Jasmine tiger is coming home from vacation! 10 03 2019

Jasmine tiger is coming home from vacation! 10 03 2019

Hey, everybody, welcome back. It’s Brittany at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida, and this, now, is the Vacation Rotation area. A much bigger tunnel that needed put- together. So, Lauren Grant is gonna head up to the roof section and let Jasmine loose, and hopefully, she’ll come running down to the tunnel. We have her food bucket, as well. Unfortunately, there’s not a great way for me to show you. If you guys are watching at BigCatCams.com and you do the Vacation Rotation camera, you may see her run out from there. So, Dylan’s got the door open to the tunnel. So, this is Jasmine Tiger coming home from her vacation rotation; she had a full month out here. And then, we’ll have to put one more smaller tunnel together in order to bring Miss Kali out for vacation. So, I wish I could, like, put this in the cage for you to see, but there’s no way for me to do that. And I have to be on the opposite side of the tunnel, if you actually want to walk with her all the way back to her enclosure. It is bright and sunny out here. I’m hoping my phone and stabilizer doesn’t overheat. That used to be a huge issue. So, we’re just waiting on Jasmine to make her arrival down to the tunnel. Kathryn has a food bucket. Jasmine really likes Lauren Grant, so she may wait for her to come around and walk her down. She’s still in the roof section, but I can see her walking. [Radio chatter] Here she comes a-trottin’! Here we go! Yay, super fun! You can see, she can walk herself home; there’s no need for transport cages. These are built for all of the Tigers. She does have a little bit of a jungle to get through. She hesitates, sometimes, around this little bridge up here. I don’t think she likes that the keepers kind of get above her, almost. She’s really moving, today! You must want that breakfast! There you go, no hesitations, today. So, she’ll continue up that way; Fred will be able to close that door. I know! Sapphire peed on everything. Stinky Sapphire! Don’t worry, you can spend all the time you want remarking it. Nope, not me! Not me! She didn’t mark me! She marked your cage! Silly! You have to go in your lockout while Kali goes by. We don’t want that end! Look at that stinky face! Say, “Sapphire peed on everything!” So, that’s exactly why we move the cats around. It’s one of those things where they spend a lot of time remarking their territory. It gives them something to do. These are cats that shouldn’t have to be in cages, but when you’re bred and raised in captivity you can never go free. Oh, so stinky! So, again, this is Jasmine. She is, now, officially home. This is her home enclosure. This morning, when I did a.m. meds, we shifted Sapphire back over to her side. Good job, lady! You finally over it? You finally over the smell? I know. Every tree, every den, all the feeding lockouts. She’s gonna have to mark everything. Just like that. Cats mark everything by spraying urine and scratching. Jaz girl! Come down here and eat breakfast. She is so preoccupied. Come on Jaz. Jasmine! Come on, lady! Gotta get every smell. There you go! Come get breakfast! Good girl! Yep it’s there. Perfect. Good girl. It’s okay, you just gotta chill for a little bit. So, Jasmine will stay in her feeding lockout. She’ll get a couple treats and it’ll be Kali’s turn to come on vacation. But, in order for Kali to pass by safely without any shared doors or walls. Jasmine will hang out in here, get some treats from Fred. Fred’s a level 5 intern, here. Look at that chewy face! And we’ll go over and see Kali, here, in a minute as well. And then, we’ll walk back to vacation with Kali. I believe that cameras up-and-running. So, BigCatCams.com You’ll find the Vacation Rotation camera. It’s okay. So, we’re just working out the logistics on who is where ‘cuz we still need people to be opening tunnel doors. Hi! Good girl! [Roaring] Good job! Good job. What a good girl! Roaming around! So, again, you’ll see this… [Ringing] So, she has a pole that will keep her from being able to lift that door if she felt like it. All right, let’s head over and see Kali. So, they’re shifting Kali the same way. she’s got to be behind several doors in order for us to safely… Where this roadway is right here, we’re gonna put together another small tunnel. Good girl! Yep, Jasmie is officially home from vacation. Now, we’ve gotta shift Kali real quick, put together a small tunnel, and then we’ll be able to put together the rest of it. And Kali will go on vacation. Come all the way around, lady. Come here, Kali Kali! Good girl! Let’s keep going, now. Come on, my girl! That’s my girl! There you go! You gotta stay right there ’til somebody can close that. Kali! Kali! Baby girl! All right, this one! Go back over to Lauren! Kali, this way! This way! Come on, girlie! Come on! We need somebody to drop that one! You’re such a good girl! Yep, follow Lauren! Perfect! Good job! Stay right there until they get it! [Indistinct chatter] Perfect! Awesome! All right, now, we got it. Now we got her! All right, let me get back on the right side of the tunnel, here. Whoo! Thank you, Beth, for your donation, we really appreciate that. All right, so we’re gonna head up here. You can see that Jasmine is home, but she is in her feeding lockout, having some