Jumping Serval Cat: Earth Ranger Meghan and Sammy visit Daily Planet

Lots more great stuff on the show today did you know this tiny little fish is faster than anybody else its size will tell you how it does It a little later but first look what we have here; a Serval, and Servals are the tallest cats relative to their own body size right when they get angry they actually spit and they howl and growl as well. Yeah and they have a crazy acrobatic talent that we’re gonna check out. Here to show us this Serval is Megan from Earth Rangers! Thanks for joining us! And thank you for having us!So what is the Servals name? Hello little guy! His name is Sammy and he is an African Serval and he is one of our Earth Rangers Ambassadors. I mean like it’s like a giant house cat but more, like it’s not quite this proportions of a house cat. Right, the limbs are longer. Absolutely, he’s about 30 pounds and he’s very tall and he’s very lanky he’s got very long legs a very short tail and very large ears. So can you tell us a little bit about his hunting behaviour? How does he hunt first of all? Well they live in the grasslands so the grass usually comes higher than they are. So what they do is they use their large ears to listen They can listen for mice underneath the ground and they also listen for birds in the air so if they hear a mouse under the ground they use their long front legs to reach right down into a burrow and they’ll hook on and they’ll pull a mouse outand then if they hear a bird flying overhead they’ll crouch down and they have the ability to jump ten to twelve feet from a standstill and catch birds right over the air. You’ve got some demos here to show us both of those talents. So let’s see the most first. All right so we’ve taught him a few behaviours to demonstrate these natural hunting abilities. So what we do Is we’ve got this tube here and it kind of acts like a mouse burrow and he reaches those long legs right down in and he pulls out the foodno that was a piece of beef. Well i’m really excited to see how high he can jump! All right so i’ll just grab his lure. So this is to imitate a bird. Should we back up here? Yah a little bit yeah from the gymnast mat. You’ve got quite a bit of range when he jumps init’s never quite the same twiceso i’ll have him. Jump off. Come on Sam, he likes her your stool there, takes him some a second to get all set up And Sam alright He likes to position himself just in the right spot. You can see he’s very slinky and he uses a look at the way he moves. He’s just gorgeous. That’s himself up. Woah! Amazing now how many feet was that? I mean that was probably about nine or so eight or nine feet. So that is the way that they would actually tackle their prey? Yep they do. They grab it with both their front feet, grab a bird and pull it down to the ground and then they would eat it. You can people don’t have these as pets right? Um, it’s it’s not recommended. They are wild, he does look very affectionate but he was raised with us and he’s been trained and we know how to work with wild cats so for the average person They’re not meant to live in a home. Lets see Sammy do it just one more, one more time for our viewers if we just just because it’s so incredible to watch how do you see let’s see if they’ll go a little higher. Up next the international space station could always use more room so why not add an inflatable module? Well Nasa’s announced their plans to build just that and we’ll give you all the details.

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