JENN ARDOR Ankle Strap🌺Black Pump Women’s Shoe (D’Orsay Kitten Heel) 👈

JENN ARDOR Ankle Strap🌺Black Pump Women’s Shoe (D’Orsay Kitten Heel) 👈

Hi! Today I have a new pair of black
shoes they’re pumps from Jenn Ardor. They are the nemesis ankle strap pump as they
have a strap around the ankle here they do have the pointed toes it’s nice
because they have a padded install which makes them a little more comfortable and
I’ve noticed the material is I guess kind of sweat resistant so your feet
don’t really sweat in here whether or not you wear hose with these I do like
the fact that the the buckle here is like a pretty grey instead of like a
bright silver I think it goes better with the shoe they have the little heel
like the mini heel which I really like so you get a little bit of height but
it’s not too uncomfortable so you can wear it all day so I’m gonna give you a
closer look here at the shoe the the kitten heel which is actually two point
four inches tall I really like that because I like a little bit of heel but
the big heels I just can’t wear them all day they’ll hurt my feet by the end very
classic look you could really wear it with everything because it’s black but
it’s a nice little accent to have the strap around the ankle instead of just
the plain pump and it’s the you know like the cut outside which is nice
it does have the pointy toe so I’m going to put these on and show you how they
look so this is what they look like on so you can see it is nice when you walk
see if I go on the on the wood here if an anti-skid rubber stall them on the
bottom see you’re not you’re not going to slide I do like the way the strap
looks on the side it gives a little bit of a a little bit of an accent to just
the plain a pump so I like that they’re pretty comfortable you can feel the they
do have a slight padding so that though easier to for all day
where so you could make it to the end of they are pretty cute little black shoes
they’re Universal okay well I hope you guys will check these out in their nice
shoes check the description section below for a link to the Jenn Ardor
website where there is a huge selection of shoe styles and colors thanks for
watching you

10 thoughts on “JENN ARDOR Ankle Strap🌺Black Pump Women’s Shoe (D’Orsay Kitten Heel) 👈

  1. I love These Shoes, I love the Height of the Shoes, Very Cute, And That Black Go with Everything. Thanks for sharing Your Beautiful Purchase.. Happy Sunday🌻

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