37 thoughts on “How to Train Your Cat Not to Bite

  1. My boy when purring and happy will grab and bite me which he never ever does its just when hes really calm and happy and he wont let go, ive tryed yelping, biting back, spritzing nothing works on my stubborn too smart butthead.

  2. Or, you could get it toys to play bite instead. Only an idiot encourages playbites by using hands to play.

  3. My cat always stretches on my leg and scratches it when I'm distracted and I'm sitting down, he doesn't do it to hurt me, he does it to just to take his stress out. I try avoiding it by standing up and moving away. I assume this is not going to solve that, but I still do need to train my cat to not bite more frequently.

  4. My older cat bites to make me scratch her ears and I don’t mind it because it doesn’t harm me but I also have a kitten and she doesn’t really know how to control the hardness of her bites and they leave scars. She doesn’t bite out of anger, she just wants to play like she would with her siblings but she doesn’t have any and our older cat hasn't been able to get used to her so the kitten tries to play with us even when we are sleeping. How do we stop her from biting when playing, any other recommendations apart from the things in the video? Thanks!

  5. So weird before this video i didn't even have a cat , but the instructions weren't clear and I somehow got a random cat to petition to NASA…so long story short my cat is stuck in space HELP!!

  6. I got a 3 month old cat that keeps biting every time I pet him he always thing I play fighting him keep biting. Shouldn’t had never got it…

  7. Я больше любитель собак, но эти картинки с кошками все еще очень милые!

  8. I got a way better technique when you cat bites or scratches you
    Step 1: yeet him/her across the room

  9. This doesn't work when you're sleeping And the kitten decides it wants to attack you and draw blood and gas you so deep that you need stitches every night and then when you walk in the house it does the same thing I get it hes playing how the f***'s do I correct this do I cut his teeth out and his claws because he doesn't know how to use them

  10. That’s not fair that cat isn’t even aggressive my cat you can’t even touch it’s stomach or it’s head of anywhere so none of this is helpful towards my cats issues

  11. Not what I was looking for but ok… I thought this would teach me how to stop my cat from biting my hand when I feed it a treat. she acts like a dog.

  12. When i told to my cat "don't bite!" and fake attacks him he didn't listen to me instead he bites me again, but when my mom fake attacks him he back off. 😂

  13. Yeah so my cat sometimes just looks at me then pounces on me and starts chewing and kicking on my arm is not like i can do anything either so i let it happen or walk away, frick do i do. I even take him out for walk and he has plenty of toys and his own cat tree. Idk whats good with him

  14. Can never do play-fight with my cat cause Ill end up horribly bleeding from his bites and scratches =''''))

  15. Spray bottle might be the quickest way for them to stop but it's also the quickest way to lose your cats trust. BE PATIENT PEOPLE, DON'T ABUSE YOUR PETS.

  16. My cat bites me because she's laying on me and it's a sin to move… I move any part of me and she bites me. How do I stop her from that? I instinctively smacked her in the face this recent time as a reaction to the pain, And I hate hitting her. I know it's not the proper way to train a cat, that all it does is make them fear you, but I don't know what else to do. I've tried spray bottles, shoving her off me until she's calmed down, and playing with her before she lays down with me. But nothing I do works, she just suddenly gets mad that I move and just full on sinks her teeth into my arm. And runs away immediately after the bite occasionally. It's painful, it's irritating because I can't sit entirely still for too long. I move my arm, I roll over, I reach for something, like my phone, or my drink… And idk, it just makes her mad. I figured after being with me for several years she'd know by now that moving is sort of routine. But no, she bites, every time.

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