Kitten Care : How to Wean a Bottle-Fed Kitten

Kitten Care : How to Wean a Bottle-Fed Kitten

Let’s talk about how to wean a bottle fed
kittens. Bottle fed kittens are typically orphans and so they have to be bottle fed
with something like a kitten milk replacer every two to four hours depending on how how
big they are and how much they’re eating. So bottle fed kittens are reliant on this
and so the whole idea is well when do you get rid of this or how to get them off of
it. And so the idea is if you’re using a kitten milk replacer, about four weeks of age is
when these kittens are generally going to want to start eating more solid food. And
using a shallow bowl or something like that and you can actually put the milk replacer
in there and try to wean them from the bottle to a bowl initially. So around four weeks
of age, that’s helpful. After that about five weeks of age, in between that area is when
you can start adding a little bit of solid food, a little, a little kitten food that’s
moist into that gruel or into that that milk replacer to form a gruel and then starting
to use softened dry food as well. And so generally when kitten get the idea that they’re going
to for a bowl, it basically replaces the bottle. And so they’re going to instantly start eating
out of the bowl and you can start getting rid of the bottle basically.

7 thoughts on “Kitten Care : How to Wean a Bottle-Fed Kitten

  1. my kitten won't eat solid food because his last owners only fed him kml. he is 12 weeks now..please help!

  2. the only way to wean him is to put the food in a bowl every-time you feed him you may have to push his nose towards the bowl a few times before he gets it but he should get it

  3. I'm in the same boat, except my kitten was a stray and she's between ten to twelves weeks. Pretty much it's the same as younger kittens, except it's older and since it's older it'll take a little bit of time. yadayada

  4. My Persians are four weeks old and they like eating kitten food should I stop giving them milk please answer

  5. My rescue kitty absolutely refuses to eat from a bowl. I am a nurse and work 16 hour shifts sometimes. I am really worried that she can not figure out how to lap up water or formula at aprx 5 weeks of age.

  6. My kitten is about 3 to 4 weeks n eating kitty milk from the pet store but he’s having trouble going to the bathroom.. he’s using it but he’s not going much n it’s hard so I think 💭 the milk is constipated him.. what do i need to do I’ve tried a few drops of coconut 🥥 oil in bottle n did a few drops of mineral oil also still not making him go regular ect.. vet is not open today but I will for sure call them tomorrow.. I’ve had kittens before but always with the mom to do all this not me but I don’t mind it to make sure he lives I just need to know how r what to do to fix his bowel prob cause other than that everything else is fine he’s playing eating climbing ect just that thank u

  7. My kitty is almost 2months old and she wount drink out of a bowl. She only wants her bottle what do i do? Please need help

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