It’s Kitten Season!

It’s Kitten Season!

It’s kitten season! And that means your local shelters are overflowing with cuteness and can use all the help that they can get. I work with Sante D’or Foundation here in Atwater a lot and I’m currently fostering a mom and her 5 babies! Please meet Anime Wong, Lucy Lu, Jet Lee, Jackie Chan and John Choo whos actually not here today Because it got adopted yesterday! YAYYYY This mama and her babies and so many more are available for adoption now So please don’t let them down. And if you can’t adopt for whatever reason, shelters always need help fostering And since it is kitten season, this is the cutest time to foster! I wanna say thank to audible for sponsoring today’s video especially because all the proceeds are gonna go to Sante D’or Foundation and help all the baby kitties and the mama kitties and the adult kitties that they have there So, I’ll let them say how thankful they are [high pitched voice] Thank you so much to audible for sponsoring todays episode Audible has an unmatched selection of audio books, original audio shows, news, comedy, and more ! Im currently listening to The Handmaid’s Tale. Because it has incredible topical relevance to todays political climate and is a dystopian future not too far off You can listen when you are cuddling with your mom, running around with your siblings or taking a bath! For all of you humans, Audible is offering a free 30 day trial to give you a chance to try out their service! And you can go to to sign up and download The Handmaid’s Tale for FREE! Or another audio program of your choice. thats

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  1. Hey anna i heard you talk at ucr. It was really awesome! I'm glad i got the opportunity to hear your stand up and you gave me a fresh perspective and many new things to think about. Thanks!

  2. Agree… fostering kittens is wonderful. If you are thinking of getting a new cat, then this is a great way to test drive a kitten that you keep into cat hood. I fostered batches of kittens years ago and kept two. This had me dubbed a "foster failure", but I also helped find homes for several other kittens. It is very hard to let them go, but you know that other people are going to love those cats and your care and attention in raising them for awhile makes them people friendly and wonderful pets. Anna… do NOT keep all the kittens. 😉

  3. i cant adopt any pets as long as i live with my parents and in my culture im not allowed to live by myself before marriage. so guess whos running away to adopt kittens??


  4. We adopted a pregnant momma, Bubbles, who had 2 kitties, a week later we found an abandoned litter and where able to rescue 3 of them who Bubbles adopted. One of the 5 kittens was adopted and we decided to keep the other 4; Dom, Dora, MJ, and Beans.

    We scheduled all of the for spaying and neutering and discovered one of our other cats, Midnight is pregnant; Vet says it's only one. Our tomcat Middle is at the vet right now, the first to get fixed.

  5. so when you're broke with no money what so ever, what do you do? don't have a crew to support me to not put a hole in my head

  6. Ty Anna for talking about this, its really a shame to see such lovable creatures without a home, hope they all find a new family soon

    The only shame is this comment section..

    strong confident woman advocates for a good cause
    comments: all about boobs

    do you even think before commenting? why do you think its even remotly necessary to coment about her body?

  7. I just lost a kitten after it was let outside once and it ate rat poison. now I get in tears every time i see a tabby cat❤❤ like Jackie chan

  8. the black and white cat looks so much like our oldest cat 😻 they share the same face

  9. My friend left their cat at their home, they then moved. I saw it on the walkway to my apartment, I feel so bad and really want to adopt it but I'm not able to adopt it due to my family not having enough to keep it, The cat has been roaming around looking for an owner but there hasn't been any luck, my friend adopts rescue cats but she's already dealing with a handful. What should I do to help the adorable puffball?

  10. I showed my parents this and they are now considerably more open minded about fostering thank you anna!

  11. My cat has been getting older, and in the past my family has always gotten a younger cat as our family cat aged, to encourage vitality (the younger cat plays with the older cat and in general cats, like people, tend to take on the attitudes of those they spend time with). But you know what… I feel like kitten fostering would be a lot better at this lol

  12. I legit just vented about Handmaids Tail and how in grade 11 I had to read it in the comments then I deleted it because I felt better. Now I'm posting this comment explaining my venting and how I erased the words and typed this out afterwards.

  13. Two years ago, I got my chubby orange ginger kitten from an animal shelter. There was one cat there who was 7 years old, a Bengal. I just went on that website, and that cat is still there.

  14. Instead of filming the kittens, did you shot them in burst mode with a film camera? Or why the frame rate that low?

  15. Yay! I love being a foster kitty momma! Thanks for giving these babies a place to learn to love and be good kitty babies!

  16. I do TNR (spay and neuter) in my little town that's overrun with feral and stray cats. I'm living in a house that doesn't allow pets inside but I plan on moving within the next year and half from now so my cats and dog can stay inside with me and then I can finally start fostering!! Ahhh I'm so excited!!

  17. Kitten Season? I didn’t see it posted on the California Department of Fish and Game website. Do you need a special stamp? Or will the standard hunting license suffice? And if you DO need a special stamp, how much is it? And finally, what are the opening and closing dates for Kitten Season? Ah! Almost forgot. Are there any restrictions on how to hunt them? Shotguns are the only legal hunting firearm in Los Angeles County. Can rifles and pistols be used in other parts of California? What about archery? Is there an extended bow hunting season as with other animals? Anyway. That’s a lot of questions for a single post. Thank you in advance for your answers.



    1. CAT PICS
    2. CAT MEMES
    3. KITTENS 😀
    5. A CAT

  20. i just sent in my fostering sign up form! I am so excited! Neonatal kittens get put down more than any other animal in shelters because the shelters don’t have the resources so it’s up to the community to help out. I am so excited! 😆

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