Karma Kitty vs invisible wall – cling wrap challenge

Karma Kitty vs invisible wall – cling wrap challenge

Wow! good job karma you’re such a smart kitty
kitty so no surprise karma kitty really figured out how to get through the
invisible wall pretty quick the food toys whatever she figured out
how to go underneath it we taped it down and she still figured out how to do that
too so we want to bring in a zombie and Cortana and see if they are as smart as
karma kitty in the house Cortana come on Tony what are you doing hey Cortana oh
oh yeah nope sorry gonna come on zombie game
here’s army come on zombie come on good boy
hi oh boy good boys oh you made it good job good oh you’re soothing all
right you want your treat huh yeah when you both must sit down oh look at you
guys go you’re so smart yeah you can feel it oh good boy
hey you good girl all right dawn dawn do you want to try
to break it let me see did you get the light darling those muscles show me how
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51 thoughts on “Karma Kitty vs invisible wall – cling wrap challenge

  1. My fur babies are all just too smart! It really didn't take any of them long at all to figure out how to get through the invisible wall! Remember to share this video with your family and friends if you enjoyed! Have a great day everybody! #BeBiggest

  2. Karma is such a smart kitty. She figured it out in no time. Zombie and Cortana finally got it too. Your wifey and Dawn are so good with the pets. So cute. Karma Kitty has grown up so much.

  3. Cute, I wonder what an animal psychologist would do with that one? Didn't know you studied animal behavior. Well, of course you do. I loved watching. 😂😀😂👋

  4. I was reading an article about this and is this something you shouldn’t do to pets because it could because it could be psychologically damaging to the minute that hurt them
    Selves. Veterinarians are suggesting against this please don’t do this again.

  5. I always love to see Dawn Dawn, Wifey, and the fur babies in videos. This was SO cute!! I think the animals had a wonderful time playing!! Have a blessed weekend!!

  6. Loved it! Can't keep those fur babies away from their treats! 😍 Love seeing all videos with Karma Kitty, Zombie and Cortana! 😍

  7. This was fun video! Might try this on my cat Nala!! Zombie looks so good with his haircut!! If I didn’t know that he had a haircut I would think you got a new dog 🤣

  8. Hi Ray, Wifey and Dawn Dawn!!
    Love watching your videos..they always put a smile on my face 😀
    Karma Kitty and cats in general are smarter than dogs (IMO)..I have 2 cats and they make us laugh and we are always amazed at how smart they are..Thanks for another cute video 😻🐕🐆💕

  9. Beautiful, smarty Karma! Cortana has gotten so big in the blink of an eye, it's amazing!! And Zombie, looking pretty with that haircut! <3

  10. Hilarious and the Babies are very smart. This was a brilliant fun Idea. Thanks for the Fantastic entertainment. Love your videos..

  11. If someone hasn’t mentioned it, you should try the blanket and disappear trick. I’d love to see how smart Zombie and Cortana would be with that one.

  12. That was so much fun to watch! If you're interested in suggestions, next time you should try "disappearing". Stand in a doorway holding a blanket, sheet, etc and make them watch you slowly raise it enough to completely conceal you, then lower and raise it a few times so they see you're still there, then conceal yourself again, step behind the wall as you drop the sheet, blanket, etc, and record their reaction to you disappearing. I've seen others do this and it's awesome! I've never seen a pet that didn't react, mostly with befuddlement! Lol! Great job, Ray and family!!!! I love this stuff! 🙂🙂🙂

  13. How is Dawn enjoying school? Is it still hot there in OK? We got snow here today at the 7700-foot level. (the mountains near us) and woke to 48F and rain on the valley floor. N CA is preparing for an early Fall. I barely recognized Zombie; looks so young with his fur shaved.

  14. Loved how Karma laid their right by the plastic wrap wall staring the dogs down… She thought she was safe but Zombie & Cortana are smarter than she thought…

  15. Smart girl Karma!!! You just faced 3 "Everest" challenges & surmount them all to get what you want. Great job too – Cortana & Zombie. You crossed over to the other "pasture" where green grass awaits (treats, treats, treats!) All our fur kids are highly motivated by yummy FOOD 🙂 Congrats Ray-Ray Fur Family. That was fun teasing the fur kids!

  16. This was cool haven't seen this done with animals b4 but humans hilarious.. 😂😂 Karma kitty 😺 is definitely a smart cat.. Thanks Ray & Family 👪💗👍🐾

  17. One of the best invisible wall challenges I have ever seen! Karma Kitty is so smart, and the puppies were just adorable! Cortana is looking so good! She’s filling out, she’s alert and active. You guys do an amazing job caring for your fur babies. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

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