Kitten Care : Handling Orphan Kittens

Kitten Care : Handling Orphan Kittens

This is an orphan kitten that’s about two
weeks old. One of a member of a litter of six who are doing really well and who are
being hand raised. For orphan kittens it’s very important that they get lots of handling
and lots of socialization. So every day they need to come out, in addition to their feeding
and their bathing, you need to stroke them and check their bodies for any abnormalities
while you’re petting them, get them use to having their little feet held. Even now that
they’re little their ears are sort of folded over, but you want to get use to having them
have their ears touched. You can see this kitten is looking around for a bottle, but
having these kittens handled every day is really great. If you have an adult cat who
is well vaccinated and healthy and stable around kittens, who’s pretty agreeable, it
would help a lot to have some adult cat time for these little kittens. So that the adult
will teach them what normal cat behavior is.

9 thoughts on “Kitten Care : Handling Orphan Kittens

  1. We raised a two week old orphan and she's doing great. She turned out to be a runt, but that makes her all the more special to us. She's got so much love, heart and spirit!

  2. Do NOT have your cat around orphaned kittens until they are checked for FeLV , they can't be checked for that until a few months old and can still spread the disease to you adult cat!!!!

  3. Can I have some tips for what do do if I have Less than 1-2 weeks preparation for this, I only noticed today that my sister's cat is pregnant, and I mean VERY pregnant. Before, I thought she was just fat, then I realized that only her abdomen is large. We are now trying to prepare with perhaps as little as 5 days to prepare. Our cat is not especially healthy, has not had a recent vaccination, and It's winter, so fleas may not be a HUGE problem. I really want these kittens to survive and not die.

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