Hyperactive Kittens Finally Drove The Mother Cat Crazy!!

Hyperactive Kittens Finally Drove The Mother Cat Crazy!!

100 thoughts on “Hyperactive Kittens Finally Drove The Mother Cat Crazy!!

  1. Hi! If you are a first-time visitor to our channel and don't know this mother and her kittens, check out this playlist for the whole story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90qBQnA-i1k&list=PLu0DVmxFb1-ZVRQEky06103eLWIfCCe4Y&index=2&t=0s
    And to our subscribers: I shot this video in September actually but I wanted to wait for all the kittens to get adopted before uploading this video. And the time has come because all the kittens are in their new homes now!
    But unfortunately we couldn't find a home for the limping mother cat so she is now living in my dad's garden with our own outdoor cats. I'll upload her new video next week so that you can see how she is doing in the garden. Take care!

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  2. @walter santi thank you for the update on this cat family. I'm really glad that all of the kittens have found their forever homes. I'm glad that the Mama is in your parents garden but I'm a little sad that she didn't find a forever home and I hope you are still looking for someone who can keep her inside. I worry that she'll end up with arthritis in her hip and have mobility problems. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.
    You are awesome🤗🐱🐾❤️

  3. I can't comment I swear I don't know what to say the greatest video on YouTube about cats I liked it so much I am about to cry because I have a job where I can't have cats because I am in a shared room I am so sad

  4. I love a Good Honry Cat and these little Dudes sure have the P da da da Vinager.. When you said they get there Stamina from Mom I was wondering at First when I seen there high octane levels you might a' treated there Chow with some Pecante or Hot Pepper🌶 Sauce🙄 they Truely could be Related to the Mark's Brothers😸 But I'd Rather have a Kitten with lots of Spunk and is Very Healthy to a Little one that isn't as Healthy and will end up having a long Road into Adulthood.. For me I had 2 Cats one for 16 Great long Years and my Siamese Spunky for 8 Both of my Kitties are Gone Now.!

    I Hope these little Guys All go to Great Homes

  5. Just started to wonder if nobody that had played with kittens have done any serious crimes … how can you not be happy and relaxed after a day playing with them.

  6. Mama cat is glad the kitties are burning off some energy – then they can all settle down for lunch and a nap. Moms with hyperactive kids know all about that strategy. Glad you took them in and gave them such a great home. God bless.

  7. I feel exhausted watching them. Poor mother at one stage she lay on her tail to protect it, they should sleep well after this.

  8. Those kittens may have driven their mother crazy, but they're the best anti-depressant in the entire world. They think they can fly.

  9. I think just by watching this already makes my heart beat fast. No need to go out for a workout. The kittens are doing it for me.

  10. They're so fearless 😂 I hold my breath everytime they tumble off a high surface or go skidding into the windows but they just pop right back up and zoom off

  11. I'm LOL! I can hear the mother cat thinking, "What's a mother to do?!"
    They are soooo rambunctious! Soooo funny! This family was so lucky you found them.
    Momma cat is sooo patient with these furry "nut cases." Playing with her tail, leaping on her, running around, crashing into the windows, each other…
    They are great characters to laugh at!
    Have a good weekend! Bless you for rescuing this cute cat family!
    Warmest wishes,
    Dianna and Grayson (peering over my shoulder)
    I AM STILL LOL Walter!! These kittens are wild and crazy! I can hear you LOL and "wheezing/laughing" too! Best laughing therapy! Love it!!

  12. 4:44 Mama cat is like, "Ok, that's it, I've had it!" "My fur kids are outta control, just wait till I tell their father!" 😂🐈❤️🐾💞🤗💕😊

  13. Mom calls 911 asking the police to arrest those criminal kittens without bail. lol those kittens are amazing, love the videos.

  14. Thanks for rescuing mom and babies and then sharing the joy of watching them grow and thrive! Your videos always put big smiles on my and my family's faces (and lots of giggles here and there)!

  15. 😂😂 mother and the cats are enjoying this m sure! Best fuel! Best advertisement for fuel as well 😂😂😂

  16. I watched ur first video when you found the mother, and there was 5 kittens, did one not make it ? Or did you adopt that one out, cus I only count 4 kittens, unless my eyesight is bad!

  17. that must be fun for them to get a good running start, then bounce their way to the stool and then cat-a-pult themselves onto the ledge up higher.

  18. Has Indy met the kittens? And do the kittens call you daddy or by your first name? They were so cute a few weeks ago and now they're insane!

  19. This has got to be THE BEST 🐈 CRAZIEST KITTIES 🤪🐈🤪 I have ever watched ♥️🐈 Thank you so much 😊 I so enjoyed From one 🐈 lover to another 🐈♥️ I hope your kitties and Mommy kitty are doing good and still having fun 😂

  20. Beautiful room for the kitties to romp and play. They are all HAPPY fur babies! Then a calming trip to the milk bar. Precious 😻💜🌹😻💜🌹😻💜🌹😻

  21. So happy to hear that they’ve all been adopted but I hope one day they’re all able to reunite in that very room for a play date

  22. Omg they r so hyper! Haha but love watching them playing…chasing…teasing..wrestling each other 😂😄😍🤗😘.they enjoyong the big wide room! Happy family😍

  23. Walter Santi, I'd like to request if you could make a video showcasing each kitten and their names (if they have any, but I imagine they would be like 'the sommersault kitten', 'monkey hopper' etc. lol). They have so much personality and they're really very cute, healthy and crazy.

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