treats, while we move Kali. No, baby girl. Come on, lady! You’ll go to vacation faster if you cooperate! So, you can see that guillotine door is having some troubles. Something I really love to point out: look at all these scratch marks on the side of Kali’s den. Isn’t that amazing? You better not splash her! You better not splash her! She’s just so like, “I want to see everyone!” So, we’re clipping that door closed so she can’t lift it. Kali Kali! It’s okay, a little patience, you get a big reward: vacation time! No, I know! A couple more minutes and then you’ll get to go. Thank you, Jody, for your donation. Thank you guys for joining us to see how we move the cats to and from vacation. Earlier, we watched Manny Jaguar come home; later, we’ll see Natalia our Amur leopard go on funcation. Sylvia, right now, she’s in her home enclosure, and she’ll be going out to vacation. So, we’ll see that if you stick with us. Did that scare you? [Water] You should splash somebody! Something over there startling her, I don’t know what it is… Thanks to everybody answering questions. When I’m around the tigers, that’s a lot of walking fast or running to keep up with them, I don’t really watch the screens. So, I appreciate you guys helping any newcomers that aren’t totally sure what we’re talking about, or what we’re watching. So, Kali is gonna go on our two-and- a-half acre Vacation Rotation enclosure. Jasmine tiger just came home, after being out there for a month. Look how patient she’s bein’. Hi, lady! Just hanging out, watching. We have to keep them two doors away the entire time that we are putting together tunnels, or anytime cats are passing each other, so that they never ever risk hurting one another or us. She does know, she’s excited. You’re very excited? A drink of water. Tigers really, really love swimming, and our two-and-a-half acre Vacation Rotation has a big pond in the middle. But, their home enclosures also have tiger pools. Wanna lay down and relax for a few minutes? Probably not, too exciting. If you guys are new and you have questions, feel free to ask about what you’re watching, here. There’s plenty of moderators. I even see some staff members in the comments that can always reach out and fill you in on what we’re doing here. and if you missed the live from earlier with Manny Jaguar, you can watch it at DailyBigCat.com Gonna get a drink water. She’s got a mark her territory one last time. Actually, I see Keisha out, walking around in the background, over there. Actually, Kali doesn’t use the bathroom in the water like some of the other tigers do. Sapphire definitely does. Jasmine will occasionally. Hi baby! Oh, that’s very nice, very nice. Very close, you’ve got very close to camera! Yep, she’s gotta refill. Gotta drink water so you can mark everything when you get on vacation. Yeah, Keisha really likes Kali, so she’s always out nosing around about what we’re doing with her. Good girl! Yeah, just a couple more minutes and we’ll go. Couple more minutes and we’ll go. Promise. You can hear clips behind me; that’s them putting together the last bit of a tunnel. We’ve got a couple doors to open, and then she’ll be able to trot out to vacation. If you want to learn more about Vacation Rotation, there’s a link at BigCatRescue.org/vacation-rotation [Water] Kali’s the best girl! Grace, no, Keisha hasn’t been on vacation in quite a while. We believe she had a stroke. It was a year from June, and she’s still just very unstable, unpredictable, and requires meds. And when they go on vacation, a lot of times they absolutely refuse to take their meds, and we can’t have her do that, so… But, she’s got access to like six cages right now, so she has huge space she can explore. Thank you, Melissa, for posting links. Thank you, Kathy, for explaining how our tiger pools are run by solar panels. Joanie, she’s actually 19 years old. We don’t have an exact age or birth date for Jasmine, the first Tiger that we saw, but this is Kali, she’s 19. And being so patient. Such a good girl! Lindy, it’d be really hard to tell you what type of tiger is in captivity, period, at this point. There’s so much inbreeding that goes on with all the tiger cub schemes, and all the breeding for backyard ownership and roadside zoos, and all that terrible stuff. So, because of that, it would be really hard to tell you her exact lineage. Yep, we say they’re usually mutts. Such a good girl. I know, she’s very curious, “Where’s my best friend going?” All right, so you can see we’re just unlocking the last bit of doors, now. There’s a tunnel across that road, there, and it’ll take her out to the main tunnel that we saw earlier. See Jasmine’s still just chillin’ over there. Sylvia, you’d have to look at Kali’s bio page for all that additional information BigCatRescue.org/Kali You’ll see her rescue date, photos, videos, any important information about her. I know, she’s being so patient. Such a patient girl! So, now, we’re just putting keepers at each door that’s gonna need open and closed as she goes out. Nope, we got two more, baby girl. She heard the noise and was like, “I’m going! I’m going!” Tina, you’re right, it takes usually at least, I mean four people at the bare minimum, could put all these tunnels together. Usually need six or eight people, depending on how many moves. There’s a team of people that move the cats, and