Kitten Chooses Her Own Name (8 Weeks Old)

Kitten Chooses Her Own Name (8 Weeks Old)

Look at Peanut just chilling sleepyhead Peanut as usual would you like a friend? would you like a real
friend and not a stuffed toy? So, this little sleepyhead needs a name and the
way we’re gonna choose the name for her is gonna be like this.. I have written
five names down on five pieces of paper that I’ve crumpled up like so and
she’s gonna choose one so obviously she’s gonna go up to one and start
playing with it that is the one that I’m gonna take away and I’m gonna do this until
there’s only one left and then that will be her name. so let’s
get started first we need our player there she is and okay let me just drop
them down over her and she’s playing with that one there take this one
away and we’ll do this again okay take that one away and do it again oh that’s a wrong cat go away you okay and the next one and she’s off again and he’s back again and the next one this one take that away that one and this is your name so let’s open that up I think I need to put the camera down because
opening this is kind of difficult with one hand are you ready to see the name
she chose? Pancake! so I’ve got the other names right here and I’ll open these and
show you what they were what the choices were okay so starting from the left Pebbles Pringles Pancake Calypso and Skittles so yeah pancake it is It’s a good job she doesn’t understand or speak English cause then she’d be like What the hell are you calling me pancake for?? in her apparent upper-class English accent sleepyhead pancake I’m not asleep I see
everything I think she’s kind of waking up now I’m not too sure actually talking like I’m an expert well, she’s been sleeping whilst I’ve been editing I think she’s gonna go back to sleep but she is roughly 8 weeks old Peanut has already gotten used to her as well and that was just after two days look
Peanut she’s in your place what are you gonna do about it? do you care? NOPE! I think he’s happier now he’s got company looks like he’s managed to get comfortable then. so look forward to more
videos with these two him and her and and maybe monkey you

100 thoughts on “Kitten Chooses Her Own Name (8 Weeks Old)

  1. this is how he comes up with his cats names;
    Step 1. open fridge
    Step 2. check for a few food items
    Step 3. make sure it ends with the letter ''S''
    Step 4. Write em all down an papers
    Step 5. make your cat dissapointed by removing the ones he/she is playing with
    The final step. pick the one he/she likes the least, then upload it to Youtube.

  2. cats are awesome, but when you go to sleep and they are in the same room….. yeah cat owners will understand what ii am saying

  3. Pancake is so cute. And you are so lucky. It's unusual for an older cat to be so chill around a new kitten. I had one, his name was Brat, that loved kittens. I was living with my sister when her cat had kittens. After she weened them, she wanted nothing to do with them anymore (the cat, not my sister), so Brat would corral them all, and they would even try to nurse off him.

  4. Sound effects are the only thing that can make cats 20% cooler. Four snacks and one angry sea goddess. I see a definite pattern. And the other one is peanut. I had a cat named Peanuts but not for snack value. Contrary to appearances, do not watch this video while stoned. You will freak.

  5. your cats really remind me of my two, they're similar ages as well. the oldest is rocky and the youngest is eccy (short for eclipse). eccy plays fetch with balled up paper lol

  6. Pancake is a great name for her
    Because she has that light brown color like a pancake and she has that ADORABLE face that makes your heart melt! Like the butter on the pancake. Get it? No haha?

  7. She was such a cuuuuuuuute lill thing , now she'sa keeler . you know peanut is a really laid back dude……you ever look at yer cats and wish you could hear their thoughts? Did I use their properly ? I still am not learning anything on purpose .


  9. Awww!! Kinda reminds me this: coz i met the same colored cat as pancake too!! its from my classsmate
    and the name of the cat is ampon or in english means orphan coz she didnt met her mother.

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