Killers in Training | Big Cat Week

Killers in Training | Big Cat Week

NARRATOR: These cubs
have ringside seats for a gruesome show,
a buffalo hunt. Silent assassins take their
places to surround the herd. And the game begins. The lead females test the herd. They need to single
out a target. The cubs must stay
clear and watch. Shoulder to shoulder, the
buffalo form a defensive wall. But the lions won’t
be intimidated. [music playing] The females find a weak link. The whole pride moves
in and the feast begins. This meal will last
them several days. The small cubs are
the last to eat. In this family, you must
dominate to survive. The cubs already have
a taste for flesh. Soon, they too will be killers.

8 thoughts on “Killers in Training | Big Cat Week

  1. So lions hunt in packs, like wolves(bison or muskox(arctic wolf)). So 5 lions against one buffalo. Lions are really weak if they need 5 of them to take one buffalo. Wolves are so much smaller than lions, but so much braver and smarter.

  2. Isn't that one cub so cute with all the buffalo blood on his face? That's how lions are REALLY anointed contrary to Disney depiction.

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