How to Feed Multiple Cats

if you’ve got more than one cats you’ll know just how difficult it can be to feed them different diets or different amounts well in this video I’m going to give you five strategies for how to feed multiple cats different amounts and how to keep cats from eating each other’s food hi I’m dr.Alex from ourpets health.

Com where I bring you pet health advice to help you and your pet live as healthy and happier life as possible there could be a number of different reasons why you might want to feed your cats different amounts or different diets it might be that one of your cats is overweight and the other one is healthy or too thin so you need to feed them different amounts you might have cats of different ages and need to feed one say a kitten food and one an adult food it might even be that one cat is unwell or suffers from a medical condition that means.

they need to be fed a special prescription diet but your other cats are perfectly healthy and you want to continue feeding a normal cheaper maintenance diet so my first way to feed multiple cats different diets or control how much each cat eats isto use an automatic microchip cat feeder this is the most expensive option but also probably the simplest and most reliable depending on your lifestyle and your cats eating habits so an automatic microchip cat feeder will only open and allow a cat to eat that has the microchip that has been programmed into the unit now while it’s best that your cat is microchip there are also collar tags that can be used.

instead when your cat tries to eat from the bowl that chip is scanned and they’re allowed to eat from the bowl and the covers will open automatically if they’re not allowed to eat though then the covers will remain closed so I’ll put a couple of links to those microchip pet feeders I’m just in the description down below so a slightly cheaper but equally effective way to feed multiple cats differently is to use a microchip cat flap and that can control which cats can enter a certain room you could for example only allow your healthy cats into the laundry to eat normal food and have a prescription diet down in the kitchen that’s accessible to all now this would of course allow all your cats to eat that prescription diet but this is highly unlikely to cause any kind of health problem by and large they’re designed to be complete diets suitable for all.

we ‘ll add our cats although you might need to be careful ifhave a kitten depending on what the diet is it will mean though that you’re unwell cat will not be able to eat the normal food and just one mouthful in the case of allergic skin disease or hyperthyroidism can be enough to make the diet ineffective so this strategy can really help just prevent this being a concern for your unwell cat if you don’t have a separate room to feed yourother cats in well you don’t want to put cat doors in your house then you could instead use the microchip cat door I’m attached to a large pet crate and the end result will be the same only those cats programmed to go through that cat door will be able to access the inside of the crate and eat the food that

you put there okay moving on to a slightly lower tech and cheaper solution on my third way to feed multiple cats works when your cats are different sizes so the main reason to use these strategies would really be when you have an adult cat and a kitten or if one of your cat is morbidly obese and the other one is a healthy body condition and there are significantly different size so there are two techniques with with these situations you could either just use a door stop to keep the door open to such an extent that only your small cat can get through.

but it’s too narrow for your big cat or you could feed your small catin a box that is accessible just by a small hole cut in the side that is again too small for your fat cat to get through now these might sound a bitfar-fetched but you’ll be surprised how well that they can work in feeding multiple cats different diets when there are significant kind of size discrepancies along the same lines of making one lots of food inaccessible to certain individuals if you have an old cat you might notice that they’re notable to get up to places that your younger cat can get to and this means.

you could feed your younger cats or normal food up high or wherever the inaccessible place is and keep your older cats prescription food I’m not senior diet in an easily accessible position of course your lack of mobility and that cat shouldn’t go otherwise ignored arthritis it’s a very common disease you know the cats and chronic pain is not something that they should have to put up with and there are many home arthritis management strategies that you can implement and other very effective arthritis arthritis treatments you can give to make sure that your cats quality of life is not compromised.

so talking to your vet and getting your cat examined is definitely something you should do if you find your cat’s mobility is not what it once was but equally this can be a very effective strategy and finally there is nothing like supervising feeding time when it comes to feeding multiple cats so supervised feeding times make sure that each cat only eats from their own bowl and it doesn’t steal food from slow at eating housemates supervise feeding times also means that you can keep an eye on each cat’s appetite after all if you just put food down into a few bowls and walk away

how do you know if one cat is becoming sick and is stopping eating set meal times are always back to thead-lib feeding as well and to make things easier for you you could place food bowls you should place the food bowls as far away as possible or even feed in different rooms and you can even feed each cat in their own travel crate if they’re shut-in with their food then they won’t be able to eat it and you ‘llbe certain that no cat is eating more than they should be or getting to a diet that they shouldn’t be eating now this can also help your cat become very comfortable with spending time in their crate which can make trips to the vet or the cat sorry or traveling in the car a lot less stressful.

if you’re able to get them into their crate without any problem so while feeding all of your cats in a multi-cat household might be stressful for you it’s also stressful for your cat whenever you have more than one cat there will inevitably be some degree of stress and friction between your cats and you can learn all about keeping your cats relaxed in more ways than just managing feeding in my video all about how to reduce stress in cats so if you’ve come up with any unique or ingenious strategies to feed your cats different diets then I’d really love to hear them in the comments down below and if you try any of these techniques then let me know how you get on but until next time i’m dr.

Alex from our pets health because they’re family.

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