Introducing kittens to adult with autism

Introducing kittens to adult with autism

oh you like the kitties it’s funny cuz he was allergic to cats
like when he was younger but it doesn’t seem to be anymore
oh you like that try the white one the white one is a little bit more calm he’s not
quite sure yet we got a smile try to put both
of the cats on his back or maybe um there we go it’s okay babies it’s okay
it’s okay why it used to him yet yeah he’s really
cute green a eyes like you James he knows cat is there you can tell he
knows the cats he knows Jamie who’s laying on
you (cat meows in background) yeah we hear you oh there you go Vinnie (the white cat) you like blend in with his
blankie oh try to put him when you get a chance just put him like next to Jamie’s
face a little bit I know he definitely won’t scratch them they’re not like that oh no they’re good we’ve socialized him
quite a bit yay how nice
look at James to get another friend get another animal friend yay good job yay
what’s that James like okay nice friends James like Jamie hmm or at the kitties
call oh she’s on your table well that’s good she’ll know who’s sent then they’re
getting to know his scent which is good yay new friends all right good job you
found a place huh you like Jamie’s seat

35 thoughts on “Introducing kittens to adult with autism

  1. Aww such lovely cats! I think James enjoyed their presence. Does he still visit horses or have hippo therapy? I remember an old video in which James seemed really to interact with horses.
    Hope all is well, and he isnโ€™t lying down due to illness or anything , love your insightful videos as usual, from across the seas in the UK

  2. Love you guys. I seriously need to come out and visit. I want to meet James finally and of course you and check out his new house!!

  3. Very neat to see animals used in therapy rather than just drugs . My cats help me with my blood pressure every day and even with all the goofy things they do, theyโ€™re always producing the best medicine which is a great laugh all the time.

  4. Totally off topic, but why does your Male home care nurse have the most gorgeous eyelashes I've ever seen???? ITS NOT FAIR

  5. That adorable smile when he sees the kittens is worth it's weight in gold. Love Jamey, and this new care staff seems to be a perfect fit for him–you can tell they genuinely care about him and his happiness and well-being!

  6. poor james he can't talk about his feelings i have autism but i can talk like normal people i can do everything like a normal person

  7. Hi. I love your channel. Just subscribed. We too have a youtube channel talking about living with autism. Check it out.

  8. This is too sweet! So glad to see a smile on Jamie's face. Here from the news story on the horrible abuse. Jamie is so lucky to have an incredible mother and advocate. Abuse is definitely a fear of mine. My daughter is only 4, Autistic and non-verbal. I just don't understand why a person would work in that field if you don't have the patience. Unless you are purposely wanting to abuse someone for sick kicks.

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