Kitten Bowl III

So Cam Newton and
Peyton Manning are both adorable, but if you want to see something even cuter
on Sunday, the Kitten Bowl is premiering. It’s Kitten Bowl III, and
it’s at noon Eastern on Hallmark Channel. Over a hundred adoptable
kittens like Stray Jay Watt and Jerry Mice are gonna play in the game.>>[LAUGH]
>>And then they’ll be placed in loving homes and they’re gonna get flagged for unnecessary
cuteness is what’s gonna happen out there. We actually have one of
the Kitten Bowl players here today. I know.
Drew Fleas. Drew Fleas, come on out. Hi, how you doing? Hi, here. He’s very shy,
you wanna come out a little further out? Come on here, play. You wanna play? Come on, come on. That’s Drew Fleas right there. Who do you think’s gonna win on Sunday,
you think you’re gonna win?>>No.
>>Do you think it’s gonna be, how big of a spread do
you think it’s gonna be? [LAUGH]
That is very impressive as a cat
to spread out that far. All right. Here, do you want to play football? Let me see, no, you got it? Nope.
Nope. [LAUGH] No,
well you hang out there right now and all of the kittens from the North Shore
Animal League and my friend Beth Stern will host the kitten bowl and she’ll be
doing that for the third year in a row.

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