Kitten Care : When Can a Kitten Urinate on Its Own?

Kitten Care : When Can a Kitten Urinate on Its Own?

Let’s talk about when can kittens urinate
on their own. Kittens when they’re newborn cannot eliminate, defecate or urinate that
is, on their own. The queen mother or mother cat will have to do that for them. So generally
what happens is the newborn will nurse and then the mother will groom them or lick them
under their tail, and by doing this that stimulates these newborn kittens to be able to urinate
and defecate on their own. The process of doing that on their own actually is later;
somewhere between 2 or 3 weeks of age these kittens are going to start urinating on their
own and they don’t have to be stimulated to do so. After that as far as inside cats or
domesticated cats are concerned, they start to want to look toward litter boxes that is.
So what you can do is use a hand full of litter in an area on newspaper or something like
that, and when kittens are about 4 weeks of age they’re going to start becoming curious
about that and cats naturally want to urinate and defecate in something like soil and bury
it sometimes; so litter works very well for that. As they get a little bit older, you
know after 4 weeks to 6 weeks is when they can start figuring out what litter is for
as pretty much instinct on these guys a lot of times when they’re that age they will generally
go right to these litter boxes have an affinity for it and go ahead and urinate on their own
and the rest is history.

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  1. I have been watching alot of your videos because it really does help me. I have 4 cats. 2 girls 1 boy all siblings now 6 months old. 1 other a stray who looks tobe about 2 to 3 years old male cat. We had the momma cat who was a little young cat but i couldnt keep her. When kittens got to be 4 1/2 Months we took her to a non killing pound she was just too wild, cranky and attacking for the 6 months we had her. Now we have the kittens now 6 month and they still will nurse off the male stray we kept. Why? They want to nurse ofg our arm or leg or even my big husky dog, whatever makes them feel like nursing they will nurse so i dont let them nurse whenever i can see them trying. Our male 6 mo old kitten just is so bad at wanting to nurse. I dont get it. Why are yhey wanting to nurse? I give them both can foods and dry. Even buy them human tuna and salmon caned in water. I leave dry out so they all have a full tommy because they want to bug the male cat and dog or us to nurse. What can i do? Thank you

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