How to Help Deliver Kittens

How to Help Deliver Kittens

How to Help Deliver Kittens. If your mother cat is ready to pop, then these
tips can help you help her through the delivery process. You will need Cardboard box Shredded newspaper
Old blanket Quiet, private, warm location Cat food Drinking water Litter box Cat toys
Gloves Warm water Clean towels Dental floss Petroleum jelly and veterinarian. Step 1. Prepare a delivery bed for your mother cat
with a roomy cardboard box with a top. Cut a hole in the side big enough for the
mother to come and go and line the bottom with newspapers. Then cover the box with an old blanket. Step 2. Find a quiet, private, and warm spot for the
bed that the mother is familiar with. The room should be equipped with food, water,
and a litter box, as well as any favorite toys. Introduce the mother to her new maternity
bed well before she gives birth. This will ensure she doesn’t give birth on
your clothes. Step 3. Keep your cat away from other animals in the
late stages of her pregnancy — mother cats can be aggressive. You also want her as relaxed as possible before
and during birth. Step 4. Give the mother space when she goes into labor. You will be able to tell that she’s in the
first stages of labor because she may start pacing, make loud noises, and repeatedly attempt
to use the litter box. She may retire to her bed if she’s comfortable
there. However, if she chooses another spot, do not
try to move her. Step 5. Prepare the supplies once the mother goes
into labor. Gather gloves, warm water, clean towels, dental
floss, and petroleum jelly. Cat labor can last up to 12 hours, so make
sure you have plenty of everything. Step 6. Do not panic if your mother cat makes loud
noises while giving birth to the first kitten. Kittens are usually born between 30 and 40
minutes apart. Watch from afar if everything looks stable. If the mother does not break the amniotic
sac, tear it using a clean towel; do not use a sharp object. The sac needs to be broken in order for the
kittens to breathe. Step 7. Assist cleaning the placenta from the kittens’
faces only if the mother does not do so herself. Use a clean towel and wipe the membrane off
of the cat, going against the direction of the hair growth with your gloved hands. If the mother doesn’t bite entirely through
the umbilical cord, tie the floss around the cord an inch away from the kitten and cut
on the mother’s side of the tie. Don’t cut the umbilical cord too close to
the kitten, and don’t let the mother bite it off too close to the kitten. This can cause infection. Step 8. Use the petroleum jelly on the kitten’s passage
if the mother has been straining for an hour with no kitten emerging. If at any point before, during, or after the
birth you notice strange behavior or have medical concerns, contact your vet immediately. Step 9. Let the mother care for her kittens from this
point on. Nature ensures that she knows her new job. And if there are no medical concerns, sit
back and enjoy watching those tiny creatures turn into playful wonders. Did you know There are an estimated 6 to 8
million homeless animals entering shelters in the U.S each year.

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  1. ummm… lol, just pointing this out but 40% of the comment section are full of people saying they are 11, what's so good about being 11?

  2. My cat gave birth yesterday to four kittens in an hour and a half she was purring while delivering. I'm surprised she was so calm it's her first litter and I believe all are females

  3. I had to help my cat give birth for her second time. One of the babies was still in its sac when I got out so I called for help because I never saw the video. Now the little Kitties and the mother were happy.

  4. cant call the doctor i aint got no money and any warm place that comfortable will work maybe some catnip…but cats give birth all the time so doctors not needed

  5. i think my cat wont give birth, it looked like they were ready but nothing came out. im worried i didnt tear the sac and the kittens cant breathe, she doesnt seem to know what to do im so worried

  6. This would've been good to know 30 min ago! One of her kittens head got stuck and i gently tuged its body untill she could push

  7. Hi this is my cat's first litter of kittens and she won't let me leave her side when I do she start screaming at me like

  8. I can't give my cat space because if I leave her she follows me. With her last letter the dog killed them. She is in my top dresser drawer able to get in and out easily. No other animals can get to them. I have parakeets but that's not really an issue. She doesn't mess with them. OMG SHE HAD THEM I WILL BE POSTING A VIDEO SOMETIME ABOUT THIS

  9. Im only 9 and me and my mom helped our cat Sonia I don't know how to spell her name though our cat sorry Sonia

  10. I expedite the birth of the kittens by PROVIDING ONLY:
    2). AIRHORN

    When the first miniature hairball puking, ammonia stinking turd manufacturing machine starts to emerge, follow these 3 simple steps:
    A). Block entrance to box.
    2). Place airhorn over top edge of box with horn pointing directly at momma cat.
    D). Depress horn button for 3 FULL SECONDS!

    At this point, in most cases, the momma almost instantaneously craps out the entire litter.
    Do not worry if the fetuses slam into the sides of the box or if it seems the momma turd machine tramples them. They are surprisingly resilient baby future hairball pukers!

    The protective instinct of the momma comes back in an hour or two and then she resumes taking care of her kittens and eating her placenta.
    This method makes it easy and fun for all in my opinion!

  11. I think my cat is pregnant. She is really grumpy today. I haven't seen her since I woke up at 9 am and I found her at 2 pm. She was surrounded with the boys and I cussed at them and grabbed my kitty.

  12. My cat gave birth 4days ago she was meowing so hard she wanted me to follow her and stay the second I leave she get up while in pain and comes looking for me

  13. I put my car in cardboard box in the conor of my room but she always come back and lay next tome while she is giving birth.

  14. This is such a big help! We didn't even know our cat was pregnant because the adoption center said she was too young, but she gave birth yesterday so 😂😂

  15. Need help mother cat had her 4 babies Sunday morning, the kittens are stuck together by the placenta I believe that what it is that's what it looks like, how do I get them apart, mother is not feeding them as well

  16. My cat is giving birth and in don't have a vet doctor and she only like a she doesn't grow so much so she kinda a size of a 5 month kitten

  17. Point number 7 is not properly explained! If the mother does not bite of the umbilical cord then tie the floss about an inch from the baby and cut it with help of STERILIZED SCISSOR (sterilize in boiling water, alcohol etc) cut it right above where you tied the floss…..note don't pull the cord if the placenta is not delivered yet dont rush it mother cat is already trying her best, good luck!

  18. Igot up this morning and opend the back door. Normally there at the door to be feed. I have two by the way. But only one showed up. So i went in to get my shoes and I seen Nevis layin in My cabinet were my tools go. She wasn't moving. About an HR later she started pacing. But now she is comfortable and 😴.

  19. I'm helping my cat by softly pushing in downward strokes on her belly as she lays there. Its helped her pop out four this morning and we still aren't threw. We have a set of twins! Not to mention mama kitty is a twin herself.

  20. SO my cat give birth to 3 kitten… she ate one of em dunno why… and then she clean up one of the kitten… after 2 hour I pick the untouch kitten and saw there is some kind of paw mark and cause it to bleed all the way…. clean the messy kitten and put em together.. still she doesn't care for the torn kitten ( its a small puke hole )… one survive and while the other well dunno how to explain it..

  21. My cat was laying in bed and I got up and noticed there was blood sooo I got some blankets moved her off the bed I let her decide where she wanted to go she chose the shelf put the blankets there BUT it's been 2 hours and she hasnt given birth yet ik shes in labour bc of what shes doing and Google;) but she hasnt given birth yet HALp

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