Hurricane Dorian Preparation at Big Cat Rescue~8.29.2019

Hurricane Dorian Preparation at Big Cat Rescue~8.29.2019

Hey all you cool cats and kittens, It’s Carole at Big Cat Rescue and with hurricane Dorian bearing down on Florida I thought you guys might want to hear from our Operations Managers what we do to prepare for hurricanes. This is all on our website in a lot more detail than you probably want to read through. I’ll put links at the bottom of this but for now here’s the update on what we’re going to do this week because of Hurricane Dorian. You’ve been watching the storm so we’re well aware of what the predictions are. We are looking at where it’s going to go and how strong is going to be but we’re looking at putting away anything that can blow around all of our typical preparations we have plenty of water, we’ve been stockpiling water this summer. We’re getting a fuel delivery on Friday so we have fuel for generators all that kind of stuff is being taken care of so that we can prepare. We also we’re going to put the cats in their roof sections. They definitely have weathered out many storms and so we’re not worried about them weathering out another storm. If it’s raining we can still feed the cats in the rain a lot of them will come out in the rain for food. We may make different food choices we may not use as much of the carnivore diet or the mush as we call it because that’s a little messier in the rain but we can definitely get all the cats fed. We are pretty adept with long sticks if they’re in their den we can at least get them a couple pieces. You know, these guys are wild cats we forget because you know we feed them like they’re our house cats but they can go a couple of days without food or a lighter diet. So we will make sure everybody gets their meds and everybody gets fed but we can definitely adjust for it being stormy or rainy. So we were talking about cats in cages and cats in their roof sections and feeding cats in the rain and all that, still cleaning cats and they’re still cleaning cats and even all that kind of stuff. Do volunteers still come out during hurricanes to help the cats? Uh we do, it’s a mixed bag because some of them have houses they were trying to prepare their houses for the hurricane. But a lot of the volunteers will at least come over a couple hours and especially the ones that live closer to a sanctuary. Most of the volunteers will come out and help. We have interns on property that definitely pull a lot of weight. There’s staff that live very close. Lots of staff that live on or near property. So when the wind gets to a certain point, typically 20 to 30 miles an hour depending on what kind of storm it is, that’s typically when we go ahead and put everybody in their roof sections. We definitely don’t want to be rushing around in a storm trying to close them in so we if we know a storm is coming then we’re definitely going to lock them in ahead of time. We’ll probably do so on Sunday anyway just to make sure that everybody’s where they need to be because we don’t know how much rain we’re going to get ahead of time or how much wind we’re going to get ahead of time. We buy our meat in bulk anyway and so we have a freezer full of food. I mean, we may run out of one or two of the specialty things but we’re not going to run out of food, we have plenty of food for the cats to get fed. We keep probably about 3000 pounds of food at any given time in our freezers so we have plenty of meat in the freezer. We also have generators that kick on automatically when the power goes out so the freezers and the refrigerator and food preps stays on even when we don’t have power. That’s all set up already so we will definitely be fine on both of those for food. On the list right now is to make sure all the ditches are dug out and make sure all the waterways that we have set up to get water out of the cages and into the lake pretty much where everything drains. We’re cleaning out all the ditches and everything to make sure that the water can get away quickly. We’re not locking any cats up this far ahead of time so we probably won’t do that until Sunday. I Actually I looked at our fuel yesterday and called to make sure that we had plenty of fuel we have half a tank because we have a big fuel tank up front that we pull gas out of for the generators and lawnmowers and all kinds of things but I noticed yesterday that that was at a half a tank so we’re calling to have that topped off. We actually get our Pepsi delivery on Friday, I ordered extra bottled water things like that we’re already doing. We’ve also, since we’ve been working on cages, we’ve been building up some of the cages that we know flood like Purrfection’s. It got built up so that she has dry space to maneuver around her cage. Purrfection actually loves to stay out in the rain and she will get on her platform which has a little bit of cover to it and she’ll stay out during an entire storm and we don’t want her to do that. She’s a rainforest cat. That’s her favorite place to be. But we don’t want her to get caught up there and her not realize that this rain is gonna be different so we will probably, when we lock the cats in their roof sections, will probably move her over to a spot where she has a drier area and she won’t get caught out on our platform. No, we actually have plenty of sandbags and we are gonna have to use those probably around the old gift shop which is one of our lower spots where it can flood. Food prep is actually pretty good. It weathered Irma very well. Then actually Victor and Jamie fixed the flooding that we were having in the porch of the food prep and that’s now fixed. Yes, so we don’t even have to stand back that. But we will definitely utilize the sandbags that we have. Something that we always need and that I always think about during these is for after the storm we will need like flashlights and batteries and stuff like that if we go without power for an extended period of time. I live on property. I’ll be here, I still have work to do. Afton will probably bunk in and be on property. The interns live on property. Aleesa lives on property. So there are lots of people on property during the storm. When you have flat paneled cages the wind can blow against that flat panel and it can come down and so the curve in our cages is actually what gives them a lot of stability. Which is why when all the other places get knocked down we still are standing. Wind goes right through it too, yeah being that we do use rebar for enclosures. Right they all have concrete dens or plastic dens that they can get into. We’ve definitely weathered category 3 category 2 storms before and this is not our first category 3 hurricane. I mean, I remember the year we had look like four of them come through in one year. So like the cages have withstood storms previously and so have all the buildings and everything. This is not this is not our first hurricane here.

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  1. They are technically a wild breed of cat but practically speaking, they have been raised in captivity being fed by humans so are domesticated to some small degree. 🌷 All the best during this storm and all the preparations. Good bless you for your care and devotion. 🌿

  2. ok i have a question. what are the plans with the outdoor recovery cage? are you putting hoover back in his enclosure for the storm?

  3. I watched avidly when you rode out Hurricane Irma so I know you’ll do whatever necessary to keep all the fur babies safe. I love how you keep us informed so we don’t panic cause we all love the cats too! (And we want BCR staff & volunteers to be safe as well)!!

  4. Praying for y’all at BRC πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  5. Your doing a great job, as always. Prayers for BCR and everyone in path of hurricane. β€οΈπŸ™πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  6. I notified our CERT [Community Emergency Response Team] Coordinator that I would be staying put in Mary Esther, FL. rather than running away from the area. Same thing I did back when Erin and Opal came back in the '90s. I've stayed and did what I could in my area which encompasses two subdivisions about 350 houses.
    Good luck down there in the central part of the state, although you are located nearer the Gulf of Mexico, as I am.

  7. Thank You for posting this..I worry about all of the animals at BCR..You dear nice people are the greatest animal lovers on earth.

  8. Good luck and hopefully it will not be as bad as they are saying in the weather forecast. God bless all of you and the beautiful creatures that you care for.

  9. Hw do you think the new cats that recently came from houses after being "pets" will do in the storm? Since we don't know if some of them have experience weathering storms.

  10. I remember Irma. We were in Florida at the time & supposed to go to BCR that Saturday! I have the Weather Channel on. They're still not sure of the track, left, middle, or right. Stay safe!

  11. I Pray for all the Cats and for all of you , that the Hurricane not stay too long and not make any trouble !!!!!

  12. I remember watching the Hurricane Irma video where all the cats were huddled in their shelters being miserable except for the tigers who were out enjoying the rain. HA!

  13. BCR is always prepared for storms, no has a fantastic security system that has served them well. The human/ big Cat preparedness is awesome and no one takes any risks.

  14. Prayers that all @BCR are safe. That's to include The Baskins, BCR staff, and BCR big , medium, small cats. Love you all

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