Is That A House Cat? – FAQ Friday

Is That A House Cat? – FAQ Friday

Hello viewers and welcome back to another FAQ Friday. When I say wild cat or exotic cat you most likely are thinking of tigers, lions, leopards, jaguars, cheetahs and cougars. We get asked a lot in our videos if our smaller species of cats are house cats, but did you know there are more than 35 species of wild cats and about 75% of them are smaller in size? Over past years Big Cat Rescue has had several of these smaller species living at our sanctuary. Although these little cats may be small and cute don’t let their looks deceive you. These are not house cats and would never make a good pet! They are still wild animals and what we like to say is, smaller the cat, the bigger the attitude. These small cat species are not at the top of the food chain in their natural habitats so instinctively they have very fierce cattitudes. Take a look at some of these species. Thanks again for watching and stay tuned for another FAQ Friday. EDITED-RN-DQ

100 thoughts on “Is That A House Cat? – FAQ Friday

  1. I feel like the fishing cat looks a lot like a ocelot they look really similar did anyone else realize how they look so similar or is it just me

    …..Mabey just me also the margay Mabey a little bit of some serval two

  2. Can I work here in a few years I love cats I have two kittens I will die to see cats and for them

  3. Cute cats. Glad I have a Russian Siberian kitten 😄 which he is on my profile pic making a silly face after he smelled my sister in law's German Shepherd scent near the couch after she left from visiting lol!

  4. I looove big cats and i think they are soo adorable, but they are not meant to be domestic, or even near people. They are wild animals that hunt and run and defend themselves. They are not meant to be house cats.

  5. My siamese tomcat at his young age was literally a wild cat,very strong, territorial, with triggering issues and totally untameable even though he was part of my family from day 1.
    Everyone outside of a family is considered to be intruder and marked for a kill… literally…and many were injured.
    I was against him being neutered, but my parents didn't listen, so it was done when he was 7 years old.
    Now i see it was best decision at that time, he become much better after that and he never attacked anyone, though he still doesn't love anyone outside of a family.

  6. I can tell visually the smaller cats apart from domestic cats (the less obvious ones) kinda because they seem "sharper" and more tense/ready compared to domestic cats.

  7. I do have a question :p what do you guys think about people that have servals as like house cats? I’m just wondering because I know some people think it’s a bad thing, but what if the people that have them feed them and take care of them?

  8. only now i noticed how much some of my cats look like the geoffroy cat! they are all from the same family and the males looks like alot the geoffroy cat. Their family used to be a family of feral cats that lived near us, till their grandpa got sick and we took care of him and the next generations came more 'domestic' but there are some that still are really wild, also i live in brazil, is there a chance they are or came from geoffroy cat?

  9. If the cat is large with long legs, it’s not a house cat. If the face doesn’t look quite right, not a house cat.

  10. The domestic cat is related to the African wildcat. It is probably the friendliest of all cats. If you go to an African Safari camp, there's a good chance you'll see one around. It is friendly, but still wild and hunts on its own. Domestic cats are native to Africa and the Middle East.

  11. Thank you so much, Big Cat Rescue. I'm so glad that people like you, take time out of your way to care for these amazing animal. I thank you for caring for these animals and trying to help, and if everybody does it these animal species could grow 2x the size of their population. I would also like to thank you for suggesting this video for me. Thanks again.

  12. Lynxes always seem to have this wise look to them. Every time I see one, i wonder "Is this cat about to give me a quest?"

  13. have a housecat we found at my dads work and you can easy see he still have the wild in him like neavous around people even us that raised him, runs off or hide. He's small than avarage housecats and since his personality is like it is we call him piglet for nickname

  14. That sand cat somehow reminds of Gaara from Naruto.. Not really cuz it's called a "sand" cat but its face just reminds me of him

  15. I imagine the "house cat" confusion is greatest with the melanistic cats like your geofferey(sp?) . Stripes are rarely if ever found on domestic cats, and certain spot patterns are also exclusively "wild" looking. But a solid black cat? Much harder to distinguish visually.

  16. The cat family is called felide, tigers are my favorite wild cat in the world, it can whiegh up to 300 or 600 pounds but that dosen't count the tail

  17. Cats are sooooooooooo cute ,wild, exotic, small ,big whatever, you just melt………,,💖💖💖💖💖💖

  18. These beautiful cats belongs to jungle not cage.But some selfish human made their life so misearable that even after rescued they r spending their life in cages.

  19. The lepoard cat looks like a housecat head photoshopped onto a bigger cats body, and I just can't accept that it's a real cat. 🤣🤣🤣

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