then once the cat’s out of the enclosure, because we never go in the enclosures with them. Then, another team goes in and does all of the checking: make sure there’s no poisonous plants, or broken platforms, or dens, or any of that. And then, it’s all the mowing of grass, and weed-whacking. And so it’s a lot, but we really enjoy being able to give them new spaces, new smells, new things to do, because that’s the life of a captive cat. That’s why we don’t believe in breeding for life in cages. Door at the other end will open over here, and we close that one. We closed it; so when you close your’s, grab the cart and go that way. Once you close your’s, once the tunnel does close, and you close this one, come around and close the other one behind me when you go by. Is that still clipped shut? You unclipped the tunnel, right? That’s why I was like, “I think that’s still clipped.” I was waiting to see ’em pull it. All right, so here’s how the magic happens. Yep. So, we always open doors away from them, first, and then gives people time to get in other places. Ready for her to go, Jamie? Jamie’s gonna drive around, help receive her on the other end while everyone else jumps on carts to go around the other end. So, Fred will open her. She knows this drill! Good girl! And now, it’s time to run. She may or may not wait on us, today. We’re coming! So, Jasmine as soon as, as soon as Kali is in vacation, we’ll come back. Oh, this way! Good girl! There you go! Oh! It’s okay! Kali Kali! Kali! You can’t go that way! There’s no food that way! She’s like, “I, but I used to live here!” She did, actually, used to live in this enclosure, before Jasmine and her swapped homes. Kali! So, many smells! We did not get here fast enough. There we go! We gotta get her through that door so Dylan can close it. Sapphire must have really done something interesting, there. They have, both stopped there. Kali! Kali! Lady! Oh, my. Come on, stinky face! There we go! No! This way! There we go! Now, we’re’s a-runnin’! Okay, well, now, we’re going! Determined to leave us in the dust, today! Yeah, none of us are gonna watch this happen! Come on, lady, we’re all going! We’re going this way, silly! Say, “Where’s the lady with the food?” Well, she’ll get down there and realize she can’t go back. Kali! I’m gonna stay here, this time, ‘cuz if she does take off running, we’ll catch up with her. Oh my gosh, she’s so silly! She’s gotta make sure every single person came with her. She is having fun. Told you guys, we’re always on cat-time. We may say we’re gonna do something one way, but it’s up to them. She’ll figure out very quickly that she can only go one way, and she’ll come back this way. Poor Lauren has run back-and- forth like four times. She is in wonderful shape for her age. They usually live about ten to twelve years in the wild, if they’re lucky. There we go! Come on, Kali! Come on, baby girl! Come on! There we go! Come on! Everyone’s running! Everyone’s running, this time! It’s okay, baby! You can see, they tend to not like that wire on their paws and that’s what her hold up is, today. Oh, what was that? It’s just grass. It’s like herding cats. Literally, today. Shouldn’t have this one… Yeah, see, I gotta mark this. This spot’s mine. Look her tail. No, not that way! I mean it’s adorable to watch her frolic like that, but it’s also like, “Hey, we have lots other stuff to do, today.” She’s the best. I’m so glad you guys are enjoying this. Like Dylan said, it’s like herding cats. [Applause] There’s an visible wall! Come on, baby girl! Is this just so fun? No, Kali! She is! This is the best game she’s ever played! You did almost have her! It’s literally like there’s an invisible wall and she just stops. I know, yeah or some hay or something. I wish we could. This is too funny. Of course, we could pick up all the tall grass and just toss it in there. She’s like, “We’re all on a weight loss plan, let’s do this!” [Laughter] “Heard everyone was trying to get their steps.” Maybe she does think she needs a red carpet. Oh, she really does want to get Dylan. Oh, good girl! Good girl! Good job, lady! Good job! All right, she’s officially on vacation. So, the next fun thing is getting her away from the door, which it looks like she might just head on towards the other way. She is officially on vacation. So, Lauren’s gonna try to make sure she heads the other direction because they have to seal up that door, there, and then we’ll be doing everything in reverse. So, we’ll be taking this tunnel back down. Well, usually, the cats don’t like the feeling of that wire, but they usually don’t do that. They usually still walk across it, like you saw Manny earlier. All right, so if you guys want to watch her, I think she’ll be out here for the next four weeks. So, BigCatCams.com You should be able to watch Kali on vacation rotation. So, thank you so much for the donations, everybody who shared, and laughed along with us. You can re-watch this at DailyBigCat.com or as soon as I shut it down, it’ll start over from the beginning. You guys can watch it from the beginning, there. Dylan says, “Hi mom.” Fred, you want to shout out to anybody? “Hi Maz”. Maz, was watching earlier, so good call. All right, everybody. Thank you, guys, and I’ll try to come back live when we move Natalia. EDITED-ACP-MGN-DQ

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