Kitten Care : Stages of Pregnancy in a Cat

Kitten Care : Stages of Pregnancy in a Cat

Let’s talk about the stages of pregnancy for
a cat. A cat mother is called a queen and so after a queen becomes pregnant, basically
you don’t see much going on. It takes about 65 days, that’s their gestation period before
they deliver those kittens plus or minus a few days. So basically for those first weeks,
you don’t really notice much going on. There belly can stay about the same size that is,
but as those kittens are developing, toward let’s say 2 to 3 weeks before delivery is
when you’re going to start seeing that abdomen getting bigger, their appetite is generally
going to increase, the mammary tissue on the belly, the belly side, is going to start becoming
swollen and start, there’s going to be milk production that is before those kittens are
delivered. So around 65 days is when delivery occurs and generally that is a natural process
for most cats. Before this occurs though, one thing to keep in consideration is nutrition.
Their appetite does increase to allow for those kittens to obviously grow and so feeding
your adult cat a kitten food starting about two weeks before delivery is a good idea.
So check with your veterinarian clinic, they can guide you through the nutritional process
and anything you should know about problems that could arise during delivery as well.

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  1. i had a cat that had kittens on April 14th,2008.6 of them died because the Queen was about 10 months old.One 1 Survived:Mia!Now She Lives Taking Care Of The Queen's kittens:Hearty,Travis,And Remy.:)

  2. @brunettegirlxemily Hi I know im late at answering but acctualy if you spade your cat /dog they acctually get fatter and to correct you cant really mess up spading a cat if you dont really know she was spaded and you were told u could tell the vet to shave her belly and look for a spading scar

  3. I think my cat is pregnant can you tell me the signs….she's really small so my little sister is scared she'll die if she has kits this young if you would please go to watch my video 'Bobbi the kitten' and see if she's to small for kits.PLEASE RESPOND!!!! SOMEONE I HAVE NEVER HAD A PREGNANT PET BEFORE!!!!!!!!

  4. my cat is gotten really heaiver and it has nipples coming in and she wants alot more attention when she will she give birth?

  5. Thank you, Doctor! I have a pregnant kitty and I am very happy but also very nervous! Thank you so much for your info!

  6. Anyone who can answer this question, please do! – My Bengal queen (Isis is her name) is pregnant and we found this out about four weeks ago, we took her to the vet after being suspicious and he confirmed she was pregnant, he estimated 2 and a half weeks until she delivered, she is now over that by four days and we are getting concerned. We took her back, and he said it would be a matter of time. Question is, does a queen necessarily go off her food? Isis has all the signs apart from that one!

  7. Hi please get back to my comment .. Well, a few weeks ago my cat (midna) go out and we found out she was on heat. Yesterday and today when we picked her up she did this weird groan as if too say get off me but she doesn't usually do this it started when she got out! I've tried finding her nipples to see if they are pinking but she just attacks me so im confused! Please reply! Thanks! 🙂

  8. Eveie, when cats are pregnant, they don't like to be held. If she was on heat and she got out, she's pregnant. Good luck and maybe consider neutering her.

  9. i think my kitten might be pregnant.and iv had a friend who had a kiten who gave birth and died a few days later because she was too little. the kittens she gave birth to were all born kiten is acting al lovey and she never acts like that.ill pick her up and put her on my lap and she usualy jumps down.but now she just stays up there and just lets me pet her. i caught my other cat on top of her before but iv stopped him before he did anything i think. help?

  10. Is it true that they'll be so tired and protective of there stochmacs cause I could usually touch my cats stomach and she won't ming now days shell be protrective of her tommy

  11. I'm on my grandmas account I'm young not even in preteens or double digits I predict that my cats at pregnant no one believed me and guess what she was and I also predicted that she was in labor still no one beloved me she was it took 3 or 5 hours and she gave both too kittens
    Also I had a cat that had a kitten its right hind leg strangled in the plasenta mommy kitten diddet chew
    It off now he gone missing about a week ago by a cougar or cyoute and he was like 1 year old

  12. I don't know if my cat Is pregnant her abdomen is increasing in size and does not like to have her stomach touched anymore. She also has refused to eat dry cat food and will only accept wet food.
    The thing is she is fixed but is showing signs of pregnancy is it possible that she is pregnant?
    Plz let me know

  13. Thanks but I have a question. How can you tell when the due date is without go to a vet? I do not know when my cat got pregnant, I don't have money for a vet, but I want to now when is her due date. — How can you tell the due date of a pregnant cat?–

  14. OK I NEED HELP I have a feral cat in my nieghborhood and the nieghbor thinks Emma ( The feral cat ) is pregnat I think so too shes friendly but now every time i walk my dog she comes running for my attention i havent seen her in a while i think she is finding a place to have her kittens but my nieghbor will try to get her in the house and pay for her birth and He says she been eating more than ever, my cat was a feral too ( My cat's name  is missy shes a outdoor cat ) has been outdoors more than she ever been and i sometimes catch them together  I dont know what day Emmas at or if she already had kittens but reply to me if you know 

  15. Make sure your pets and house are de-fleaed before delivery, we recently lost a kitten due to unseen fleas causing anaemia 🙁

  16. I have a question. I am currentl fostering a heavily pregnant cat who is 4 days past her due date and just now is nesting and not eating… is it normal for a cat to go over it's due date

  17. I need help. My cat had kittens earlier today over 12 hrs ago but she still looks pregnant. What do I do?

  18. My cat at a whole chicken thigh bones and all and I could feel her nipples were a little bigger so I looked and they are a darker pink and I'm soooooo excited for kittens because she is an American bob tail and has a beautiful coat and so does the father I can't imagine how beautiful the babies will be

  19. Help! My pregnant outdoor cat is huge and I don’t really know when she became pregnant. It’s been like five weeks since I brought her in my house. I need to know when she will have her kittens!

  20. My cat is 10 months old and I don't know when she got pregnant I think many sometime in June and all July and maby a 2 weeks in August she may have babies

  21. Hello everyone. Get your cats spayed and neutered unless you are a professional breeder. Not spaying/neutering and then allowing your cats out of the house is one of the most irresponsible thing you can do as a pet owner. This is the reason we have thousands more kittens and cats than we do homes and why so many perfectly lovely animals have to be euthanized every day. Please understand that every kitten that is born is a kitten not rescued from a shelter and take responsibility for the lives that are in your control. If you can't keep 10 cats, don't allow your cat to get pregnant or allow your male cat to impregnate another cat.

  22. I just found a cat that is pregnant, honestly she looks more like a kitten she’s so small and skinny, she doesn’t have an owner so I took her in because I didn’t want her to give birth on the street but she’s understandably very scared and Unsettled here, I don’t know if it would be best to let her back on the streets or just leave her here… any advice

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