16 thoughts on “How to Hide a Cat Litter Box – HGTV

  1. Hiding the cat box is a really good way to make sure your kitty avoids the box. Cats DO NOT like enclosed boxes and it tends to trap the odor. If a cat box offends you so much maybe you shouldn't have a cat.

  2. What brand / model is the media cabinet? That's exactly the style I need to enclose the litter box in my mudroom, but I can't find it online.

  3. Love the idea…. now…. what to do with the smell? Any recommended litter brand? I’ve tried pellets which work great with pee but poop will need to be cleaned up right away and I don’t like that, is hard to keep track of them

  4. So we created a very similar cat cabinet from the same big box store. It looks amazing, matching our media cabinet with the same hardware and all. However, after we switched from a basic hooded litterbox to this new "litter palace", the smell has been noxious! I mean, so awful it makes your eyes sting and throat smell when opened. Our kitty's box has never smelled this awful, it's like the new palace is trapping in the chemicals from his urine. We tried including an Arm & Hammer odor catcher for the fridge, activated charcoal sock, and even drilling small holes in the back to act as ventilation without any improvement. I was so worried that he (and we) would get sick from the odor backup that we switched back to the standard hooded litter box… it smells like normal! So the good news is there is no infection here, but the bad news is we can't use this beautiful palace the way it currently is. Any suggestions for ventilation or how to keep the stringency to a healthy level?

  5. I like that that is real sharp shoot I may not be able to make one but I would definitely like to pay you for making me one what do you do with multiple cats I have five have any ideals

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