Kitten Can’t Let Go Of His Dead Father, Kneading Him Until He Wakes Up (Part 1) | Animal in Crisis

Kitten Can’t Let Go Of His Dead Father, Kneading Him Until He Wakes Up (Part 1) | Animal in Crisis

In a narrow space under the building.. Found a little kitten Wonder why the kitten never leaves the spot but cries all day.. But.. Where’s the kitten? Ran away upon hearing people’s voice Hides right after sensing the presence of people but goes back to where he was In the spot where he’s been sitting on Found a decease, big cat Is the cat next to him deceased? Yes, the big one passed away 2-3 days ago Next to the deceased cat, the kitten has been crying for three days I checked him at dawn and early in the morning The kitten never gets away from this spot Perhaps the kitten’s been crying because of the cat.. The kitten tries to shove into the cat’s body.. I’m not sure if the kitten could perceive that the cat’s death But I saw him kneading the cat as to wake her up As if he wants to wake the cat up The kitten keeps licking the dead cat He cries as if grumbling, but the cat never says anything.. Ah, what should I do People could only watch him crying feel so bad for him… But how these two were related? Is the cat his mom? No, not his mom. Not his family I don’t know whose his mom is. The kitten just showed up one day The deceased one used to carry him around and live with him Fed him and nursed him A month ago, the kitten appeared alone The kitten had been harassed by other cats.. Whenever that happened, the male cat protected him and that male cat is the one who passed away.. The cat who was a hero and a family to him The kitten couldn’t accept the death of the cat yet Perhaps the kitten couldn’t let go of him as the cat had given him so much love.. The cat used to have his own kitten who died in a car accident so the male cat had a strong obsession over a kitten To the cat who lost his kitten in the accident the kitten showed up as if it was fate The two bonded together through the tough life on streets even death couldn’t set them apart.. As the morning comes, The little kitten heads to somewhere else Drinks rainwater out of thirst In those short moments, The kitten couldn’t take his eyes off the cat After drinking to satisfy the hunger Hurriedly the kitten goes back to the cat However.. The body of the cat has been decayed Can’t leave this matter unsolved anymore Decided to get help from a vet As soon as he senses the presence of people The kitten runs away But.. The vet said the kitten needs to be rescued as soon as possible Vet : This one’s very skinny Weight loss could be triggered by a contagious disease or failure of absorbing nutrients due to malfunction of organs As a result, he became very skinny A disease could spread to the kitten if he keeps licking the cat The kitten’s health is worrisome Pick up the male cat’s body and install a trap cage in an empty spot Lure the kitten with a blanket rubbed with a scent of the cat Will the kitten come inside the cage? After a long wait, The kitten shows up He’s back but as he couldn’t find the cat The kitten starts crying out of anxious Vet : If he’s ever placed in a danger or hearing some noise He looks for a dad first Guess he’s relied on him a lot Perhaps he smelled the familiar scent the kitten goes into the cage But soon after, the kitten comes out again.. Missed the chance to catch him.. But then, A feral cat suddenly shows up The feral cat gets into the cage The kitten finds the cat getting inside As if guarding the cage, The kitten kicks the feral cat out and goes into of the cage.. Time is now! Rescue success We got him Runs to where the kitten is Is he there? / Yes, he is Where? / Here The kitten shoves into the blanket which he can still smell the dead cat’s scent.. What’s the most worrisome is health of the kitten who’s stayed with the dead body Vet : Couldn’t find an abnormal response or any damages on organs due to decayed germs Unlike the healthy kitten, Vet : Found a tumor on the liver, and on the lungs as well. Also had serious renal failure It must have been very serious to the point where he lost one kidney Must’ve been so painful for him The fact that he nursed the kitten in such critical condition proves that he had a strong fatherly love Though he was in pain due to the disease, the male cat became a guardian for the little kitten True love of the male cat protected this baby kitten As the kitten did recognize his love for him It wouldn’t have been easy for the kitten to leave the cat even after he passed away He surely remembers the time of relying on him Such heartwarming memories need to remain as a memory now.. As he’s about to part with him The kitten rather stays very calm He stopped crying / Yes, he doesn’t cry at all As if sharing last goodbyes The kitten keeps the last moments of the male cat in his eyes Say goodbye to daddy It’s time to let him go, kitten Goodbye now. Hope you meet a good guardian As the male cat disappears in his sight The kitten cries out again The kitten and the male cat who became a great support to each other True love, they’ve shown to each other will be remembered forever Stay tuned for the kitten’s updates in part 2

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  2. Poor little baby, so sad to see this little kitten trying to wake up dad. He must be so scared and lonely. The little kitty was crying .

  3. Demonios no puedo parar de llorar es tan hermoso ver como los animalitos demuestran afecto o sentimientos por otros 😭

  4. Me hizo llorar ver al gatito y a su padre muerto pero que personas tan malas que abandonan a los animalitos sin comida y sin agua

  5. why do i watch these knowing i’m gonna cry everytime , cats just have a very special place in my heart

  6. This is really sad,this shows how hard is it to lose a parent,the kitten is sad and doesn't understand death hoping the dad will wake

  7. Мне так грустно от этого но я понимаю как сложно этому коту я хотела что этот котёнок стал щастливым

  8. The respectful way the rescue team treated adult who passed and gave the stressed baby a chance to smell him as a goodbye is part of the miracle.

  9. That reminds me of a Disney movie "The Lion King" when Simba's father died and Simba was crying near Mufasa…

  10. I'm glad they let the kitten say the goodbyes would've been so comforting to the kitten new space bright lights so that was really sweet of the vet 😔


    She doesnt let go of his father….but their sooooooooòooooo human Pls lord i wish the world is full of unity and without fighting,stray animals,dirty planets,hunters and poor

  12. I cried so much to these. The fact that even they're an animal they're more humane than other people.

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