How to Draw a Serval & Woman – Beautiful Girl With Big Cat

How to Draw a Serval & Woman – Beautiful Girl With Big Cat

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial! the last one of the year. I am Leonardo Pereznieto and
today we will draw a girl with a serval. A serval of course
is a big cat, similar to a leopard but a lot smaller and thinner. I hope you like it. We begin by marking the top
and bottom of the figure. Then we make a circle for
the head with its axes, the height of the eye, the ear–
obviously it is going to be in profile, a curving center line
that will show where the spine will be, more or less. The shoulders… I´m trying
to do, all of this with lose strokes. Her right arm will be over here
and on this side, the serval. I extend the line of the ground,
so that they will be more or less at the same height, and then I want
the head over here with the ears. The face, and once we have
the general sketch done we can refine and polish the features. The nose can stick out a little
bit further, as well as the lips and the chin. We correct
the features slightly, as well as the skull and forehead
and then we lay out the hair. It starts from here, and now
we are ready to shade. I was using an HB lead which
is of a medium or slightly hard hardness, but now for the dark
darks, I use a very soft 6B. Good! It begins to look like a person [laughs]. We mark the arm a little
bit better, by the way she will have a black and elegant dress. And we continue to shade,
using an HB or a 2H, which is harder, for the lighter areas. Of course we apply it with a very
soft pressure. Good! With the kneaded eraser I
lighten up some lines, so that they will not be on my
way when I shade. With more pressure we do
the snout, the nose and the eyes. I didn´t like the eyes so much,
I will do them again. For the fur I shade, and at the same time I give
the texture. So I do it with short strokes
of different intensities. The arms should stand out
because it will be infront, obviously. We do its shade, and also
do the back. Like this. The serval has some areas
of a tanned color with spots, black spots, and other areas
are white. The black spots have some
symmetry, what I mean is when there are some black spots on
one side, we can usually find them on other side, as well. This is really fun! I like it how it is looking. We go back to the woman
and illuminate her dress, with a soft 6B lead. As I mentioned
to you, it will be black. But this doesn´t mean that it will
be flat. It should have its light and shadow. The hair…
and I don´t like how the dress looks so smooth, so I draw folds
horizontally and in other directions. That is much better! We do the last details to the cat [laughs]. And it´s ready! If you enjoyed it, please give it
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and I will see you, on Tuesday 🙂 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo

86 thoughts on “How to Draw a Serval & Woman – Beautiful Girl With Big Cat

  1. my friends always say I draw amazingly but compared to you on a scale of 1 to 10 I'm 2 your 27 you break the scale lol love your work and happy new year to your family and you!

  2. hi Leonardo….amazing video!! Guess what I got your new book for Christmas!!!! I admire it so much!! I was so happy I got one!! I will definitely use it and alot!!!! love it!!😃😄💖💖

  3. This picture is just super a few Strokes and it comes to life 👏 by the way i have your book and its GREAT…👏👏👏👏

  4. este ano foi incrivel para o canal,desenhos incriveis,formas em 3D,realmente impressionante,e que o ano que vem seja repleto de mais arte

  5. 작가님의 그림을 몇 개 봤습니다.

    혼자 그림 그리는 저에게 많은 도움이 되었어요. 앞으로도 많은 활동 부탁드립니다~^^

  6. I want to find the people who dislike your videos and I want to tell them that drawing is not what you teach. It is what you do. I want to tell them that being happy in life is what they should try to learn from this channel instead. I came to this channel looking for drawing videos, but I stayed because it taught me much more than that. You are an idol, Sir.

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