrán otros que se encarguen del animalito en cuestión y no siempre sucede eso, por lo que acaban deambulando sin rumbo y pasando frío, hambre y sucumbiendo a enfermedades y paracitos y el mal trato de la gente que los minimiza y piensan que son una especie de plaga que hay que erradicar, yo por lo pronto si veo a alguno trato de llamar su atención y auxiliarlo, si no soy capaz de tenerlo a largo plazo me veo obligado a encontrar un hogar adoptivo adecuado, no hay mayor satisfacción que ayudar y querer a estos angelitos peludos.

  12. Mother cat is scared of u idiots go to hell y u run behind her n y separate mother n children's u r idiots with idiot faces n idiot brain

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