If the Emperor had a Text-to-Speech Device Short 3: Why Kitten hates the Tau

If the Emperor had a Text-to-Speech Device Short 3: Why Kitten hates the Tau

100 thoughts on “If the Emperor had a Text-to-Speech Device Short 3: Why Kitten hates the Tau

  1. Kitten, come here. Uncle Chaotic is going to clue you in: You cannot move on if you try to run from your past. Yes, the T'au are filthy Xenos, but life moves on. Instead of hating them because of your breakup, HATE THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE FILTHY XENOS TRYING TO SET UP SHOP IN THE EMPEROR'S BACKYARD! FOR THE EMPEROR! Ahem, take it from an entity who is 1 1/2 Infinities old. Ignore the fact that I worship Slaanesh…

  2. Wait shadowsun is a girl? Kitten is gae? He wasnโ€™t dumped from a text far away on the other side of the planet? My life is a lie.

  3. I picture the Emperor just quickly falling back into his throne, scared as hell, as soon as Kitten says "THIS IS NOT FUCKING CANNON!!!"

  4. Suncat should have taken up the emperor's offer to talk about it. If there is anyone, who can understand about such relationships, it would be him. I would have….

  5. i hope down the road, she comes back and tries to make up with him by fighting side by side with her golden little custodi kitten

  6. I, a scrub, do not know enough about 40K to understand the "my forehead gets so sore" joke. Anyone care to throw me a bone?

  7. Now we know what the idol song that Shadowsun sung was about: PET PLAY between her and the High General Custodes, code named Kitten. Daddy Emps was so flabbergasted that he was merely asking for clarification as to why Kitten was seduced by a titty monster xeno that wears less than 5% of her body coverage in "armor".

  8. My Emperor!, Kitten is definitely lying for I!! fund some music video footage of Shadowsong singing about a "Kitten"

  9. Well…. Kitten, Shadowsun is a Idol now and she kinda made a reference to you. There is yet hope for this to Become Canon.

  10. IMPANT NEWS UPDATE! StringStorm has released a holo-vid proving that this, is in fact, CANNON!
    Link:https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9YyYZ7vgIU

  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9YyYZ7vgIU

    By the looks of it, she might want you back, Kitten. Also, it pretty much is canon now.

  12. Whatโ€™s the supposed to be after the credits of episode 15 because this fits really well if you play the whole episodes time limit out and then immediately switch to this

  13. Okay. I don't see any recent comments so I'd like to be the one to draw attention to this. Anyone notice how Kitten is wearing the silver armor from a certain situation in the series? One that, by TTS standards, is chronologically far after this?

    Perhaps it's not canon. But will be. Especially since Kitten has swapped armors again but still has the silver armor, presumably.

    The Emperor is pulling some 4th-degree warp fuckery here.

  14. After hearing lyrics of her song… Trust me, Captain-General, your breakup was for the best. Even the Emperor is not that much of a control lover.

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