If the Emperor had a Text-to-Speech Device Special 4: Kitten & Tzeentch play a Children’s Card Game

If the Emperor had a Text-to-Speech Device Special 4: Kitten & Tzeentch play a Children’s Card Game

100 thoughts on “If the Emperor had a Text-to-Speech Device Special 4: Kitten & Tzeentch play a Children’s Card Game

  1. I hope kitten goes up against the other Chaos Gods. Can you just imagine how hilarious it would be for kitten to go up against Slannesh?

  2. Kitten cheated too. Mystical Space Typhoon does not negate card effects, only destroys the card. Magical explosion would have still activated and Kitten should have lost as soon as the stack resolved.

  3. He actually lost
    MST doesnt negate

    and why did tzeench chain dark bribe when he couldve just done magical explosion (magical kitten couldve drawn night vision and destroy magical explosion)

  4. Kitten has to be the answer to any tactical problem. Enemy has us cornered with no way out seemingly? Toss a Kitten at it. Chaos God about to destroy you in a game of the minds? Kitten knows how to beat that too. Kitten is best Custodes. Though one only could ponder what Kitten is like when he doesn't have to deal with cleaning up after the messes everyone else leaves behind like how he's dealt with a majority of Emps anger, kept Magnus in line, and dealt with the other custodes and their fuck-ups. I bet he's super happy when everything is nice and not powerful primarchs and the Emperor and his brothers getting in his business.

  5. Funny thing is that “The Big March of Animals” wasn’t needed due to Exchange of the Spirit’s activation cost.

  6. tzeentch: Did you really expect to outsmart me???? that aint happening, buddy.
    Kitten: " i am about to end this god's whole Career"

  7. When you realize that the emperor knew that Tzeentch would want Magnus’s soul back. So he tricks Kitten into learn Paradox-Billiards-Vostroyan-Roulette-Fourth-Dimensional-Hypercube-Chess-Strip Poker in order to keep Magnus from the powers of chaos…in fact the emperor 4th degree warp fuckiered bruva into making a yugioh special to make sure his plans would not be foiled… all hail the TTS emprah for being powerful enough to influence our own world to make sure his plans come to fruition.

  8. I like that Magnus and kitten keep the changes that Tzeentch made to them. Which means that these card games are canon.

  9. I dont really know the rules of yu gi ho but can't the custodian just past his turn two time so that tzeench would have loose ?

  10. 18:48 “I wanna play Call Of Duty” while showing Battlefield game box with Halo written on. Brilliant, just brilliant.

  11. Golden chicken nugget beats assholery incarnate in a card game with the help of a half demon superhuman
    And fluffy animals

  12. Khorn's deck:Blue-eyes MAX OTK
    Tzeentch's deck:Morphing jar Explosion or current meta always
    Nurgle's deck:Trickstars
    Slaanesh's deck:Lunalight maybe or Mine burn I don't know for sure

  13. Just a quick question. When magnus says around 9:30 “I play red/blue;I’m not really allowed to criticize here.” Is that a magic the gathering reference? It’s a build where you can just blast someone with spells like a thousand son would like.

  14. This right here is why I gave up the game. Also, they keep changing the dam rules……Though I would love to see The Emperor and Tzeench go at it.

  15. First he got defeated by a little girl, then by a fully-grown superadult playing a kids game.

    Let that sink in.

  16. Holy shitcakes, that scene with Magnus and tseech must not be Canon, as a known fact that if a father figure were to leave the imaterium for the warp to get some prometheum cigarettes they absolutely won't re appear again, it's common knowledge. Edit : would slaneesh be a mother or a father

  17. I knew Kitten would pull something like a Mystical Space Typhoon the moment Tzeentch revealed his trap card was Magical Explosion!

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