Kerry Katona reveals vicious cat fights withAtomic Kitten – News Live

Kerry Katona reveals vicious cat fights withAtomic Kitten  – News Live

Kerry Katona has recalled the fights she used to have with her Atomic Kitten band mates where they would punch each other and stamp on each other’s feet The TV personality, 39, claimed she once forced Liz McClarnon to get changed in the toilets ahead of a performance after she ‘punched her from behind’ While recalling the past events between the band members, Kerry also issued a warning to girl band Little Mix about giving each other space while on tour   She wrote in her New magazine column: ‘I see Little Mix are on tour. I love the girls, but from someone who’s been there, I’d tell them to give themselves a bit of space from each other on the road, as it’s easy to fall out ‘I remember some of the fight we had in Atomic Kitten back in the day. Once, Liz punched me from behind after we had a little row I was furious and got my own back. Share this article Share ‘I made her get changed in the toilets at SMTV Live, then I stamped on her feet while we were up on stage singing Whole Again ‘MailOnline have contacted representatives for Liz and Natasha Hamilton.  Kerry was a member of the band for three years between 1998 when the band formed as Atomic Kitten for three years until 2001 She was reportedly left ‘heartbroken’ after the band recorded a World Cup version of their 2001 hit song Whole Again without her last year A source told The Sun Online at the time: ‘Kerry is heartbroken. She’s absolutely gutted that the girls would sing the song without her ‘ They continued: ‘She always thought they’d get back together and this was the most amazing opportunity for this to happen ‘She’s a single mum and has been struggling looking after the kids and the family, so it hurts her a lot to be left out of it ‘ The new version combined the 2001 classic with the Three Lions theme song, and became e the main chant used by English football fans throughout the World Cup

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